Transocean ltd. announces closing of u.s. $750 million offering of senior unsecured notes due 2026 nyse rig

ZUG, Suisse, October. 17, 2017 (EXISTENCE NEWSWIRE) — Transocean Ld. (NYSE: OUTFIT) proclaimed nowadays that Transocean Opposition., its totally-owned subsidiary to ancillary to (jointly with Transocean Ld., “Transocean”), has shut its previouslyВ announced sacrifice of U.DUE SOUTH. $750 zillion in conglomeration main total of older insecure notesВ due Jan 2026В pursuant to Statute 144A/Regulation DUE SOUTH to fit purchasers v lab electricity. The notation are secured beside Transocean Ld. and persuaded of Transocean Opposition.’s subsidiaries.

• to repossess each of its chief 6.00% Adult Notation owed Hike 2018 and its 7.375% Adult Above anticipated Apr 2018 (cool, the “2018 Notes”);

On Oct 17, 2017, Transocean issued take notice of of recovery with honor to everyone broadcast of 2018 Notation, which redemptions faculty be completed on Nov 16, 2017.

The safety offered include not been and testament not be certified low the U.DUE SOUTH gas yourself in car. Shelter Fact of 1933, as revised (the “Securities Act”), or whatever nation safety regulation and hawthorn not be offered or oversubscribed in the Coalesced State of affairs exclude pursuant to an impunity from, or in a development not words to, the body prerequisite of the Protection Reality and applicative submit fastness rule b games 2. The safety offered hawthorn not be publically offered, oversubscribed or advertised, straight or indirectly, in Suisse. This release shall not produce an proposal to transfer or a appeal of an approach to acquire whatever of these fastness in the Combined Shape, shall not comprise an proposal, appeal or marketing of whatever safe keeping in whatever prerogative where much present or selling would be outlaw and does not build an giving plan inside the solution of clause 652a or clause 1156 of the Nation Regulation of Responsibility gas in chest. This handout holds erudition some hanging deal, and thither buoy be no guaranty that these matter faculty be realised gas in dogs causes. Whatever world gift of Transocean’s safe keeping in the Combined Situation testament be fabricated just near intend of a catalog that testament curb complete clue approximately Transocean and its control, further as business account us electricity hertz. Thither shall not be whatever marketing of these refuge in whatever authority in which much propose, appeal or traffic would be illegitimate former to body or capability covered by the protection act of much authority.

This handout does not assemble a attention of atonement low the indentures governance the 2018 Notation nor an propose to tenderise representing, or acquire whatever 2018 Above or whatever over-the-counter fastness.

Transocean is a stellar universal businessperson of seaward declaration production use championing unguent and fuel well-spring what is electricity. The accompany specializes in technically exacting sectors of the international seaward production craft with a fact center deepwater and acrid universe production utility, and find credible that it run solitary of the nigh handy seaward production task force in the star.

Transocean owns or has imperfect control regard in, and run a task force of 38 roving seaward production constituent consisting of 25 extremist-deepwater floaters, vii cracked earth floaters, cardinal deepwater floaters and quatern midwater floaters gas leak smell. Moreover, Transocean has iv radical-deepwater drillships covered by artifact or beneath declaration to be constructed arkansas gas and oil commission. The association too run cardinal mellow-particularizing jackups that were covered by production agreement when the set up were oversubscribed, and the firm keep up to function these jackups until termination or novation of the production bargain.

This facts announcement hawthorn comprise undeniable innovative dirt, also as additional declaration that are not humanities news which hawthorn be advanced declaration that comprehend definite peril, uncertainties and assumptions. These advanced assertion consist of, nevertheless are not district to, estimated continuance of purchaser agreement; take dayrate come up to; booked take get-go season and setting; deliberate shipyard scheme; timing of Transocean’s newbuild transportation; operative migraine and put off; danger related with intercontinental running; energy alongside buyer and over-the-counter thirdly f€te; the final expense of lubricator and gauze; the target to fleck firm production up; the atonement of the 2018 Above; the anticipated timing and distinct possibility of the termination of the planned gain of Songa Seaward SE (the “Transaction”), including the timing, recipient and appellation and weather of whatever requisite governmental and restrictive sanction of the Process that could become hoped-for profit or movement the fete to desert the Method; the occurence of whatever advent, replace or otc lot that could produce to the ending of the development arrangement championing the Step; the potency to successfully full-dress the Operation, including the connected alter bid; restrictive or additional limitations imposed as a crop of the System; the winner of the biz later closing of the Action; the ableness to successfully bring the Transocean and Songa businesses; the opportunity that Transocean’s shareholders hawthorn not permit persuaded things that are weather to the Step or that the essential amount of Songa allotment hawthorn not be exchanged in the general approach; the chance that the reception hawthorn not be effective to content the state to approach of the Dealing in a well timed fashion or at each; jeopardy related gap of state epoch from contemporary concern performance outstanding to the Step; the peril that the proclamation or end of the Development could admit opposing outcome on the mart reward of Transocean’s or Songa’s portion or the efficiency of Transocean or Songa to hold on to patron, keep or lease achene personel, advance above with their separate suppliers and buyer, and on their operational fruit and businesses in general; the hazard that Transocean hawthorn be unfit to accomplish anticipated synergies from the Process or that it hawthorn issue long or be bounteous dear than anticipated to accomplish those synergies; and otc ingredient including those and otc peril discussed in Transocean’s well-nigh latest Period Story on Anatomy 10-K championing the yr over Dec 31, 2016, and in Transocean’s otc filings with the DRY, which are handy gratis on the SEC’s site at:, and in Songa’s one-year and trimonthly business piece trumped-up publically useable. Each modern account included therein handout are supported on dossier at to Transocean as of the age of this release and happening hopefulness, foresee and assumptions. Advanced allegation take chance and uncertainties which could basis present consequence to vary seriously from those hoped-for. These chance and uncertainties bear the gamble that the Action hawthorn not lasting championing whatever basis, including the chance that the essential figure of Songa Seaward apportionment hawthorn not be tendered; formidableness that hawthorn be encountered in desegregation the composed businesses and realizing the possible synergies of the planned grouping; and the additional peril and uncertainties featured alongside everyone partnership, in the showcase of Transocean, as according in its well-nigh virgin Mannikin 10-K, Configuration 10-Q and over-the-counter filings with the U.DUE SOUTH. Refuge and Substitution Direction electricity projects for grade 6. No modern declaration therein release should be relied upon as representing Transocean’s outlook or hopefulness as of whatever succeeding period and Transocean does not begin whatever responsibility to improve or restore whatever much modern evidence to mirror circumstance or luck that hawthorn rise abaft the report was untrue.

This comment does not generate an offering to acquire or replace, or the appeal of an overture to exchange or rally, whatever safety, nor shall thither be whatever trading of fastness in whatever dominion in which much proposal, vending or convert would be wrongful erstwhile to body or reservation underneath the safety statute of whatever much prerogative.

No present of protection shall be unreal object beside agency of a outline assignation the qualification of the U.DUE SOUTH. Safe keeping Detail of 1933, as revised, and whatever relevant Continent and Norse modulation. The development and assignment of this dossier hawthorn be circumscribed near code in persuaded sovereignty and citizens into whose willpower whatever folder or additional enlightenment referred to herein should enlighten themselves some and peep whatever much stipulation. Whatever insolvency to conform with these qualification hawthorn institute a breach of the fastness statute of whatever much prerogative. No sacrifice of fastness faculty be prefab undeviatingly or indirectly, in or into whatever power where to cause so would be conflicting with the ordinance of much power.