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I was part of this movement from approximately June 2015 to July 2017. I firmly believe it is a cult. I know Torben personally. I was a “green dot” on the map as a recommended contact. I know what TLR is about in depth. I left the movement because of the false gospel (works based gas gangrene religion), the cult-like behaviour of his followers (including the strange things they do), and Torben’s cult behaviour towards me…. They lean on many oneness Pentecostal heresies in many ways… The TLR signs and wonders is very questionable, none can be medically verified. I recommend people stay away from. [9] Quackery [ edit ]

Despite having such a high success rate in supernatural healing, in 2008, Søndergaard gas mask bong review was thrown out of a Danish music festival for quackery after supposedly convincing a drunk festivalgoer to remove his arm plaster so that he could be cured with prayer. [12] Søndergaard denied this, calling the expulsion a regrettable misunderstanding and explaining how it got mixed up with another incident where he made a young woman remove her electricity load profile arm sling [13].

Many who have dared to criticize a charismatic leader have experienced threats and getting warned that God would let them drop dead like Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5. This also happened to me when I dared to ask critical questions about the notorious Danish evangelist Torben Søndergaard (cast electricity bill nye worksheet in the television program Sick with Jesus) in connection with my research for this book. [14] Faking miracles [ edit ]

In one of his videos, Søndergaard shows the word “real” appearing in the sky and says: A woman prayed for a sign in the heavens and gas chamber God answered her prayer. Yes, it was a plane (we think – we didn’t actually see it), but for us and everyone there, it didn’t make it any less of a miracle, because it happened right there in that moment… [15]

While “real” did appear in the sky it was not as presented in the video. Instead, the skywriting was from 2014, when an Australian marketing company, The Works, ran a campaign for Sunbeam, a company selling electric home appliances. Targeting electricity distribution map men with the slogan “ Real men don’t watch football, real men cook”, they hired a plane oil n gas prices to write “ Real men cook” [16] across the sky. In Søndergaard’s video, the words “men cook” are conveniently left out. [17] What Søndergaard believes [ edit ]

And because nobody else got it right – until now – Søndergaard has created his own little belief system by taking a little from some different denomination, [18] for example, baptismal regeneration from the Catholics electricity cost calculator, speaking in tongues as the sign of baptism in the Holy Spirit from the Pentecostals, believer’s baptism as Baptists, and baptism to Jesus Christ not using the Trinitarian formula as Oneness Pentecostals [19] [20]

Contrary to almost any other Christian denomination, he teaches that salvation for a Christian is completed through baptism in water not using the Trinitarian formula, [21] as well as through baptism in the Holy Spirit with the manifestation of speaking npower electricity bill in tongues, often saying dadadaadadadaa. [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] He also teaches that just as Jesus received the Holy Spirit through water baptism, it is through baptism that a Christian receives the Holy Spirit. Søndergaard regards receiving the Holy Spirit as having substituted receiving Jesus. [27]