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It’s exciting but also daunting to figure out how to make these wallpaper ideas and images work in our own personal space. Since this is my first blog entry through Trapp and Company, I think we should dip our toe in the proverbial deep end with one area in particular……The All White Room. I know it can be a super, great, blank canvas for other décor items in your home and I get that. It does seem to be everywhere, just as the All Beige Room was present in the 1980’s. While I think there is the option for the monochromatic room, I think there should also be strong consideration for bolder choices. Rooms that can just as easily stand the test of time and be just as classic as the white walled interior. I’m suggesting wallpaper. Yes, I said it and don’t be afraid. There is a whole, big, beautiful world of wallpapers out there that will blow your socks off and work well with the furniture and décor you already have in your home. Plus it adds that touch of boldness and je ne sais quoi to your home. You know what I’m talking about.

Don’t be afraid to look to those online resources for great wallpaper ideas but also consider asking a professional interior designer who can show you the way and let you know it’s all going to be alright. They can hold your hand as you jump off the high dive. To see how Trapp and Company can create this luxury feel in your home please call Daniel Houk 816-753-5510 or by email:

Part of the allure of fresh flowers is their fleeting beauty…imagery used by 17 th century Dutch painters as subtle reminders of the brevity of life. But let’s face it, we just want our gorgeous arrangements to last as long as possible! Here are some wonderful tips from Trapp and Company’s floral department for caring for fresh cut flowers to help extend the life of your blooms:

If you come in to take advantage of our FLOWER HAPPY HOUR (1/2 price stems from 3:00 to close every day!), you’ll bring home a bundle of cut flowers wrapped in tissue. Once your flowers have been out of water, the stems will start to close, so they must be re-cut so that the flower is able to absorb water from the vase. Always use clean, sharp tools when cutting flowers. If comfortable, use a small knife. Otherwise, scissors, clippers or shears can be used. Cut the stems at an angle about 1 inch above the bottom of the stem. The angled cut gives the stem a larger area to absorb water, and the pointed end lets the water get to the stem. Remove all foliage that falls below the water line, or it may attract bacteria and shorted the lifespan of your arrangement! If any spent blooms drop into the water, remove them.

Place the freshly cut flowers immediately into a vase of clean, room-temperature water. Commercial preservatives such as Floral Life can help extend the life of your arrangement. They contain carbohydrates (sugars) for nutrients, bleach to prevent bacterial growth, and citric acid which helps increase water uptake by adjusting the pH. You can usually find Floral Life or other preservatives at grocery stores, garden centers or craft/hobby shops. However, you can also make your own for pennies by following the recipe below!

After you receive your bouquet, these simple tips for caring for fresh cut flowers can make your flowers last longer and will add to your enjoyment of them, while keeping them vibrant and long lasting. Our florists always use the freshest flowers available to fill your bouquet.