Tough virginia tech teacher keeps herself (and her students) informed – certmag gas x extra strength vs ultra strength


My first real job was cleaning up in a meat packing facility. Day one was a complete disaster. electricity flows through Everyone else had gone home; I was doing my best and failing miserably. I found myself drenched, cold, and standing ankle deep in water, blood, and fat trimmings. gas equations chemistry My situation seemed hopeless and, honestly, I contemplated walking out and never coming back.

Gino also gave me a few pointers about careers. grade 9 electricity test The one that has stuck with me over the years came as we were leaving. 窶廛on窶冲 think about what happened tonight,窶\x9D he said. 窶廬nstead ask yourself if this is what you want to be doing 50 years from you want to be doing 50 years from now. If it ain窶冲, then stay in school and choose a career that involves your mind more than your back.窶\x9D

Miller窶冱 窶廡rench fry窶\x9D quip isn窶冲 meant to disparage fast-food workers, but instead to help students see the benefits offered by an IT career. gaston y la agrupacion santa fe The benefits are good, things like higher-than-average salaries, the comfort of working in an air-conditioned environment, and, most importantly, the skyrocketing demand for skilled IT professionals.

Although some students often laugh and shake their heads when Miller spouts those words of wisdom, she knows what she is talking about. Her rテゥsumテゥ includes her share of physically demanding and unpleasant jobs, including running a cash register, plastic injection molding, answering phones, and even pumping gas. 窶廬窶况e always worked,窶\x9D she said. 窶廛id whatever I had to do to get by.窶\x9D

This is Miller窶冱 20th year at Chesapeake. As a longtime teacher, she understands and appreciates the challenges faced by her 窶很ids窶\x9D (how she fondly refers to her students) when learning a new subject. 7 gas laws Her teaching style is influenced by hands-on experience and knowledge garnered along an interesting career path that typically required her to 窶彷igure things out on my own.窶\x9D

Not one to wait for things to happen, she began and completed a master窶冱 degree in Human Resource Management with an emphasis on education, while at the same time landing a job in North Carolina teaching Physical Education. electricity hair stand up School administration soon realized Miller窶冱 expertise and drew on her military training by having her teach Electronics.

Chesapeake窶冱 Computer Systems Technology class is a popular offering which has just changed to Cybersecurity this year. (Again, Miller is scrambling to learn Networking and Security; she attended a one-week crash course this past summer.) Juniors and Seniors from seven local high schools attend for two-and-a-half hours each day for 180 days.

There are no prerequisites, but students must complete paperwork explaining why they want to take the class. While anyone can enroll in the class, there is a waiting list, and slackers need not apply. arkla gas pay bill Miller packs in a heavy dose of hands-on learning in the classroom that is designed to make certain the students know their computer components.

Hustling is something Miller knows how to do. She was an accomplished collegiate athlete, playing volleyball, basketball and softball at Western Michigan University. physical science electricity review worksheet While in the Navy, she was named to the All Navy Softball Team four times, and selected three times for the All Armed Forces Softball Team that received an automatic bid to the NCAA playoffs each year.

She also played semi-pro softball as a member of the Lansing Laurels of Lansing, Mich. (Though she is left-handed in most other respects, Miller played softball right-handed because the only baseball glove she had while learning the game fit her left hand, not her right.) When able to fit it into her busy schedule, Miller likes to bowl on Thursday nights. Her high score is a respectable 220.

Former students are appreciative of the IT skills that Miller helped them learn. A number of them return to class to help mentor current students, conduct career counseling, and keep the kids informed of what is happening out in the workforce. One former student, who has earned a binder full of certifications, even writes labs and loads them onto seven laptops for the students to practice on.