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I still immediately think of real life issues with batteries now, and also think of if a bike hasnt been used much and is sitting in a garge mostly for 2, 3, 5 years, and then used, the chances are more that battery behaviour could very well have some surprises.

but I know, this is just forum talk, and interesting to talk about, because lets face it, e bikes are more and more popular and will be used by more and more people, so its actually a good topic to bring up and throw ideas of, especially with the "touring" aspect here, ie not back at home at end of day with your bike inside, out of the rain, charging securely etc etc.

I look at this technology like all technology, it will get more and more reliable, with less hiccups. The reality now in my opinion is that when I see them in stores, I wonder of how in X years, that priporitory battery with its specific shape, plugs etc, will be working in 5 years and how easily it will be to get a new one or whatever.

I do also though think of how family members I know have had circuit boards go in washing machines, toasters, microvaves, tv’s (in some cases in less than five years, and these are stationary, inside objects, no vibrations, no rain etc )–so there are concerns more than just batteries….

I would absolutely love it if an e bike meant my wife would go on a tour with me. Heck, she can drive an RV and meet me at the campsite each night if it meant she would share the experience. As it is she’s simply not that into riding a conventional bike the way I am. I generally tour alone so I don’t just pick up random strangers to ride with so anyone I do tour with probably has a friend/relative component. Would I not tour with them because of their bike choice?

How about the difference between a fully self supported tour and a sag wagon supported/catered affair. That seems pretty unfair too. I hate it (not really) when I have to set up camp and cook while others role into set up tents, hot food and a mechanic to tend their rental bikes. On the Icefield Parkway last year there were many riders on road bikes with no kit at all zipping by, vans handing out water and snacks at intervals ready to take them to hotels at the end of the day. Sheesh! that’s not touring.

If I cared about the people I toured with I would not fixate on the bike instead of the tour too much. I can always adjust the tour to suit the material. Logistically, one would have to calculate the recharge requirements of the e bike is all. Lot’s of people CC tour so if one stayed within the e bike range recharge could be pretty easy.

Has anyone tried this before? I’m guessing there will be problems such as logistical issues of having to camp/stay near outlets. there will also be ettiques issues as they would whiz up climbs. Any other problems people have encountered or can think of.

But there could be benefits? One benefit is that an e-bike carry the bulk of the food and heavy items. Any other beneifts?You pretty well have the problem, and the benefit covered… About the only other benefit would be, is you would get to ride with someone who otherwise would not be able to go with you.

Having done 3 previous tours where only I rode and the wife drove the camper on our holidays, then 3 E-Assist bike tours where both me and the wife rode splitting the driving an Hr on an Hr off brought us even closer together, and was great that she could ride too and accomplish something she never thought she could, riding 400Kms+… and… before some of you jump in here and say it was a motorcycle, and anyone can do that, NO it is NOT a motorcycle ride, it was an "assisted" ride meaning out of the 400Kms she actually would have pedaled about 300Kms of it as the battery would have only lasted/been only capable of about/at most 100Km of assist, even if she use 100% of the battery every day, but most days it was just under 50%… .

Myself, I don’t have an e-bike but have leg damage that might well earn me one at some point. Not that I can’t zip right along on the flats okay, but some uphills require power from one of my legs I just cannot muster, if too frequent or too steep. Could use an e-bike’s extra little something, on some hills. Can’t see how that would preclude touring with others.

OTOH, an e-bike user that used standard pedal power much less frequently would of course require much greater frequency of recharges. Assuming a route that requires such frequent use of the e-power. Certainly makes sense for someone on an e-bike to have sufficient numbers of recharging options for the group/route in question … solar, spare batts, an appropriate number of recharging stops (or layover days), etc.

I’ve done longer tours where every 4-5 days turned into a motel stay. Was useful for ensuring everything stayed clean, repairs got done, etc. Should be an option for folks, too, with e-bikes, though not all groups or routes will be suited to that.

Range anxiety and hassle of finding an outlet with free-electricity to charge are minor problems…The big problem, for lay people, is their butts simply aren’t hardened to being used to hours in the saddle per day. We cyclist whackos forget that, and lay people are amazed at the simple act of sitting on a saddle more than 30 minutes. Many would barely be able to walk after, even keeping days to 20-30 miles to allow use of their moped.

I’m going to put my judgemental hat on….Most people with an assist–well use it, rather than build strength/endurance by sweating/working. There are some (5% maybe?) who use the assist to keep up with their SO-racer when they aren’t fit…..but for most everyone else the result being as soon as their battery is done for, you drop them like a stone. Have seen some people on rides like Tour de Nebraska (that is SAG’d to be fair, although some of us yay-whos bag it), they’re smiling and gunning it until the battery is dead—first hill without the battery and out the back they go. And you don’t see them until late into the afternoon….and by the look on their faces they’re spent and past their "having fun and enjoying themselves" threshold.