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had a 7 days on this boat. The boat was ready when we arrived at 2.30p.m. We was loaded up and given our induction by a great guy cannot remember his name goaty beard but very nice and informative. We was also looked after by the Reception staff and was given a hamper and bubbly for our holiday. Nice Surprise We set off on our adventure. Although the weather was rubbish the first two days it gave us time to get use to the boat and experience the river. We travelled up and down the north broads for the week and met some very nice fellow boaters. Few minor points which we mentioned on return. Mirror behind drivers seat destraction when driving as you gas house edwards can see the reflection of the boat in front of u and causes u to panic. Had to cover it up with the curtain. As u step out of driving area into living quarters there is a 4 inch step up where electricity definition chemistry i banged my head everyday. Maybe a sign mind your head would be good . All in all a fab holiday and would book again, Easy to moor and steer with bow thruster. If anybody has a problem with TV could be because u r moored up near trees.thank you danny marie and nellie the dog More Show less

Hired a boat from the Elite fleet !!! Have had experience of boating for the last 10 years and have never had such a bad experience. Electric tripped on first morning, engineer called …. 3 hours later due to other emergencies arrived and reset the electric….advised how to complete should it go again …unlikely was told. Blocked showers also cleaned out and sorted …sort of …still did not drain completely took 30 mins to clear shower tray/toilet floor of water. Next day and every day of week electric tripped out followed by a member of group having to rummage head first in the engine housing under one of the beds. Last day toilet blocked and over flowed ….pumped out for second time still no luck….2 hours later under protest engineer arrived and cleared blockage…thought we could wait as we were returning the boat in the morning !!!!. Returned boat …informed that we had inconvienced ourselves by not calling an engineer out everyday !!!! How i asked when we wanted electric when getting up at 6am and would have to wait 2-3 hours for an engineer to come before having a cup of tea!! Would not accept that this was a big inconvenience to the group and we did not want to use our holiday waiting for electricity trading jobs engineers or having to go without a cup of tea.!!! Advised that blocked toilet was unforeseeable ….accept this but advised that we had to get 2 pump outs ? if cleared properly before we collected boat. Outcome….refund of pump out charges and no apology…….Result WILL NEVER USE OR RECOMMEND Barnes Brinkcraft again.

I am sorry that you did not feel your recent holiday with us met up to our usual high standards, however I really feel that I should establish some facts in defence of your rather gas lighting urban dictionary one sided review. 1. The reason your inverter tripped out was because you had overloaded it, the instructions clearly state how many appliances can be used at any one time – this is a safety mechanism for your protection. 2. We apologise for the 1 hour delay in getting out to you, however we did try to explain how to reset the inverter over the phone once you had unplugged the offending appliance, your response was that ‘it was not your job to reset it and demanded we came out’. This our engineer did and could find nothing wrong with it other than too many appliances plugged in at the same time. 3. You did not report that the inverter continued to trip until you had returned from your holiday, we cannot investigate that which we do not know about, it is totally inaccurate to claim you would have had to wait 2-3 hours for someone to come out. 4. Our engineer unblocked the shower filter when he came out – you have signed the report that it was done to your satisfaction. 5. We clearly state on all literature, including a sign beside the toilet not to put wet wipes down the toilet. Your toilet was blocked with wet wipes. You called our engineer at 16.45, he agreed to come out to you at 19.15 that evening so as to cause minimum inconvenience to your travelling 9gag memes plans.

Hired Jazz 5 for a 3 night break 5th June 2015, initial experience was good, staff very friendly and helpful. The boat was moored up rear on which made loading tricky as the only access was at the side of the boat with very steep steps. With 2 babies at 8 weeks old to get on board it was a little unnerving. That said the boat was very clean and well equipped. It has been 20 years since I was last on the broads and equipment levels have come on leaps and bounds even if they are the same boats that have been refitted. Anyone who comes on a boating holiday and expects the creature comforts of home is deluded look at the space they are working with. Very impressed with the electricity clipart shower on board, toilet was the usual boat type affair. Thankfully my wife and I are short so didn’t feel too cramped using either, taller or larger people might find it a struggle. Paid £36 for diesel which i didn’t feel too unreasonable. We only really moored up at night. I highly recommend dropping your mud weight in one of the broads overnight soooooo peaceful and we didn’t feel guilty about inflicting our colicky baby on the neighbors :). Pity the boatyards have to accept bookings from stag and hen parties as we came across a few and they were totally out of order, if we hadn’t found nice quiet places to moor could quite easily of ruined the holiday. I know one boatyard acting alone would stop the problem but there should be a blanket ban. We looked at some of the larger flashier boats with envy, some very very pretty boats out there but our tired little old 76 gas station locations Jazz suited our budget and was superb value for money. We will be back hopefully with a larger group so we can club together for one of the top end models. Thanks Brinks!!!

We had a great first time holiday/hire on the broads in Sonata 3, the staff were very helpful and polite plus the boat was completely ready when we arrived. I learned everything I needed to know about how the boat worked from a nice chap who came aboard and went through everything. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about piloting the boat but it turned out very easy, Sonata 3 turned on dime and coped with the high winds we had at the beginning of the week very well. I had done a bit of research on the Sonata’s and knew they had a very small bathroom, low heights inside and a limited headroom sleeping area. At 6ft I had to watch what I did and the bathroom required crouching gas efficient cars under 5000 and maneuvering but I expected it so didn’t have any complaints really. My advice would be if you are in any way limited with what you can do physically or want a bit of cabin comfort spend a bit more money with Barnes and get a bathtub/holiday home style boat. Getting on and off the boat is done via the platform at the back and again may not be suitable for people with restricted tropico 5 electricity mobility. The hull design on the Sonata is a coastal one so you cannot get off the front deck due to it’s height. As soon as we left the yard We ran the front ropes to the back so my wife could take both front and back ropes in her hand when tying the boat up during side mooring. Inside the boat was clean and tidy, it had a little bit of condensation but again I knew this was a problem with most small boats of this size and delt with it(its worth looking up on the internet). The heating, tv, hob, radio, microwave etc all worked great apart from the inside door lock. It didn’t really bother me so much but I did report it to BB at the end of the hol and reception added it to a snag list for the engineer. Fuel use was really quite good, I did stick quite strictly to the speed limits but was pleasantly surprised to get £34 back from our £50 deposit which was added back to my card in reception as we left(and is now in my bank). Now gas constant for air I know what I know, If I was to cruise the broads in march or April I’d get a bathtub style boat with the better cabin visibility and living area to keep out of the poorer weather. However in the summer months when it warms up the Sonata becomes a better option as you can spend your time outside on the top deck. Nothing can really beat the Sonata for the price when it comes to sitting up top, getting the roof folded away and cruising the broads in the warmer months. All in all we had a great holiday, the weather later in the week helped and the fact Barnes Brinkcraft personnel were polite and helpful to me and my wife.