Torguard reviews 2018 – why 4.4 stars g gas lol

I unfortunately purchased their service and paid a year in advance and got the dedicated IP a year in advance. Although it did work for Netflix, The downloads over their dedicated ip service were incredibly slow. So much so that I only got 1/4 of my internet speed most of the day (I was connecting to the vpn using my router). I tried all their other servers (non dedicated ip ones) and they all went as fast as my internet connection could support (15 megabit). I worked with their technical team for days and they couldn’t do a damn thin. this is a copy and paste of what one of their team members told me "These are the only networks close to you in the USA that supports streaming – it may be a routing issue between your ISP and these networks, the streaming IP’s speed are restricted but optimised for streaming." They also told they don’t allow torrenting on their dedicated IP which is mentioned nowhere on their website which I think people would want to know. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE B.S. they only refunded 34.00 US of the 69 I was charged initially, they claim they DO NOT refund any of the money for the dedicated IP’s because they have to completely delete them from their system once you have used it (I WOULD BE OK WITH THE EXPLANATION BUT I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THE COMPANY THEY GET THE DEDICATED IP FROM CHARGES THEM A YEAR IN ADVANCE AS WELL CONSIDERING YOU CAN PAY ON A MONTHLY BASIS FOR ONE BUT THEY CHOSE NOT TO REFUND ME ANY OF THE MONEY FOR THE DEDICATED IP, "Ok I now see that on your account, however, dedicated IPs are non-refundable once assigned I’m afraid.

TorGuard accepts both standard and anonymous payment options including; credit card, Paypal, Cashu, AliPay, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Crypto. In addition, TorGuard offers 4 different services: Anonymous VPN, anonymous proxy, business VPN, and private Email service.

The proxy service is the cheapest, and it comes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speed, more than 2000 elite proxy IP’s in over 50 countries, Fast SOCKS5 proxy servers in over 8 countries, up to 5 simultaneous connections, and SOCKS5 + HTTP/SSL proxy support.

The private Email service has a free version and a premium version. The free service comes with the VPN, and it only offers 10 MB of offshore email storage. The paid service includes unlimited offshore email storage, secure G/PGP email encryption, end-to-end security and protection, no advertisements or marketing, and forward secrecy. The premium VPN service is the priciest service among them all, but it’s still relatively affordable, especially if you get the annual subscription. The VPN package comes with great features, and we discuss them below.

The business VPN comes in 4 different packages: Starter, Small, Medium, and Enterprise. The Starter plan includes: unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speed, access to more than 3000 servers in over 50 countries, up to 10 VPN user package, up to 10 encrypted email accounts, dedicated VPN management portal, 24/7 dedicated account manager.

Finally, the Enterprise package has a custom cost depending on many factors that can be discussed with TorGuard’s support team. Same features are included in addition to providing the user company with more than 50 additional sub-accounts, and more than 100 encrypted email accounts.

TorGuard VPN is also compatible with Apple mobile devices, having recently developed a long-awaited app. The app is now available on the App Store and allows iPhone and iPad device users to access anonymity when browsing the internet, using a very sleek and minimal design, created for quick seamless usage. The privacy assured by TorGuard ensures that Apple product users can access the internet in public WI-FI hotspots without the fear of invasion of privacy.

The user is also able to access data and information from all around the world despite the restrictions and blockers based on IP. TorGuard’s iOS app is available on the company’s website and is easily configured using the setup procedure that is available on their website. TorGuard VPN membership comes with x5 connections allowed, so connecting on your iPhone or iPad won’t cost you anything extra. The iOS App is one of the newest they have developed, and is well worth the low cost to ensure your security when on the move — one of the most common ways digital fraud and theft occurs.