– jobs for the towing industry. gas efficient cars under 5000


OVERVIEW OF POSITION: Tow and Service Drivers help Triple A customers by responding to their needs in a quick and efficient manner. Assist customers with road side assistance, towing vehicles, or offering other services (tire replacement or battery replacement for example). Provides guest with professional and safe customer service to give totally satisfied services. Works within a team environment to respond to customers. The position offers $13-15 an hour plus commission. j gastrointest oncol impact factor EXPECTED OUTCOMES: • Inspect and maintain tow truck, such as gas, oil, water, tires, lights, or brakes to ensure that vehicles are in proper working condition. • Work with dispatcher to receive assignments. • Follow Super 7 and Focus 5 customer service techniques. Advertise mechanic shops with customers when applicable. • Check customer’s Triple A card and validate name, assess how long customer has been a member and how much coverage s/he has. • Collect correct miles and VIN on all cars as needed. • Analyze Vehicle to determine best decision to help customer. • Use appropriate paper forms with customer for tows and services. • Tow or provide roadside services such as battery testing/ replacing, lock-out, tire replacement, or refueling gas. • Practice all safety protocols in an efficient manner. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Job may result in increased fatigue due to the following • Drives and sits for long periods of time. • Reach, bend, balance, and transport various objects weighing up to 75 pounds during shift. • Pushing cars. • Operate and drive various types of trucks with manual transmission. • Works outdoors in hot or cold conditions, depending on climate. • Exposed to noise from traffic, two-way radio, and exposed to acid batteries. TOOLS, EQUIPMENT, AND PAPERWORK: • Rubber Mallet • Gloves • Safety Goggles • Pliers and cleaning tools • Screw Driver set • Tire Repair kit, • Mini Air Tank • Chain Loading Bridle and Winch • Safety Chain and Hooks • Soft Strap Hooks • Nylon Axle Strap and Ratchet • Ball Joint Blocks, Skates, and Snatch Block • Four Way Wrench and Impact Gun • Breaking Bar and Sockets • Low Profile Jack • Lock-out kit (Wedge, Rod, and Air Jack) • Battery Tester and Receipt Printer • Car Battery Jumper and Jumper Box • Battery Acid Spill Kit • Car Battery Lifter • Tools and Equipment Checklist • Damager Waiver, Pre-existing Damage, and Passenger Release Waiver Form. DUTIES AND TASKS 1. Arrive to work and prepare for shift. 2. Complete and turn in pre-trip Tools and Equipment Checklist form before beginning the shift. 3. Clean the inside and wash the outside of the truck. 4. Receive information from dispatcher to perform work assignments. 5. gas yojana Use Super7 guide when talking to customer on the phone to understand the service needed. 6. Drive carefully to the customers location to avoid potholes and bumpy roads. 7. Arrive to the vehicle to analyze problem of customer and car. 8. Greet customer and follow Focus 5 service steps to increase customer satisfaction. 9. Evaluate if car is front-wheel, rear-wheel, or four-wheel drive. 10. Sign the Damage and Pre-Existing Waiver form with customer for all tows and services. 11. Sign Passenger Release form with customer to give customer a ride in your tow truck. 12. Retrieve cars that are stuck. u gas cedar hill mo Do not drive truck to the area the customer is stuck in. 13. Load and unload trucks, vans, or automobiles on Bed-Carrier Tow Truck to transport vehicle. 14. Inspect car on tow truck to ensure it is properly loaded and secure. 15. Drop off towed vehicle at a location not operated by motor city if directed by customer. 16. Drop off towed vehicle at motor city mechanic shop if directed by customer. 17. Email all damage waiver forms and photos. Use the call number and PO as the subject of the email. 18. Ask customer how they heard about the mechanic shop they want to take their car to. 19. Advertise our organization’s mechanic shop. Explain our life time warranties on specific parts. 20. Tow trucks, vans, or automobiles with missing tires. 21. electricity outage san antonio Drive trucks to weigh stations along routes to follow state regulations 22. Inform the dispatcher that you are clear to take another call after tow is complete. 23. Replace damaged tire with spare tire 24. Perform Lock-outs for customers who have locked their keys in their car 25. Test batteries to determine if jumping or replacement is necessary. 26. Jump-start a car when the battery is dead 27. Jump-start a motorcycle if necessary 28. Assist in training new employees when requested 29. Unplanned work a. Initiate new course of action such as trying to fix a stalled-out car or pushing a car from the parking lot to load onto your tow truck b. Broken car in the middle of the road.’ c. Ask for more information about a service assignment if task is unclear. 30. Non-work Activities a. Wait for next call assignment b. Delays – Refuel truck when needed c. Work breaks – lunch break d. Talk with team members about professional and/or personal information 31. Monthly duties a. May have to tow Box Trucks. b. electricity words Attend driver and employee meetings as requested for job and safety information c. Attend training and achieve professional certification as directed by management d. Study information provided by the company to maintain and upgrade industry and job knowledge