Toyota mirai_ holy grail or high-tech mirage_ (cnet on cars, episode 98) – video – roadshow

Well, after a perpetual motion machine, nuclear fusion and Facebook stock price, the hydrogen fuel sale car comes next on things with apparently no down side.

And to the uninitiated eye, both this and the Clarity, and many would say, the Prius and the Honda Insight back in the day, All ask quite a bit of the uninitiated I, but made an impression and said, I’m different.

The eyebrow display of course easily suffers from the possibility of TMI on the green front giving you one of this screen that shows you all about your green driving habit with most drivers I would Don’t care about.

It’s got two sources of electric power at any given moment that are coming to the wheels but it all starts with the chemical reaction that takes place in the fuel cell.

It’s an interlocking high pressure connection that also does infrared communication with the car with the collar on the [UNKNOWN] right there.

But we’re actually expecting to see how nitrogen competitive with gasoline within the next Two or three years, within five or ten years, it’ll probably get lower, if not half the price of gasoline.

We think, actually, by being strategic, even to serve the entire California population, you would probably only need 12 or 15% of the number of fueling locations compared to gasoline.

And the perception of that being enough will be helped by the coincidence that, at least in urban areas, we’re getting used to living with a lot fewer gas stations anyway.

If you, say, took a Solar panel and use that energy from the solar panel to just charge the battery pack directly compared to trying to split water.

A recent paper by the respected team of Michael Seaback and Brandon Schoettle at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute assert, it is possible for Fuel Cell cars to involve the least amount of petroleum used per mile measured from the well to the wheel.

Now when you lean on it like I’m doing now going up a hill accelerating pretty full tilt, you get a lot of electric noises out of a ride more than I think fit with its very refined ride quality.

First, the IRS is gonna give you an $8,000 tax credit, California’s credit is currently $5,000 and Toyota is putting what they call a trail blazer incentive on the hood, another $7,500 off.

And then I’m gonna ballpark a $7,300 fuel savings over three years Compared to if you had a V6 Camry in California driving the same miles as you would this car.

But there’s another calculus that you’ve also gotta work on and that is a raging and ongoing argument About what makes more sense in terms of real green policy.

To generate voltage that comes down a line network to charge an electric battery car, or to create and transport hydrogen to fuel one of these.

Find out more about the Toyota Mirai and a lot more details about the guts and architecture and construction in our pieces over at Road Show.

Now the Mirai was absolutely the most innovative Technology to arrive as a 2016 car, but there were a whole lot of others worth noting and when I come back, we’re gonna do our top five list of the best rated 2016 cars in the opinions of the Road Show editors when cnet On Cars returns.

As we’re shooting this show and that means The end of the last model year traditionally and the beginning of the new one, so let’s take a look back at the 2016 cars that got the highest ratings from the editors at Roadshow as we say goodbye to a model year.

The Tacoma’s excellent off-road and comfortable on-road and it can be had with a six speed manual and Toyota’s very good EnTune infotainment system.

We remain amazed how well Volvo can move 4400 pounds of SUV with a two liter [UNKNOWN] And of course that means they mean a 24 MPG average, almost as good as a Beetle.

But good news is we are working on bringing you more On Cars episodes more frequently instead of making you wait the long two weeks between shows.

I mean they were spewing smoke, as all diesels did in those days.They were noisy, they wer e slow and they were unreliable, they were just lousy power trains, not well done.

It was not a pretty time and a lot of folks have not forgotten that and the next thing you got as we go forward into a time when diesel are beautiful, fast, clean and wonderful today is the fuel cost tick Diesel costs more in America than gasoline.

We’ve always had cheap gas here, and diesel is a little bit more than gas on a national average in recent times, largely because of taxes and distribution costs.

Their ability to bring emissions scandal onto an entire brand, almost onto an entire auto industry, also tripped up The whole diesel picture for other makers in this country.

So, Kevin asks, “I’ve got a 16 Honda Accord Sport with Honda Sensing.” Honda Sensing is their package of driver-assist, like adaptive cruise and lane departure and all that.

He says, “I love the car but the ‘collision mitigation system,'” in his words is “ULTRA-OVERLY-SPAZZY!” He says, “The other day, I was in the turn lane.

The car in front of me did a u-turn.” I proceeded normally, but my Honda Sensing system thought the u-turning car up front was a likely collision, and slammed on the brakes.

Appearing to open up to full-barrel and kicking down at least one gear and he wants to know why are they so different and can that be adjusted?

Now a lot of this goes to the roots of where self driving cars are going because these driver assist systems you’re talking about are just the building blocks of self driving cars.

One of the first places we’ll see them lay down some dictum on how these systems work will be with the coming regulation in 2020 for forward collision warning and braking, automatic braking by the car, tied to that.

I expect we’re going to see much more federal regulations of self driving that may trickle down more as well to driver assist, which are a lower form of technology of course.

For now though it’s up to the car maker to decide how when and how aggressive, Of system either stocks one year cars or reaccelarates the other one.

And just days before our show, NHTSA announced the sweeping new plan to regulate soft driving cars based on over a dozen new criteria from censors to ethics and reserving the right to block any of them from sale if they’re not satisfied.