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More than likely, mega donors are already donors to your organization right now, you just don’t know it yet. gas 2016 What does it take to identify those who are interested, or could become even more interested, in making a significant investment in your organization? And once you know who they are, how do you go about building deep, mutually-beneficial relationships that allow mega donors to become part of the solution?

The time to answer these questions is now, before the next potential $10 million or $100 million donor walks through your doors. Leveraging nearly 40 years in philanthropy and fundraising, Bob Carter will guide participants through a methodical, donor-centered approach to position your organization for the future. Ensure you are ready for mega donors by learning from one of the best in our profession.

Join us for this one-hour webinar, where you’ll get tips and best practices for evaluating data hygiene, implementing a data clean-up plan, and performing regular database maintenance. With a comprehensive data clean-up plan in place, you’ll be well on your way to joining the thousands of nonprofits that use data effectively to optimize their fundraising programs.

Is your organization open to engaging volunteers in new ways? Often one of the biggest challenges to a new model of volunteer engagement is the resistance of paid staff. Often attitudes and fears of our co-workers prevent us from expanding the work that volunteers do. But, if you’ve never worked with volunteers before, it can be scary. basic electricity quizlet In this webinar we’ll discuss strategies for working with paid staff to engage volunteers. We’ll cover what you can do to alleviate some of those fears, strategies for working within a Union environment, and how you can train and support your coworkers as they become responsible for managing volunteers.

Recent changes in the political climate at the national, state, and local levels have put pressure on organizations to engage in intense advocacy and community organizing. We know that even in times of political upheaval, the most effective advocacy and community organizing work happens when groups and coalitions know where they stand and can leverage their organizational strengths to work for social change.

Genie Moore, Environmental Education Specialist, at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge will share her journey in setting up a nature play area, and incorporating nature play into school field trip programs, summer camps and other daily activities at the refuge. grade 9 electricity formulas In addition, you will hear from Bonnie Hasson, a local nature preschool owner, who runs her pre-school in local nature areas multiple days each week. gas z factor Bonnie will share her knowledge and experiences via pre-recorded videos (since she has a preschool to operate!).

Design Thinking is a methodology used by startups and technology companies to develop new and innovative solutions to problems. As the process continues to gain traction in the business world, many nonprofits are asking how they can benefit from this approach. One clear way is to rethink how your nonprofit uses technology as a tool for social change. f gas logo Technology should do more than make your nonprofit more efficient, it should unlock different approaches and enable you to deliver services in new ways that can better serve your population(s) and achieve your mission.

Over the past decade, fueled by new technologies, communications and business practices across all sectors have changed radically. The changes are shifting the way people conduct capital campaigns too. In this webinar, capital campaign masters Amy Eisenstein and Andrea Kihlstedt will explore new opportunities for creating more efficient and more successful capital campaigns.

Events like galas, walks and auctions are critical to the fundraising (and friend-raising) strategies for most nonprofits. Want your next one to be a hit? Give it digital legs. 10 gases and their uses With the vast number of online tools available, you can streamline everything from event registration to email marketing to social media, ensuring you capture your audience right where they are: online. Join us to learn how to plan your next event with digital in mind from day one, including:

Nonprofits are complex organizations that are built around mission and outcomes, which must be supported by the right revenue and expense models. Dashboards are one way to simply communicate and give an overview of the organization by using a graphical summary of important information. It is an easy way for decision-makers to see where and whether the organization is on the planned financial path, and additionally can be used with funders and stakeholders to transparently show progress towards desired goals.

There is no one right way to ask for a donation. gaslighting Some people take great care preparing well-organized and complete presentations. Others prepare with just a few talking points and then use the energy of the prospect to guide the conversation. gas vs electric stove safety Some people are energized by the prospect of tying down a gift. For others it is a great act of courage.