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The recording consist of a woman asking my dad all yes or no questions about him being the account holder for the gas utility. At one point he attempted to cut in to ask a question as he was cut off by another question. Clearly by his hesitation he did not understand the call or questions but, believing he was speaking with Peoples Gas he proceeded. They even asked for email information as he is not familiar with email either yet, they still proceeded as he was enrolling. My issue is there has to be some form of protection for disabled individuals attempting to gain independence without them being taken advantage of.

I have canceled the unwanted Spark account. However, my father is now stressed about how to pay a $800 gas bill when more than half the charges are from Spark and he is on a fixed income. The representatives appear to be more concerned gaining accounts than taking advantage of vulnerable disabled individuals. Hopefully Spark will change something in their policies to be more sensitive to such groups. I will advise everyone I know beware of Spark Energy!!

They claim to have my signature and a recording of me signing up for the program but if they have either of these things they are fraudulent because I never did any such thing so either they were duped by someone pretending to be me or they are straight up lying. I can tell you this right now though, there is no way in hell we are paying them a single cent more. We thought our gas bill was High because it was cold this month but nope. Turns out our gas bill was only $50 which is all we are willing to pay.

We already paid more than we should have you not knowing and if they try to charge us again next month since it won’t be canceled until after though next meter reading then they have another thing coming. Because when we look at the bill we will see which part comes from Nicor and which part comes from Spark Energy and we will pay the part that comes from Nicor but completely ignore Spark Energy because we did not authorize this. So we do not owe them anything.

Our landlord lives right next door to us and said if they try to turn our gas off they will just switch it to their name and get it turned right back on for us and then they will go after them in court. They own the property that we live on and installed a new energy efficient furnace in our basement so we don’t need a stupid company like this anyways to save us money because we already save money with the new furnace. Turns out we’ve been with these guys for over a year and didn’t even know it and if we didn’t authorize this that means they have been stealing from us for a year. And they are not getting another red Cent if anything they should be refunding us.

But that was NOTHING compare to what was coming: I moved out of my rental (the owner sold the condo) into the area where Spark does not provide services. I called them to move service, and was told that they do not provide the service in my new ZIP code, therefore, the "Early termination fee of $100" won’t be applied. I paid my final bill and forgot about it… for a month. A month later they sent me a bill in the amount of $100 stating that I owe them an "Early Termination fee". I called again. Spoke with the Customer Service, gave her a reference # of my previous conversation and was reassured that THIS time everything is done, I don’t owe them anything…

A month later I got another bill for a $100. I called AGAIN. Spoke with the Customer Service, gave her a reference number and was reassured that THIS TIME everything is done properly, I don’t owe them anything. To make long story short I called them 5 times in the past 8 month, spoke with 5 different representatives trying to resolve the SAME issue. Each of them reassured me that the issue was fixed and I don’t owe them anything. TODAY, 2/9/2018, eight month after I moved out of my old apartment, I received a letter from a third party Collection Agency stating that I owe $100 to Spark Energy.