Tracker® pro team™ 190 tx gas what i smoke

I have had my PT 190 since 2006 and it had taken me anywhere I need to go. I used to live in CA and fishe the California delta with it, Clear Lake, and Lake Oroville with it. It will handle the big water when you need it to. I have had the unfortunate expericnce of actually being airborne in the boat and she stayed true and kept me safe. I have the 90 OptiMax on back, and it is a good motor but a little more speed will help you stay on top of the waves in windy water. I would offer this advice to you. Get it with the 135 Opti or with the newer Pro XS engines at 115hp or greater. The boat is long enough to handle the bigger/wavy water but you need to motor big enough to keep you on top of them, or you will get beat up a tad by the waves. I will say though, the gas mileage is great on the 90 Opti! With the 90 and a 23 13"/23p blade with all of my equipment and a partner in the boat I can get 47mph out of her. The trolling motor is not big enough (46#’s) in my opinion to keep you out on the water for very long on windy days. I have to end up going cove hunting so I don’t run my battery down. Get the biggest 12V you can find to put on or upgrade to a 24V sys like Bill dance and Jimmy Houston run on their Tracker PT 190s. Since I am a Jet mechanic and I inspect quality of work for a living I scrubbed that boat inside and out for issues when I took her home, since Tracker send you a survey regarding your purchase. I found quite a few fit/finish issues with the boat. But none affected fishability though, hope this helps some. Over all I am very pleased with the product.

Figured I’d add a response since I just went through the same ordeal. I live in Orlando Florida and owned a 1995 Tracker 170 (first boat). The motor final made me mad and realized I could use a new boat. Since we run a lot of shallow lakes in Central Florida and really don’t need to speed of a fiberglass since lakes are small, I decided I want to go with another aluminum.

I research every aluminum boat manufacturer online and all the models that they made. I then searched for every dealer in about 150 miles and found out what they sold. I started making trips to each one of these dealers and looked at the Triton, Lowe, G3, Xpress and Tracker. I would of like to see War Eagle but couldn’t find any. To help me decide I listed things that the boat had to have and in the end it was the 2011 Tracker Pro Team 190 and I got the 115 hp Optimax Pro XS.

I went ahead and bought it from a local dealer instead of BPS because I wanted the better customer service which I thought I was getting until it took 4 weeks to get the boat in from Tracker (BPS had one in stock in another store and it would of taken 1 week).

So far I have taken it out twice and the first time I had to break in the motor and the second it started raining cats and dogs 30 minutes after launch. But so far beside getting wet I am pretty happy with it. It had it running about 35 mph in a cross wind in 2-3 footers The things I really like and why I bought it was the 8 1/2 foot rod locker and the removable bait well for shiners and minnows.

I’ve been in a lot of glass boats and I can assure you that the late model 190TX offers a smooth ride. Everytime I get out on really big water with 2-3 foot waves, I am always shocked at how well it does. I would venture to call it super comfortable. Any more than that though and you’ll have water over the bow if you dont stay on top of it.

I would say the things I like best about my 190 are the value and the overall quality. I would say the things I like least are the lack of a performance pad, and the fact that all the compartments leak in the rain, creating a lot of extra drying out work.

The trolling motor is totally inadequate if you are going to fish tournaments as it needs to be on #5 to just hold in a 20 mph wind… and of course this drains the battery in just a few hours. But it’s ok for tooling around. And of course the electronics are just for the hobbyist. You can set these boats up to be surprisingly quick if that’s your bag. If you get the 90 or 115 Optis and a jack plate with a good prop… low to high 50’s are easily found.