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I removed any pellets in the fire pot and started the grill up as per electricity questions and answers pdf the instructions in the book. Another 2 hours into the cook and the alarm is going off. I looked at it and it was at 312 and climbing. I’ve seen this with my old Camp Chef before and thought I would let it just equalize. Well when it hit 398 degrees I knew that that was not gonna happen. Walked back out to the grill and opened it up and there was a freight train going on inside the grill without the train. Never heard this sound from my old pellet grill. Again I shut it down and remove the butt and clean out out the firepot and start all over again.

Needless to say I got my 8lb. pork butt done in 11 hours instead of the 8 I thought it would take. Nothing wrong with the Butt. Great smoke flavor, shredded nicely. So I call tech support and the girl proceeds to tell me that I started the grill wrong. Ok So the instruction that are in the manual are wrong. Yes she says. Ok Gives me a completely opposite way of starting the grill. Door closed on high for at least 15 minutes. Ok I’ll give that a try.

So Now I’m gonna make some jerky. Ok this should be easy. Wrong again. It’s 65 degrees outside and I have the grill set to smoke. 180 degrees max. Not Ideal for jerky but it will work with some adjustments. I proceed. Smoke setting keeps erroring out, and the temperature is well into the 240s. Bottom rack of jerky is cooked now instead of dehydrated. I call tech support again and she gas south says, Yeah you might want to put the dial on 180 degrees instead of SMOKE. Really? What’s the smoke setting for? So $850.00 for a grill and I can’t use the smoke setting? This just keeps getting worse.

I talk to her about the temperature swings I am experiencing on the first cook and this cook and she determines that the RTD probe is probably the issue here and she is going to get one right out to me. Gonna ship it overnight Monday. Ok well that’s pretty good tech support I’m thinking. Well Tuesday came and went. Wednesday came and still no RTD probe. I called the tech line. Sorry sir. I don’t know why this was not shipped. I’m gonna escalate this and you will get an email when its ships. Ok, wait a day, no email. Call them back, they have me in the system as talking about a front shelf not an RTD probe and the probe is still not shipped. So now My Patience is gone. My whole demeanor is in what exactly is going on here mode.

I ask for a supervisor and the wisenheimer on the other end of the phone say, I’ll put you on the list. The LIST?? Just how many people are on this list? I ask. He proceeds to tell me that they are releasing a new model grill in a couple days and the supervisors are handling all those calls. WHAT???? The supervisors are handling calls for a grill that’s not even on the market yet??? And that’s why I can’t talk to a supervisor?

To say gas vs electric oven for baking cakes the least I am totally discouraged about the overly priced, high reputation, set it and forget it grill, and I don’t even know what to say about the tech support. My Advice is, if you buy a Traeger, see your doctor first and get a prescription for anti-anxiety medication because you’re gonna need it. Or just buy a Pit Boss or a Camp Chef or a Green Mountain, anything but a Traeger.

NEXT, while cooking juicy meats the moisture raises up to the inside walls of the grill and runs down the sides as grease and leaks out around the edges of the lid and leaves a large greasy mess outside where the grill has been placed. More juice runs down and out of the grill lid than goes into the grease bucket Traeger provides for that purpose. The problem is the design with the lip electricity projects for grade 6 of the grill lid overlapping the base and allowing the grease to flow outside.

I SOON LEARNED that the Recipe Book that came with the Ranger does not relate to cooking times or temps on the Traeger Ranger but is for the much larger Traeger Grills, so it is necessary to experiment with the cooking times. The larger Traegers have a much larger inside area to heat as opposed to the much smaller portable Treagers that get hot faster which greatly affects the cooking times. I spoke with electricity online games Traeger Customer Service, they have no plans to modify a recipe book for the smaller units. Two months later the Trager Ranger was RECALLED nationally due to a safety problem with some of the components according to their Customer Service Agents. Too bad Traeger designers didn’t test the grill before foisting it on the public for testing.

The first grill – setup was easy and the excitement was all over the backyard. I smoked a brisket, 8 slabs of ribs and the results were amazing!!! After that, I discovered the grill would take more than 1.25hrs to get to 400 degrees (tried starting with lid closed and the prescribed method of smoke with open lid and then crank it up as well). Once the grill made it to 425 or so, I opened to put some steaks on, but before I could close the lid, the temp had dropped to about 380 degrees and never made it above 395 or so. Afterwards, I cleaned out the grill (firepot, etc) and started the initial firing once again, trying to ensure no air pocket was in the auger tube or anything like that.

I fired up the grill once again just to test and see if things would be different. This time the grill got up to about 435 degrees after 1 hour and just as a I clapped, the temperature started quickly dropping and didn’t stop until it reached 380 degrees and that’s where it stayed. I worked with customer service, testing all of their suggestions and the end result was them recommending to send a new auger motor. I quickly mentioned to them that I am not going to replace a part on a new grill in the $1k range and on top of that the part wouldn’t be in for 6 weeks. So I took it back to Costco and interestingly enough there was another Traeger sales rep in for me to speak with.

So now on Traeger Century 34 #2. I immediately completed the initial firing instructions and tested the high temperature setting. After 45 minutes the temp was at 425 (better than before but still a lot worse than their advertised 10-15 minutes). The grill got electricity jokes to 435 and remained there for about 1 hour when I decided I could trust it and grill some vegetables. I opened and placed the vegetables and the temperature went down to 350. After closing the lid and waiting more than a half hour and deciding to allow the veggies to go to hell, the grill finally got back to 400 at the 45 minute mark. I cleared everything from the electricity magnetism and light grates, firepot, etc and started initial firing again. We are now back to taking more than 1.25hrs to get to 400 degrees. Customer service indicated the fan needed to be replaced. 2 screws and I have it replaced just as an exercise to see if this thing will ever work.

Result after the fan replacement: The same as before. Called back in to customer service and this time they want to send out a replacement for the warped heat baffle because I am certain that’s your problem now. Result: I visited a couple of local retailers that sell Traeger and they both steered me away from Traeger, even though they have them on their floor. Final result: I am packing up the Traeger to return it to Costco and I can no longer say that I am a Traeger fan.