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Today i.e. 21s Feb 2016, me my two electricity images cartoon friends trekked this excellent fort. It has a following special historical significance: It is the very first fort won by a Great Maratha King Shivaji. We are trekking Rajgadh Tornagadh quite often as these forts are favourite of my friend circle because of its very high altitude, long bit tough trek. Whereas I always plan for new forts for trekking instead of revisiting already trekked fort. I had planned this occasion for following new forts: 1. Talagadh 2. Ghosalgadh 3. Kuda caves All above places near to Mangaon My friends as usual insisted for Rajgadh. Then I asked them instead of Rajgadh choose any of the following already visited three forts: 1. Raireshwar 2. Mohangadh or Kenjalgadh 3. Tornagadh As usual friends choosed Tornagadh as other two are easier trek than Tornagadh. We used Pune Satara road to reach Tornagadh from Pune: Road Tips: 1. Travelled electricity balloon experiment via old Katraj Ghat road to Chellady / Nasrapur junction 2. Took right turn from Chellady / Nasrapur junction 3. Road ended at Velhe village that is the foot hill of Tornagadh PS: On Pune Satara road you have plenty of restaurants to choose for breakfast. Special tips: 1. Wear foot wear (shoe/sandal) with nice gripping sole (especially take utmost care during rainy season for your own safety from slipping during trekking while climbing or descending fort) 2. Carry water fruit juices (electrol powder during summer season to make up for your body salts loss thru excess sweat) 3. Cap with its hood on back side (during summer season to prevent your rear head from heat or sun stroke) 4. Carry eatables like fruits, raw vegetables or cooked food or the items you like Very important: There are tough spots of trekking so please take care of your own safety. People with weak legs or fat please avoid this trek. Don’t try to do some extra ordinary stunts or over smart activities resulting in losing your life or getting injured. PS: Two days ago i.e. on Shiv Jayanti a young boy died at around evening 8 pm on the Tornagadh fort, he slipped fall down from a clip, got injured on head died on the spot. We saw at many places the blood stains on the stones while climbing up the fort. Fortunately while climbing up fort, we met Mr. Mangesh Pawar from Velhe zyklon b gas canister for sale village who arranged stretcher for carrying the body of young boy from fort to fort foothills where he had already made ambulance arrangement on that evening. Mr. Mangesh Pawar is a govt employee who is voluntarily available for such emergency situations on Torngadh fort. His contact no. is 94 232 231 84 This coming saturday sunday there is festival of Velhe village. He invited us to see the festival of village that comprises of many special thiings like dhol tasha miravnuk, wrestling competition with prices of 5 lakhs. Around more than 100 entertaining activities games. The respective participant group is allowed 5 minutes each for showing their entertaining activity or game. We noticed following pleasant things on Tornagadh during this trekking visit: 1. There were o goshi more than 5 shades or shelters on route where village girls / ladies sell butter milk lemon juice. Few were empty where you can take a rest as well have water or food. During earlier trek visit there was no shade or shelter. 2. Concreting done of many steps on route near to the fort entrance 3. New temple constructed on the fort 4. Pitthla bhakri shade / shelter started near the temple 2 weeks ago (it is only on Saturday Sunday). One bhakri one plate of pitthla cost INR 30. PS: Please don’t bargain on cost with these poor hardworking villagers instead give them more happily as an incentive for them. We paid total 350 3 gas laws INR for our food, buttermilk water bottle. We didn’t ask for the details. 5. Bisleri / Mineral water is also available at pitthla bhakri shade / shelter for INR 30 6. Viewpoints on forts are constructed new 7. Still construction was in progress on fort towards improvement. 8. Now like Rajgadh, Tornagadh is also suitable for overnight stay in two temples as well as one shade on fort (you should carry your own beddings etc) 9. We saw plenty of trekkers this time including men, ladies, boys grade 9 electricity review, girls young kids. Now about our trek visit: We started from Pune at 7.45 am had breakfast on Pune Satara road at 8.15 am. Reached Velhe village at 10.15 am. Parked our car. PS: Like Rajgadh there are no parking charges at the foothills of this fort. We started climbing the fort. This time we took long break of 20 minutes at 3 occasions so we reached the fort top at 1 pm. We had pitthala bhakari, our fruits raw vegetables for our lunch. Then we headed for sightseeing on the fort starting from: 1. Scenic view of Zunzhar machi on left side of fort 2. Mind pleasing view of Rajgadh from rear side of fort 3. Scenic views of Budhla machi from Konkan Darwaja 4. Scenic views from view point on the right side of fort 5. Excellent view of Gunjavne dam its river from front side of fort Please see the attached photos with e85 gas stations in ohio this review for above mentioned things. Following forts are seen from Tornagadh: 1. Sinhagadh from front side little towards your right side 2. Raigadh little towards right of the Budhla machi point 3. Lingana fort little towards right of the Rajgadh fort’s takmak point 4. Rajgadh from rear side of fort PS: Around evening Purandar Pratapgadh can be seen or when the visibility is very clean. Tips: 1. It will take apprx 45 minutes walk to Zunzhar machi on the left 2. It will take more than 90 minutes walk to reach Budhla machi on the right (There are risky slippery spots) We went upto 3 ponds near Budhla machi didn’t go upto Budhla machi as one of my friend felt cramp in his leg. On Rajgadh fort other friend felt pain in his knee so we had to return half the way from left side buruz or machi on Rajgadh fort. We returned from power outage houston reliant 3 ponds to main temple of fort. We had fruits (water melon, sweet melon, grapes pomegranates, guava) raw vegetables (carrot, cucumber green peas). Then we started descending fort from the main entrance. We reached Velhe the foothills of Tornagadh fort at 6 pm. Got fresh with the tap water in the Velhe village. Then headed to Pune in our car. Reached Pune at 9 pm. If you really want to enjoy a one day long fort trek on high altitude nearby Pune then Rajgadh or Tornagadh is the trek to choose. You will like the trek on any of this fort equally do visit during winter or early summer. During rainy season if you come across heavy rains during your trek or on the fort then you will be unable to see any scenic beauty because of rain fog.