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It has been a year now. Last September, we visited the Cal Spas exhibit at the state fair again gas vs diesel truck. We were hoping to let somebody know how happy we were with our purchase. We stood around for a while, hoping someone would come to talk to us. But we were ignored, so we left. Some friend of ours also went to the state fair this year and visited the Cal Spas exhibit there hp gas. They also had the same experience and didn’t seem to get anybody’s attention. They ended up going down to the jacuzzi exhibit and purchased a jacuzzi hot tub.

Within two months of us owning it, a PVC fitting at the base of where the filter was attached in the filter compartment came loose. It just gastroenterology separated from the hot tub and the filter came forward into the surface. We called Cal Spas and they seem to be aware of this issue, almost like it was a common thing. They sent me a part which I installed. We paid almost twice as much for it than we did for our previous hot tub, which we had running for 10 years straight. It was on 24/7, 365 days a year and we had absolutely no problems with it, with the electricity deregulation map exception of the bearings going bad, which is a normal thing, and a couple of jets loosening up and not staying gas city indiana in.

When the screw fitting on the base of the filter separated, we had to replace two filters which were extremely expensive. They are 80 bucks a piece, where I’m just used to spending in the lower 30s for the old hot tub. Cal Spas replaced one filter for me though when I went to the store and complained about it. I like the spa and it seems to be a quality tub, but I don’t have the brand wd gaster battle loyalty with Cal Spas that I thought I would develop.

The hot tub makes my legs and knees feel a heck of a lot better, and the family enjoys it. My wife can come home and sit in her own spa as opposed to one at the club. It has r gasquet good points and bad points. The bad point being that I have to watch the chemicals in it a lot. It’s not really hard for me to do, but I make sure I do check it every gaslighting examples couple of days because it’s gonna be hard for me to change the water out if it gets very alkalined or the cyanuric acid builds up.

The Cal Spas team was really good. I am having a little bit of a problem right now with a couple of things that got screwed up in the order. I was supposed to have a removal bar and they brought the L-shaped bar, which actually worked to my benefit. But I still haven’t got them to come down and put on the brackets for the cover. I’ve called a couple of times and they said they j gastrointest surg’ll have their service guy call and I’ve never gotten a phone call. I can slip the top off right now, so I’m using it.

The jacuzzi is on the south side of my house and there are windows there. With the sunlight hitting those windows and refracting back gas station down into the jacuzzi area, the sunlight is warping the panels on the side 850 gas block of the jacuzzi. So I’m gonna have Cal Spas look at it. But from the standpoint of the jacuzzi running and the jets, I love it. I ordered my chemicals from Cal Spas online and they came within 3 days or 2 days tops. So, I was really happy that they came so fast. I would recommend them.