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After being told to contact Megabus on about my refund request and waiting the 7-10 business days for a response which never happened, I called Megabus only to be HUNG UP ON BY A FEMALE MANAGER with a Spanish accent who REFUSED TO GIVE ME HER NAME youtube gas laws. I called back and spoke to another MANAGER NAMED JOHAN who also refused to give me the woman’s name as well or to find out who I was speaking with prior. I’m sure this would have been an easy find since most companies take detailed notes regarding a claim which would have reflected the person electricity outage chicago’s name. I was told that it was not Megabus’ fault that the BUS ARRIVED AT 6:26P due to traffic and my trip was gas in back and chest not refundable.

I repeatedly asked why they would hold a customer responsible for their failure to perform their end of the bargain to arrive at a specific time even if it was out of their control, and I was not given a straight answer. VIOLATING CONTRACT LAW, they refused to give me a refund and didn’t seem to care that if I had waited, I would have missed my flight and my trip to Charlotte altogether, which I am sure they would not have compensated me for. SCAMMERS!!! Compensate people gas hydrates energy when you don’t perform your end of the bargain (to arrive on time or within a reasonable time). 1 1/2 hours late is unacceptable and keeping my money was unethical!!!

Anyhow the bus arrived after 45 minutes and left after 15 minutes means late 1 hr. When I arrived at my apartment I was late by 1hr youtube gas pedal dance and the treatment also late with the same hour late which affect my return schedule, I cut my treatment and gas prices run as fast as I can. Arrived 7 minutes late at 0427 at 30th street. Saw one bus and when I get there it was empty but doors open. I got in and the driver was sleeping at the back seats on upper deck, I called him if the bus is for DC, he was awake and say no and yell at me how I get in, told him the geothermal electricity how it works door was open and ask him about the DC bus. He said, I don’t know.

I left the bus and run for another bus for Rocki gas 6 weeks pregnant. The driver told no Megabus seen. I ask also the city bus driver parked on the spot. He also told me they didn’t see the bus then I go back to the Megabus. I talked earlier and ask him what options do I have, he say he don’t know and slam the door on my face. In the mean time I saw a black sedan with M B on its side parked in the lot where two young men sitting and watching their cellphones. I approach them as I guessed they were Megabus staff gas mask bong how to use or supervisors.

When I approach the driver, he hesitated to down the window anyhow told him the situation. He told the bus already left. The next bus is tomorrow morning, I told him I can’t stay because I have to go to work early in the morning. He said tomorrow morning and ignored me. I go back to the city bus driver. What options can I get? He told me to go to 11th electricity 2pm street to get Greyhound specjalizacja z gastroenterologii bus. Thanks to him and thanks to Greyhound I buy a ticket. Get home finally. What I understand from this is Megabus have very poor, worst customer service and staff. Never use again and never recommend.

I went to another seat which was someone else seat. Before the driver was about to switch out I went down to him and ask him for his name he said I not giving you my name. You don’t need it. All you need is the bus number 709. The drivers switched out then electricity transmission costs we made it to Durham NC. I went to that driver explain everything what happen he ask to see electricity bill cost per unit my ticket. Went to her ask for her ticket. He explained to her that she sitting in a reserve seat and she have to seat behind seat number 16 in general seats. She got her things and left. While she walking to her seat she look at me said she want to slap me and other negative things electricity recruitment 2015.

I moved to my reserve seat. My husband was on the phone the whole time. I hung up with him and I called Megabus. I would like to know the driver name of the bus 709 who didn’t handle the situation. I applaud the driver who did handle the situation according. He was the driver that switched out at the Garner, NC with him. The description of the driver tall ** male with glasses mid 50’s. The only thing Megabus did gas upper back pain was refund 3 dollars and supervisor kept hanging up in my face when I ask for the whole amount I paid back bus driver name. Very bad customer service!