Top 983 reviews and complaints about viking refrigerators gas jockey


Last March gas in oil causes, the refrigerator stopped working. It took over a week just to have someone come and diagnose the issue. Then, the part we needed was on back order. We were without a refrigerator for over a month. As a wife and a mother of two young children, you can imagine the problems this caused. Once it was repaired, it worked for a few months, until we began having issues again in the summertime.

We also had an ongoing issue with the freezer developing a sheet of ice on the back wall. On December 18, 2018, we had the repairman come for the issue with the ice in the freezer (I think this was his fourth time coming for that particular gas 78 issue), as well as an issue with the refrigerator developing a sheet of ice behind the drawers. Each time we have one problem repaired, a new one comes up.

I actually called Viking Customer Service and spoke in detail with a representative on February 12th. I explained that we had been without a refrigerator since December (in addition to the ice developing, there was another issue that caused the refrigerator to stop cooling). The part gas cap light needed to repair this problem was on backorder. She was very kind and helpful and electricity 2pm live assured me she would return my call within 48 hours. I have yet to hear back from her.

The cost to replace the refrigerator and freezer is over $20k. The fact that we have an appliance that is that expensive and it rarely functions properly is absolutely ridiculous. I would happily purchase another brand, but nothing is the same size as the Viking. Therefore, we’re looking at having to renovate our kitchen and change the cabinets to accommodate a new refrigerator and freezer. I had a sliver of hope after speaking to the customer service representative, but now I know that was too good to be true. Not only are the Viking products unreliable, they don’t care about the k electric jobs test consumer.

I have never been so dissatisfied with a product or a company. I have spent countless hours on the phone with the repair company and days at home waiting on service. I’ve wasted money on the repairs, not to mention the obscene amount of food, both refrigerated and frozen, that gaz 67 dakar I’ve had to throw away. I honestly cannot believe they are able to get away with selling these products.

Also, when we bought it, the original kitchen was done in white appliances and we decided we wanted to go with the stainless steel look to get a little more modern look. But it required a new built-in oven and a new refrigerator. And with the deal that was going on for the Viking, if you bought the oven and the refrigerator, you got a free dishwasher. So, that was electricity load shedding another reason why the Viking brand stood out for us at the time.

So far, it’s has a very solid refrigeration and it’s got a nice ventilation system electricity questions grade 9 that if there’s something that’s going bad, the whole refrigerator doesn’t necessarily smell bad. It also has this great little spot on the bottom where you could put a pizza box which, with the depth of a refrigerator, is not an easy thing and it’s kinda out of the way. So, that’s a nice little feature. I like the style of the coolers as well and the fact that electricity kwh to unit converter the drawers have an automatic soft close. So, I’ve been pretty darn happy with our Viking refrigerator.

We’d gone to Abt Electronics which is local here and he go-to place in Chicago. We ended up looking again online just to see what was available and found a place called the Appliance Connection. They’re out in New York and they also sell very similar high-end appliances. And because of what the end process was gonna be, we ended up going with the Appliance Connection. It was over $1,000 that we were gonna be able to save by utilizing them as compared to using Abt.

However o gastronomo buffet, the delivery took over electricity storage association six weeks and when they delivered it, they sent two guys. But the refrigerator that we purchased weighs 500 pounds. It’s a heavy refrigerator and the two guys who delivered it said that they couldn’t put in in our house. But we told them that we paid for it to go into our house. They ended up having to send another crew out three weeks later to finally get it into the house. It became a pretty big fiasco as far as we were concerned. Also, on the day that were supposed to come out, they said they were gonna be there then, apparently, their dispatch had given them a bad address or the one appointment took longer than la gas prices now it was supposed to, so they didn’t show on the day that they were supposed to come. All in all, I don’t think I’d ever buy from them again.

But basic electricity quizlet it was nothing that Viking had done. As a matter of fact, I went to Viking and complained about Appliance Connection being a reseller of their product and the next day, I was getting a manager’s call from the Appliance Connection to try and make things right. So, Viking did everything they could to try and make it as good as possible. Also, the refrigerator is in now as well as the oven. They are both great and I’m very happy with them.

Viking electricity el paso apartments also has a great name in ranges and stoves and the double oven we got from them fit the spot. It works well and looks good. It’s very nice and phenomenal. The oven and 66 gas station the refrigerator are pretty close together and my wife didn’t want two different looks. She didn’t want the handles to be off, for the color of the stainless steel to be slightly different, or even for the grain of the stainless steel to be slightly different. So, when you’ve decided that you’re gonna go with that oven, it pushes you to go for the refrigerator as well.