Top christmas candy by state ~ interactive map nyc electricity cost per kwh


I wonder if there are Reese’s Cup Minis in space? If so, you’d definitely find them from Tuscon where they have the most telescopes in the world. AZ loves Reese’s Cup Minis at Christmas time, and who can argue with that. electricity and magnetism physics Reese’s made a big push this year, as you will see below. The runners-up swapped places this year with Hershey’s Kisses coming in second, followed by Skittles. Arkansas

Some people call people from Connecticut Nutmeggers. Must be an inside joke. But I guess Nutmegger is appropriate for a Christmas season article. It certainly rolls off the tongue better than Connecticuters. What else rolls down the tongues of Nutmeggers? Reindeer corn. It’s the number one holiday candy this year. Followed by Hershey Kisses and candy canes. Delaware

Kansas has been proven to be flatter than a pancake. If you’ve ever been to Kansas you really can’t dispute that. We were expecting reindeer corn to do well here, but maybe since there is already so much corn, they need to escape a little. So they choose fun and festive peppermint bark candy. Peppermint bark was first place, M&M’s second, and candy canes third. No word on how far down the list reindeer corn came in. Kentucky

Louisiana loves football so much. How much? Once when LSU scored a last second touchdown to win a big game, the celebrations from the crowd registered on the Richter scale. So we will guess that the majority of Pez dispensers sold at Christmas time have a Tigers football helmet on top. Skittles came in second, followed by Reese’s Mini Cups. Maine

Poor Maine. It kind of sticks out like a sore thumb..on the map. grade 9 electricity quiz Hardy har har. But, it’s also the only state the only borders one other state, only one-syllable named state, and the only state where the state flower isn’t a flower. Bit of an oddball, Maine. Nothing odd about candy canes though. How very standard and traditional of you, Maine. You’re not fooling anyone. Maryland

If you’re a sandhill crane bird watcher, or a roller skate history buff, there is not greater state than Nebraska! Annual bird migrations bring thousands of bird watchers every year, and the world’s only roller skate museum resides there too. Stop by Omaha to see what the Oracle has to say about Christmas candy. Odds are he likes Hershey Kisses best, followed by M&M’s and Pez. Nevada

With all that Vegas going on over there, it’s easy to get distracted from the fact that there have been many nuclear tests done in Nevada. You would think the fallouts would have affected their judgement, but not judging by their holiday candy preferences. Pretty traditional: peppermint bark, then candy canes and Starburst. OK Starburst for Christmas isn’t quite traditional. Chalk it up to the nukes. emitra electricity bill payment New Hampshire

New York City has over 700 miles of subway tracks flowing under the city streets. I wonder how many people riding on the subway this holiday season will be snacking on Snickers? Odds are good that many of them will. It’s the number one holiday candy in New York. But New York state is more than just NYC. Dairy farmers and Woodstock re-enacters might also be downing Snickers. Or candy canes which came in #2. North Carolina

The largest privately owned home in America is situated in North Carolina. In the mountains of Asheville, a house with a square footage exceeding 4 acres and 250 rooms waits for you to get lost in. The fireplace is probably gigantic too, so it would probably take a lot of Snickers to fill all the stockings hanging there. speedy q gas station Snickers is the winner in NC, followed by Reindeer Corn and Starburst. North Dakota

The first ambulance service started in Ohio in 1865. The first electric traffic lights were installed in Cleveland in 1914. First state to use police cars too. The cash register was invented there. Clever mechanical and electric things come out of Ohio. No surprise that they love Pez candy during the holidays. Those funky dispensers are always new and unique and have that clever mechanical operation that is just satisfying. Still no idea who Sloopy is though. gas stoichiometry Oklahoma

The Sooner State is known for those incredible covered wagons of the pioneer days. I wonder how many Starbursts it would take to fill one of those. Early settlers might have need a more rounded set of equipment than just several tons of sugary candy. But they would have sure had a Merry Christmas! Starbursts are the number one candy in Oklahoma for the holidays, followed by Pez and Skittles. Oregon

Speaking of covered wagons. Oregon Trial is such a classic Apple IIe 1980s game I can’t even see the word Oregon without thinking of little digital men fending off all sorts of dire circumstances on my computer screen. Ah elementary school. If only those men had Reese’s Mini Cups to keep them nourished in those cold winter months. Maybe I would have finally made it to Oregon! The mini cups are number one in Oregon, with candy canes and Snickers rounding off the top 3. Pensylvania

If the Liberty Bell only used one N, then that’s good enough for me. Crazy right? There’s even a place in the Constitution where it’s spelled without the double n. Luckily for historical re-enactors and grammar nerds, the top candy in this state presents no such dilemma. Only one way to spell candy canes. Pez comes in second. Reese cups third. Rhode Island

Apples and glaciers. electricity sound effect mp3 free download Washington produces the most apples of any state and has more glaciers than all the others combined. Not including Alaska of course. Ok, yeah that’s a big exclusion. If you’re in the area for the holidays, grab some candy canes because that is what’s happening in Washington holiday candy. Reese’s Mini Cups are #2. Washington DC

For a state whose official dance is the polka and in which resides the World of Accordians, it seems kind of in keeping that their favorite candy during the holidays would be Peppermint Bark. Peppermint Bark has that same kind of nostalgic, non-mainstream following. Peppermint bark feels right for Wisconsin. Way to go Badgers. Also, the Dells is awesome. Wyoming