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Lots of people list “Dining Out” as one of the best aspects of vacationing. Often being in a new place tempts people to try new foods and to make an effort to expand their culinary cache by getting something they might not be able to get a home. Of course, there’s the flip side as well. Some people call the picky eaters, but they would describe themselves as more discerning. They know what they like and they like what they like. Since Ocean City has millions of visitors, over the decades it has developed one of the most diverse restaurant selections available on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. If it’s summertime you may want to see if reservations are accepted. If it’s not there still are plenty of year round restaurants in Ocean City. Seafood Restaurants in Ocean City

One of Ocean City’s greatest advantages is that its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean as well as the spectacular coastal bays and estuaries provide diners some of the freshest choices around. Add to that a chef culture that emphasizes highlighting the ocean harvest and it’s seafood lover’s heaven.

Clearly, the region is known for seafood and particularly Maryland blue crabs, but there is so much more on offer in most Ocean City restaurants and the surrounding areas that you never need to eat the same dish at the same place when you visit. Unless, of course, that is your thing. While we’re always happy to provide restaurant listings, discount gift certificates to save you 40%, coupons, articles, a guide to local beer, and the Best of Ocean City® winners. Favorite Ocean City Restaurants

Ocean City has restaurants as diverse as the people who love to come to this beach destination. Whether you want to make an impression on a first date, celebrate an important event or anniversary or just wander into a place wearing a throw and flip-flops, there’s never a place to go too far away. Here are some of the featured restaurants from all of our categories.

Plan on arriving a little early or staying a little later to take advantage of some of the best brunches in the region. There is something luxurious about dawdling over brunch before reconciling yourself that Sunday afternoon is upon you. Ocean City Restaurants with a waterview

There’s nothing like enjoying a meal at the edge of the water in the afternoon or high above the ocean as the sun sets and the evening begins to cool. Ocean City has restaurants oceanside and bayside that make fantastic food to accompany their breathtaking views. Breakfast in Ocean City

Whether you’re looking for a little something to put on your stomach before setting out, or a sprawling breakfast fit for a late morning nap, there are plenty of great places all along the spectrum of breakfast delights. While there are no lack of diner-style restaurants there also are plenty of traditional breakfast places as well as coffee shops and more elegant, sit down establishments. Restaurants by area

In a resort area with so many awesome restaurants from which to choose, sometimes it is easiest to start to narrow your choices by proximity. After all, while sometimes a restaurant is worth the trip, just as often, deciding on a place takes just as long as deciding on a meal. Downtown Ocean City Restaurants

If you’ve spent the morning on the beach, or walking the boards you may want to grab a quick snack at a local place without having to run back home and dress. Conversely, if you’re looking for great food with iconic views of the boardwalk and inlet there really are no limit to downtown dining opportunities.