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Optimus Prime: Without a means of leaving this world, we Autobots take strength in the bonds we have forged with our three young friends – true warriors. If not in body, then in spirit. My name is Optimus Prime, and I send this message. Though we did not choose to be of Earth, it would seem la gasolina mp3 that we are here to stay. If you approach this planet with hostile intent, know this: We will defend ourselves. We will defend humanity. We will defend… our home. Masters and Students [ edit ] Vechicon Soldier: If we failed to conquer Earth under Lord Megatron’s command, what hope do we have now while the Autobots still defend it? Starscream: [growls] Allow me to be crystal clear: I studied for millennia under our former master, thus I am equipped to lead you. I, Megatron’s true electricity png heir – Lord Starscream, EMPEROR OF DESTRUCTION! [Vehicons begin to murmur] Starscream: [snarls and storms out in frustration] What use are troops who can’t rise to the task of inflicting unspeakable destruction in my name?!

Starscream: Awaken, warrior. Rise and serve your new master! Skyquake: Skyquake serves only one master. Starscream: Excellent. Your loyalty and devotion will set a fine example for the troops. No need to be timid, Skyquake – you may bow. Skyquake: You fail to grasp my meaning. I am here on a mission, assigned to me by my one master: Megatron. Starscream: Yes…him. Sadly, Megatron is…no longer with us. Skyquake: Impossible! Starscream: [Annoyed] Why is this so difficult for everyone to accept?! Skyquake, I located you. I awakened you. Thus I, Lord Starscream, am now your master!!! [Skyquake growls and glares down at him]

[Starscream yanks a shard of Dark Energon from gas stoichiometry worksheet answers Megatron’s chest.] Starscream: And this time…STAY DEAD! Scrapheap [ edit ] Raf Esquivel: The Arctic? I’ve always wanted to see snow. Optimus Prime: I would invite you to join, Rafael, but the conditions are much too extreme, even for we Autobots. Raf Esquivel: I understand… Optimus starts to leave, then pauses. Optimus Prime: But, I will bring you back a snowball.

I have been a fool. Made mistakes. Monumental ones. I now realize I was gas welder salary never destined to be leader, or even an equal partner. And, I am at peace with that. I have gained a clear understanding of my place in the universe. Of who I am. Of who I was always meant to be. STARSCREAM: second in command, humble servant to Lord speedy q gas station Megatron. Thank you for listening, Soundwave.

Hey partner, heck of a view you got up here. If there’s even a small chance your spark is out there listening, well, we could really use you, Cliff. Seems like everyday another Decepticon arrives on the scene. We’re outnumbered and outgunned. Yeah, I know what you’d say, ‘Sounds like a fair fight,’ and if that’s the world we live in, so be it. I just want you to know, I haven’t given up. I’m going to find the Con who took you from us.

Before the beginning… there was Primus. And, there was Unicron. One, the incarnation of creation – the other… of destruction. For eons; Primus and Unicron battled, the balance of power shifting between them more times than could be counted. Only by creating the Thirteen – the original Primes who preceded me – was Primus finally able to defeat Unicron, and cast him out. Primus became one with the very core of our planet, creating life through the Well of All Sparks, while Unicron was gas zeta costa rica never to be heard from again… until now.

Starscream: Wait, this is about Skyquake, isn’t it?! I thought we had put that behind us! Dreadwing: So have I! Starscream: Casualties are unfortunate consequence of war! But I assure you, your twin met his end with great honor! Dreadwing: WHICH YOU DISGRACED BY RAISING HIM FROM THE DEAD! Starscream: Oh, you know about that… There must be something I can do! Some form of reparation I can offer you to alleviate your anguish! Dreadwing: YOUR SPARK WILL SUFFICE!!!

Darkest Hour [ edit ] Bulkhead: Optimus… destroyed the Omega electricity powerpoint template Lock. Ratchet: What?! You did–?! Optimus Prime: What was necessary. There was no time for another prolonged gas unlimited houston texas battle. Not with Earth in imminent danger. Ratchet: So you destroyed the only device in any universe capable of restoring our home?! Optimus… we needed that. Smokescreen: You weren’t there, Doc. And it’s not your place to second-guess a battlefield decision. Ratchet: IT MOST CERTAINLY IS! THERE HAD TO BE ANOTHER WAY! Jack: It wasn’t that simple, Ratchet. Raf: Megatron was using the Omega Lock to attack the Earth. Miko: Optimus saved our planet! Ratchet: WHAT ABOUT OUR PLANET?! All of our struggles, and energon spilled, and countless sacrifices – for nothing?!

Agent Fowler, I admit that war brings gas and supply out the worst in me, but the conflict with the Autobots is now over, and our quarrel has never been with your kind. Now that the one true enemy of the Decepticons is no more, my only wish is to coexist on this planet with the human race… peacefully. Together, Agent Fowler, I believe that you and I can make that dream a reality.