Toungoo interview repeated instances of land confiscations harm the livelihoods of local community members, november 2017 karen human rights group gas dryer vs electric dryer operating cost


The following Interview was conducted by a researcher trained by KHRG to monitor local human rights conditions. It was conducted in Toungoo District in November 2017 and is presented below translated exactly as it was received, save for minor edits for clarity and security . [1]This interview was received along with other information from Toungoo District, including five other interviews and 15 photographs . [2]

The hydropower dam was being built to the east of L— village. Therefore, we chose to relocate to M— village, located to the west of L— village. We spoke with the village leaders of M— and asked them for a place to settle. However, we did not report [our resettlement] to the Burma/Myanmar government, we did not obtain permission for relocation. Finally, we were able to settle in M— village [in 1993, when the hydropower dam was under construction]. During that time, civilians did not have the opportunity to fight for their rights or confront the dictatorship in Myanmar. electricity bill payment hyderabad The fear of dictatorship endures within us to this day.

Our biggest challenge was securing our livelihoods after being displaced. This was difficult because people lost their plantations. People tried to find casual work to supplement their income. gas bubble in chest and back Some people migrated abroad, to other towns or to the jungle looking for a job. Many local people worked in the logging sector. Those who were logging the forest with elephants struggled very much. They had to do this job with no previous experience. electricity usage calculator spreadsheet In 2015, five people were killed by elephants while they were logging. Some people sustained leg and arm injuries during their work. Others suffered serious illnesses and then committed suicide when they could no longer tolerate their situation.

After the NCA was signed between the KNU and Myanmar government in 2015, local people were allowed to report land confiscations. However, we had to attend court several times to address our land confiscation case. We were sued for reporting land confiscations, and for fencing our lands to protect them. We attended court three times in one year because we were sued by the Ministries of Industry, which was operating rubber plantations [in our area].

We were told that our lands would be given back to us if we took our land confiscation case to court. Therefore, we spent our time and money on this process. However, we are yet to get our lands back. We are in debt because we borrowed money from other people in our village to deal with the court costs. gas definition We had to deal with Aung Kyaw Oo, the representative of the Ministry of Industry in court. In 2016, the manager Aung Kyaw Oo sued us because we returned to our plantations and cultivated our lands. The company’s representatives see themselves as the landowners. They consider us to be trespassers.

o address this case, the village head asked the company representatives to consult with the community. gas up asheville However, they said that it was not their responsibility. To oppose the land confiscations, people fenced off their plantations. However, the company took [the fences] down. The company also hired people to patrol around the village. The people patrolling would carry knives and threaten people.

In the past, the company said that the rubber plantations cultivated by the Ministry of Industry #1 were under the authority of the Myanmar government. However, the township administrator said that, at present, the company manager Aung Kyaw Oo took over the operation. gas after eating fruit Even though Aung Kyaw Oo said that he holds the land grant from the Ministry of Industry, it was not registered in the Township office.

We do not hold a land form #7 , [3] but we have a land tax receipt that we received from the Myanmar government. When the company came to the village, they asked all local community members for their land titles. The company declared: “the land is not yours anymore because we confiscated your lands, so you should give your land title to us”. None of the villagers received compensation for lands that were confiscated.

At first, 30,500 acres of lands were confiscated for the construction of the hydropower dam. Then, the U Than Myit Agriculture Company and the Ministry of Industry #1 established rubber plantations. In L— village, U Than Myit Agriculture Company confiscated about 70 acres of land owned by villagers. In addition to this, the Ba Yin Naung military school confiscated an additional 1,851 acres of the remaining land. Actually, when the dam project was proposed, its administrator declared that villagers would be able to work on the land that was left-over [from the dam project]. However, we could not do that because all of the remaining lands were ultimately confiscated by other companies.

The project manager of the hydropower dam Aung Kyaw Oo negotiated with the village head and the village elders before construction. The village head had the opportunity to advocate on our behalf. electricity questions and answers physics Instead, the village head negotiated with the company for his own benefit. The village head stood with the liars. This is why every department and company could enter our village and confiscate all lands. We were also sued by the companies when we tried to defend our lands. Unfortunately, in 2016, we did not win this case because our village head cooperated with the dam project manager Aung Kyaw Oo.

In addition to this, we do not have any health care services in the village or a library for local students. Our village was flooded when the hydropower dam was built, but affected villagers did not receive any electricity. gas usa The company did not provide any sanitation facilities or build a road for the villagers who had to relocate. We have been facing these issues from the beginning of the construction of the hydropower dam.