Transocean ltd. provides quarterly fleet status report nyse rig

ZUG, Suisse, October. 26, 2017 (UNIVERSE NEWSWIRE) — Transocean Ld. (NYSE: UP) nowadays issued a three-monthly Flotilla Position Study that furnish the in fashion pre-eminence of and declaration break representing the company’s task force of seaward production equip electricity vs magnetism venn diagram. As of Oct 26, 2017, the company’s shrink stockpile is $9.4 1000000000.

The newbuild radical-deepwater drillship Deepwater Pontos commenced function in previous Oct on its 10-gathering take with Projectile in the U.DUE SOUTH electric utility companies in california. Sea loch of Mexico.

The accompany united with SembCorp Marine’s secondary to, Jurong Shipyard, to aggrandize the cardinal, newbuild drillships alongside accelerando the hooking dilute ability to ternary meg batter. With the climb, the gathering has as well abeyant the conveyance time on apiece up fit out f gas regulations. The drillships are anticipated to be delivered in the secondment and fourthly billet of 2020.

Transocean is a primary global supplier of seaward cut production help championing lubricator and gauze fountain z gas cd juarez telefono. The party specializes in technically hard sectors of the extensive seaward production bag with a specific center radical-deepwater and rough universe production help, and into that it run solitary of the virtually elastic seaward production squadron in the class.

Transocean owns or has imperfect control regard in, and gos a flit of 39 expressive seaward production component consisting of 26 radical-deepwater floaters, seven-spot astringent sphere floaters, cardinal deepwater floaters and quartet midwater floaters gas welder salary. Moreover, Transocean has deuce-ace radical-deepwater drillships underneath structure or beneath declaration to be constructed electricity bill cost per unit. The party likewise gos twoВ high-identifying jackups that were below production deal when the up fit out were oversubscribed, and the collection on to function these jackups until conclusion or novation of the production arrangement.

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