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I was asleep at the time, I work nights. I woke up to the yelling from my husband, who by this time had hung up on her 4 separate times and she immediately was calling back. I answered the phone on the next call that came in and electricity demand asked her wth was going on. What she didn’t know is I am in law enforcement, I assured her there was no warrant for my arrest, and I wanted to know who exactly was coming to my house and what agency issued the warrant. She said a process server was en route. I laughed and said well unless the laws have changed in the last 6 hrs PROCESS SERVERS CAN’T ARREST PEOPLE. She of course was unable to tell me what agency had issued the warrant for my arrest.

I asked her again what this was about, she stated it was in regards to an unpaid payday loan from ACE CHECK CASHING. I told her I don’t have any loans. Again, I reiterated that I was law enforcement and to call my home and blatantly lie to a child and say I would be arrested, and electricity nw attempt to get info from a child was shameful. She hung up. Today I received a voicemail from an ALICE ** calling from **. She never advised the name of the company she was calling from, just a case number. Stated that a case was being filed against me, named the county I live in, and stated that she would also be contacted my employer to speak with my supervisor due to my workplace being the best location to locate me. She went on to say that I should consider this voicemail a legal notice and that I would be located.

I called the number, spoke with a male subject, who was not rude at all. He asked for my case number so he could open my record and give me info. Tried to verify the last 4 of my SS#- nope, stated that there was an unpaid debt with gas up asheville ACE CHECK CASHING, but wouldn’t tell me the amount. I explained to him I did not own this debt. He very nicely stated that they believe otherwise, and that the case would be filed with my local court next week. I said, Ok, I’ll wait. I don’t know how they get this BS info, but I can tell you, this entire situation has rattled my family.

My daughter was very upset. If this electricity news australia is a debt that was supposedly a failed collection on the original company, wouldn’t it be on my credit report? Well it’s not. Nothing from ACE or GLOBAL. In an attempt to find out more about this company, I came across this page. I am both grateful, and horrified. I am grateful that clearly there is no real threat that my identity has been fraudulently used. I am horrified that there people who would do this in an attempt to collect money for their own gain.

I called back on July 3, with the case number and spoke to a woman. She wanted to verify my social security number which I refuse to give her. She wanted to verify my birth date which I refused. When I asked her for the company’s name she muttered ‘Global,’ when I asked for their professional license number she refused and started getting angry and screaming. I asked for her address, and then, she threatens to take me to court. I mentioned to her that what she was doing was illegal q gas station, and she said it wasn’t. I told her I will report her to the State Attorney’s office, which she sarcastically said, good luck with that! I will send this notice to your gas vs diesel cars home! And hung up the phone.

A couple of months later I received another voicemail message from the same company. On September 21st, I received a voicemail from a Lucy **. She did not Identify the company she was with, she gave the case number, she made threatens my case was going to be filed with Los Angeles County (# **) and becomes public record. Ms. ** claim that since she was unable to contact me that she was advised to contact my employer (I actually work for the County of Los Angeles). She said I have the right to contact the proceeding office before my case gets filed. Ms. ** told me to call this number 855-210-0928. When I called back the person is reluctant to give the name of the company. I refused to give her my information as she refused to give her business license, address or validate the debt. This company must be stopped.

I said gas approximation I was going to report him. He hung up on me. I called back four times and someone picked up the phone and hung it right back up. Finally it went to voicemail. I left a message telling them to take my number off their list and then I went into great detail about the report I was filing against them. I called back again (at this point it was a game) and a woman answered. I lit into her too (I figured I’d rattle as many lowlifes there as I could, right?). I told her I was sending the police to her and she was officially served notice and I repeated her name a few times for effect (flip the script on them).

She suddenly got very polite and said she would remove my information and to please disregard the voicemail. No one would n gas in paris lyrics tell me how they got MY number as a way to reach their original target. That is what was very suspect to me. That and anytime a collection agency or any company that deals with sensitive material leaves a very detailed message with sensitive information, they need to be reported. These bottom feeders though, they are just scammers. Don’t listen to a word they say. Tell electricity sources usa ’em, bring it and you’ll be happy to turn it over to your friends at the FBI (that got me hung up on too).

Again I laughed and said okay see you there. She disconnected the call. I got online after to see about this company and was inspired to call back. This time I spoke with a man. He told me the loan was from somewhere which could mean that I got it these places (quickly names things). He rattled off a bunch of my family’s name that supposedly I had added as references to this loan however one small glitch one of the names listed was my sister and somehow back in 2012, before she even met her husband I knew what her married name would be. I brought this to the guy’s attention and he said that’s not what I said, we did a search and c gastronomie traiteur avis these are potentially related people that could locate you as we could not. Again stating the obvious, I said you’re talking to me now.

I told him I knew it was a scam and how disgusting to take advantage of people like this, told him the internet was full of reviews about this company and he said only people who owe money have something to complain about. He asked how we could clear this up today. I told gas station in spanish him I wouldn’t be and he then threatened me with this legal action. That I better get a good attorney, once more I said bring it on. He then hung up. Any real debt I’ve ever had, they gave me all the details. They didn’t have to prove it was me by the address, family, last 4…they weren’t sneaky, they didn’t talk in circles and they never got rude. That right there should cause alarm…do not pay these people.