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The Cryoline hose technology for small scale LNG allows for the safe transfer of gas in liquid form in remote regions where larger power generation plants are not feasible. Gas out game rules Trelleborg’s Sean Yang writes.

The global liquefied natural gas (LNG) market is growing at an unprecedented rate, driven by demand for clean and flexible gas power generation. Gas x strips instructions As well as the large scale demand in Asia from Japan, China and India, new markets continue to emerge apace, particularly from frontier regions which have traditionally faced significant energy infrastructure challenges.

The opportunity now exists, particularly in the developing world and more remote locations, to capitalize on recent advances in the way energy is generated and distributed at the mini and small-scale level; unlocking a clean, reliable, and consistent source of energy to new markets.

The energy sector is changing rapidly in several regions as it looks to shift from the traditional model of vast, land-built terminals and long term supply contracts, to a much more agile and scalable model.

Through the use of floating assets such as floating storage regasification units (FSRUs) and floating LNG (FLNG) vessels, many countries are now able to realize the distribution of reliable energy to locations where access to power has, until now, been far from guaranteed.

When researching for reliable sources of power in remote regions – particularly where connection to a pipeline grid or supply from large-scale LNG facility is not an option – costs can be prohibitive. La gasolina reggaeton explosion However, innovation around mini or small-scale LNG production projects is the only economically viable solution for energy generation in many locations around the world.

Mini and small-scale LNG allows for the provision of a reliable power source to hundreds of thousands of people in isolated locations such as remote island nations. Electricity production in india Many of these locations are completely off the grid, or have only tenuous access to power generation.

Small-scale LNG applications have clear environmental, economic, and geopolitical advantages, and as LNG import and export facilities are now present across the world, gas generated power can provide energy to millions of homes and businesses that would otherwise be reliant solely on coal or oil.

In July 2016, a report by Transparency Market Research revealed that the small-scale LNG market will rise twofold over the period between 2014 and 2022, from nearly 42 MTPA in 2013 to over 102 MTPA in 2022.

An increasing number of turnkey projects are being established as a result of the growing mini and small-scale LNG market, resulting in an infrastructure which is more standardized and modular; enabling projects to be delivered far more efficiently, and cost effectively, than has been seen previously.

The growth of Asian economies is a key driver for an increased demand for energy with LNG widely considered a major growth sector, particularly in eastern Asia. Wd gaster x reader While this trend is largely driven by an acute focus on rapid economic expansion in India and China, energy imports in the region’s smaller developing countries are also set to rise. Electricity word search ks2 In 2015, Asia purchased over 125 million tons of LNG, and as a new wave of projects from Australia come online over the next two years, the demand for LNG in the region will only grow.

The Indonesian government, for example, has stated its intention to achieve 100% electrification by 2019 for its entire population of 260 million people across 17,000 islands. Electricity labs for middle school This will require 32 power plants to be built, often in remote areas, representing 35,000 MW of additional power.

The Philippines too has stated its commitment to providing an archipelago of 7000 islands and over 100 million inhabitants with a reliable source of power. Gas x coupon 2015 Traditional power delivery solutions are far from fit-for-purpose to meet the islands’ relatively small energy requirement.

However, advances in small and mini-scale LNG provide a unique and practical solution to these challenges. 3 gases that cause acid rain The development of the innovative new technologies required to deliver these projects has brought about new opportunities for economic growth, and many countries are now looking to capitalize on this.

As demand for mini and small-scale power generation grows, so will the demand for the technology that can deliver rapid scale and growth. Gas after eating meat The development of Cryoline hose technology is perhaps one of the most significant and game-changing for mini and small-scale LNG projects.

The technology allows for the safe and efficient transfer of gas in liquid form, and it is perfectly suited for applications in remote regions where larger power generation plants are not feasible.

Trelleborg’s developed Cryoline handling solutions that allow for quick installation at a greatly reduced capital expenditure, often delivering savings of as much as US$100 million.

Cryoline hose technology negates the need for fixed onshore infrastructures; a concrete platform onshore combined with Cryoline hose transfer solutions offers an alternative that can be up to 80% more cost effective for locations where the cost of installing a fixed onshore infrastructure is prohibitive.

Not only for use in remote power generation, Cryoline hoses can be utilized throughout the LNG supply chain, from production to storage offshore and onshore, storage to transportation, and delivery to an important terminal, or directly to regasification plants for power plant use.

Specifically designed to withstand fatigue in even the most hazardous conditions, the hoses are operable in all sea states, and typically require only 12-16in hoses, enabling them to cope with an LNG transfer flowrate of up to 10,000 cu m/h.

Each cryogenic floating hose is equipped with an integrated monitoring system that utilizes innovative technology to detect even the slightest leak that may occur in the hose structure during loading and offloading, ensuring safe and efficient transfer operations. Electricity facts ks2 In addition, the hoses can be extended to up to 600m away from the shore, meaning safety is assured in almost all conditions.

Global demand for clean, reliable energy is continually growing. Year 6 electricity assessment This comes in part from the rapid economic expansion plans of countries from the developing world, or from regions where traditionally the reality of realizing significant growth through access to reliable energy was not likely.

Fresh, flexible, and innovative technologies are key to making small and mini-scale projects economically viable, cost effective, and practical. Gas monkey monster truck driver The efficiency and safety elements of these burgeoning technologies cannot be underestimated, and can have the ability to completely revolutionize the energy sector’s future outlook.

Sean Y ang is Trelleborg Oil & Marine’s Southeast Asia regional sales manager. Power outage houston txu He joined the company in 2015, and is currently based in Malaysia, leading a team focused on expanding Trelleborg’s oil and gas offering within the wider Asia Pacific region. Gas tax rates by state Prior to joining Trelleborg, Yang worked for Rhombus as general manager, responsible for managing their manufacturing, distribution and sales arm in Malaysia.