Tower loan 178 reviews and complaints – read before you buy gas block install


Secondly, nobody in the entire Tower Loan organization can tell me why electricity vs gas heating costs my loan was approved for less than what was requested. He told me a computer analyzes a request for credit, looks at many factors such as income, length on job and length at residence, etc. and determines what is an approvable amount. No human will review an application approves for less. However gas house edwards co a human does look at all DENIED applications to see if their people can see something different than the computer to get someone approved.

I asked why situations as mine aren’t reviewed, and was told they don’t have the manpower or time to look at all “approved” applications in which an individual isn’t satisfied (or in my case curious). He then said a credit counselor (not with Tower—they don’t have them) would be able to tell me why I did not get what was requested. I explained that electricity electricity lyrics there was no way a third party would know why Tower’s COMPUTER approved us for one amount instead of what was requested. He then backpedaled that they would be able to guide me as to the troubled areas of our y gasset credit.

I am an educated consumer that would never use Tower Loan and their outrageous interest rates. Because the store we purchased furniture from is reputable and it is an interest free loan, I relented. What a mistake. I honestly feel as if my business is meaningless to them and since no interest is collected, my situation doesn’t matter. I’m mortified that the store has been notified of a reduced gas 78 facebook approval and angry that nobody can discuss WHY. My advice is to steer clear from Tower Loan and especially the one in Columbia, MO. They apparently don’t care about good customer service. As a bit of background I have a lot of experience with credit, credit scores and debt. I’m not an idiot who accepts that a “computer” can give an accurate credit review.

Two days later I called back and it was fixed and I made my payment. Then three days later I received a late payment notice from them which I ignored. Then a week later I received a final late notice, so I called was electricity invented during the industrial revolution them immediately and they told me to disregard it. The next month on May first I called to make a payment gas pains or contractions and it was the exact same problem all over again, late notices and all. But then on June 1 it got worse. I attempted to pay and was told I had a $10 late fee and was asked would I like to go ahead and pay and include the late fee. I asked would I get the $10 overcharge credited back to my account and was told No. I was shocked at that and said then just fix it like the past two months (I said a lot more than that actually).

I called back on the June 4 and it was still gas 4 weeks pregnant not fixed. I called back on June 5 and it was still not fixed. I called back on June 7 and was told that gas tax in washington state I can either pay the $10 or drive to the Foley Branch office (10 miles from my house) and they could accept a cash payment for the correct monthly payment. I got real ugly at this point and threatened them with notification to the Alabama Attorney General’s Office, but she didn’t really care, she just repeated electricity and magnetism review game my options, pay $10 or go to Foley. I told her Tower is punishing me for their problem and she said, We are not punishing you, I am trying to help you. I told her that if I have to go to the bank and get cash and drive 10 miles each way to make a payment because Tower can’t get their system resolved, then that is unfair and not an acceptable solution and I am reporting this.

She then proceeds to tell me if I would like to come in and gas x side effects liver get more money on a new loan that this problem would be fixed. I said, Are you crazy? and hung up. This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard of and according to Tower, there are several hundred of us with the same issue going on. They will not give me a name or number to talk to someone of higher authority. So as of now, I have not made my payment and I am approaching an actual late electricity dance moms choreography fee date, what a mess. I emailed a complaint to the Attorney General 30 minutes ago.