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Finally one comes over to me and says in a rude and snooty tone, You are trying to fill this way too early. So I told them to call my doctor, and the reason for the early fill. I understand that gas variables pogil they were doing their job but it doesn’t take an hour to tell me this. Not to mention I was so embarrassed, because this was done right in front gas turbine of several customers. The cashier took it back so the pharmacist could call my doctor 20 minutes later who by the way was very nice to me, came and told me that it would be another 20 minutes for it to be filled. The rest of the wait the cashiers gave me dirty looks and made me so upset I was crying when I got to my car.

The cashiers need to be taught some customer service, and training in the medication. I refuse to use the pharmacy at Costco ever again. I pay gas emoji meaning to be a member and I will not pay to be treated that horrible. Again e85 gas stations colorado the lady that checked in my med and the pharmacist were very nice. It was the 3 ladies at the cashier counter is why I will not return. I will not renew my card when due.

I do not know if it was damaged by a rough delivery guy, my securities, a handy man who carried it to my unit kansas gas service login, or another reasons. Costco customer service said they do not consider 65 TV which is around 50lb as heavy and big product, so it is ok to leave it at condo’s security without buyer’s signature. They seem not consider $1800.- TV as expensive product.

Anyway, I had to order another TV. I emailed Canpar (delivery company) not to leave the 65 TV at the security gate again, and I asked them to notify me next time. No reply. I also told a gas has no volume Costco customer service not to do it again. She apologized and called and told Canpar not to do it again for me while I was holding on the phone. The same delivery guy notified me my new 65 TV delivery. He said he would leave my TV at our security gate again gas knife because he does not want to get a parking ticket, though we have parking spaces. Asked him to bring it to my unit POLITELY, but he just hung up on me. It was 20 SECONDS conversation. Our security manager electricity in costa rica persuade him to take it to my unit, so he brought it to my unit eventually.

I emailed Costco about it, and no reply in a few days. I called their customer service. They told me that they are not responsible for the way of delivery. They are just selling products indirectly, so each vendors have their own policy for delivery. They also t gas terengganu told it was ok to leave $1800.- value, heavy and big product at a condo’s security. This is not their business because they do not sell products on their online directly. They also said 65 is not heavy and big. For example, company A may deliver 65 TV to your suite. Company B will leave their 65 TV at the security, and you have to carry a gas mixture is made by combining it to your suite later. That is why my LG 65 TV was left at security gate without notifying me, and my acquaintance who got a smaller TV from another company was delivered to her door.

The way of delivery of each vendor’s products on Costco electricity merit badge requirements online shopping depends on vendors. Costco clearly told me that they are not related with any products on Costco online. They are like Amazon, Ebay, and others. Amazon, Ebay customer service never took advantage of this statement to respect customers and vendors. That is a big difference between Amazon, Ebay and Costco.

Arrogant customer service told me that Costco does not have responsibilities for delivery again. He also grade 9 electricity test told me we must check how the purchased product would be delivered just before confirming payment. Ok, I got it. I never thought 50 pounds TV is light product as Costco thinks. I assumed they deliver products as IKEA, Home Depot, Bricks, Bestbuy, Leon, Structube and others deliver to my door electricity journal. They said it was my fault because I did not get in touch with Canpar, though I did. However, Canpar web clearly showed me under my tracking number that they cannot leave the size of my TV at condo’s security because it is not a parcel. They did, thought… While I was explaining the contradiction between what Canpar say and did and what Costco’s each vendor’s delivery mp electricity bill payment online bhopal policies, an arrogant Costco Customer Service guy hang up on me. THEY called me and interrupted my work, though.