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Kidney Disorders: Water Melon contains a lot of potassium, which is very helpful in cleaning or washing off the toxic depositions in the kidneys. Moreover, it is helpful in reducing concentration of uric acid in the blood, thereby reducing the chances of kidney damages and formation of renal calculi in it. Added to these, being high in water content, it induces frequent urinating, which is again helpful for cleaning of kidneys. Also, the anti oxidants present ensures good health of kidneys for a long time.

High Blood Pressure: A good amount of Potassium and magnesium, present in water melons, are very good in bringing down the blood pressure. The carotenoids present in them prevent hardening of walls of arteries and veins, thereby helping reduce blood pressure.

Diabetes: Diabetes patients, who are supposed to have low energy and low sugar diet, often complaint about starving since they don’t get to eat their staple diet to their full, giving them a feeling of keeping half fed. Water Melons can be a good supplement for them.

In spite of being sweet in taste, a thick wedge will give you very few calories, since ninety nine percent of its total weight is composed of water and roughage. Moreover, the various vitamins and minerals such as potassium and magnesium help in proper functioning of insulin in the body, thus lowering the blood sugar level. Arginine, another component found in water melons, is very effective in enhancing impact of insulin on sugar.

Heart Care: Lypocene, a carotenoid found in abundance in water melon, improves cardiac functions. Beta carotene, known for its remarkable anti oxidant and anti aging properties, also keeps you young at the heart and prevents age related cardiac problems.

It is recommended that paw-paw be taken regularly. Paw-paw is much desirable and enjoyed when eaten fresh and ripe. Taking it in this way makes it to become an excellent breakfast and desert. Paw-paw juice mixed with milk is an excellent blood tonic, dessert and appetizer. Paw-paw prevents stomach troubles, such as indigestion, constipation, and peptic ulcers.

Paw-paw is very good in treating infective diarrhea, due to its emollient action. Paw-paw is rich in vitamin A, which helps in the prevention of skin problems like eczema, pimples, and acne. Paw-paw with its vitamin A helps to protect the eye.

Paw-paw is also very good for the skin because of the amount of vitamin A it contains, and not only does it make the skin soft and tight, but it also deals with skin disorders such as acne, pimples and eczema. The vitamin A in paw-paw is also good for the eyesight, muscles, and nerves. It known that paw-paw helps to tighten and smooths the skin, due to the presence of enzymes. Re: Top Ten Fruits In Nigeria And Its Benefits by Docosward( m): 3:12am On Jun 03, 2011

According to the DIY treatment recommended by spa expert Stella Cray can be tried thus: using a spoon, scoop out papaya seeds and throw away. Then scoop out the pink flesh and put in a blender with 6 ounces of plain yogurt, blend for about one minute until smooth. Stand over and old towel and using a circular motion, massage the mixture over problem spots like the stomach and thighs.

It works because papaya’s enzymes called pa-pains stimulates collagen production band slough off the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal softer smoother, and firmer skin. The warmed from the plastic wrap allows moisturizing yogurt to penetrate more deeply into the skin.

Massaging the body helps circulation, causing hydrating blood to flow to cellulite prone areas, plumping skin and reducing dimples. With repeated use, the vitamin C in the fruit strengthens the skin to further reduce cellulite. Paw-paw therefore can give you a cellulite free thighs.

Paw-paw improves digestion of protein and expels worms. The ripe fruits are rich in vitamin A, B, and C. Vitamin A is excellent for a good eyesight, muscles, nerves. The vitamin C is generally known to strengthen the immune system and assist in combating diseases.

As a worm expeller, chew two tablespoons of seeds of unripe paw-paw fruit, first and last thing in the morning and night respectively, for about three days. For malaria fever and jaundice, squeeze some yellow paw-paw leaves in water and take a glassful three times daily for seven days.

For stomach ulcer, cut a big unripe fruit of papaya and put in a bottle with water, store for four days, sieve and take half a glass, thrice daily for two weeks. For chronic external ulcers or sores, cut a piece of unripe pawpaw fruit and tie directly to the wound. Do this four times daily. Continue till the wound has dried, which will be in few days or weeks. To make the wound heal faster, eat plenty of ripe pawpaw. Re: Top Ten Fruits In Nigeria And Its Benefits by Docosward( m): 3:15am On Jun 03, 2011