Toto neorest 700h dual flush toilet and washlet – many bidets gas 10 8 schlauchadapter

If you’re looking for an integrated toilet and bidet that will pamper your household, and wow your guests, look no further. The Neorest 700H gives a whole new meaning to WOW factor. This advanced unit from TOTO offers Tornado flush, eWater+ and much more.

The design of the Neorest 700H sets it apart from the other units on the market. It is equipped with a small, sleek and elegant remote that keeps simple features on the front, but offers a plethora of features and options on the back. This allows for a simple, clean look and feel at all times while the remote is mounted, while still allowing every aspect of the wash to be adjusted when desired.

Needless to say, the TOTO Neorest 700H has every cleaning feature you could hope for. Rear and front cleaning, both with temperature and pressure control options, and the ability to adjust the position of the spray so you’ll always have the wash exactly where you need it. Once you’re done, simply start the air dryer and enjoy a completely hands free experience.

The Neorest 700H doesn’t stop at offering the perfect clean, it aims to pamper. Once you’ve experienced what the 700H has to offer, you’ll never want to leave your bathroom. Offering pulse (massage) mode for times when you need a bit more care, and oscillation wash for those extra messy visits, the 700H has it all covered. Walk up to the toilet and be greeted by the toilet as it opens the lid for you, giving the bathroom a soft glow as the lighted bowl is unveiled. Sit down, do your business. Once you’re done, get washed and dried, and walk away. The 700H sees that your done, and flushes, as it closes the lid automatically behind you. To top off this amazing experience, the automatic deodorizer removes any odors you’d normally experience during your visit!

A: To be ADA compliant, a toilet has to have a seated height of at least 17 inches. The TOTO Neorest 700H is ADA compliant and offers a seated height of 17.25 inches, making the 700H one of only a few units available if ADA compliance is a requirement

We had a toto neorest before, this 700H is our second neorest. This is the newest and greatest. We already knew it was worth the money because of the last one we bought. There are other companies that attempt to mimick TOTO, but I can speak first hand that if you decide to get an integrated unit, spend the money and do it right. Get a TOTO Neorest. Once you try one of these you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

The features on this fantastic unit are designed to pamper you. From the lid that opens as you approach it to greet you, to the premist, wash, and warm seat, this is the only way to go. I can not believe every home doesn’t have one of these!

It seems weird to say about a toilet, but I think this may be the best purchase I’ve ever made. You’ve not lived till you’ve tried it. Dan was great in offering a very good price, and offering feedback on what unit to get. Once I had decided on the 700H he got it out to me quickly and even followed up personally after to make sure the installation went well. A+ experience.

I’ve used bidet seats for many years. Once my father moved in with me, I decided to treat myself and upgrade our bidet seat to a full integrated unit. Despite the fact that this unit is taller than others, we needed a taller solution, as my father is elderly and needed assistance getting up and down. Dan suggested a toilevator grand. It was a bit tricky to install, but it works great with the 700H now that everything is installed. The 700H is like nothing I’ve experienced before. Not only does it allow me to care for my father without a nurse, it’s also great for my use, and has a bigger seat than any bidet I’ve used in the past. Shipping was fast, and delivery was smooth. 2 thumbs up!

About 10 years ago we got our first integrated TOTO unit. Now that we’re remodeling, we decided to upgrade. Anyone looking for a integrated bidet and toilet that sits higher than the others AND offers more room, THIS IS THE ONLY one to choose. I’ll never go back to another product! Packed full of features and comfortable to boot. Worth every penny…