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We travelled from Moscow to Beijing on the Silk Road Tour this year. The gas in back trapped Golden Eagle train was promoted as the luxury train from Moscow to the Chinese border. It was anything but. The ride was terrible, we did not sleep well at all, the train jumped around all night.we were jolted around and I would not recommend this to anyone. We paid extra for Gold Class but this certainly did not compensate at all for the bad ride of the train and the very average food. The best part of the journey was the service from our Russian cabin attendants and dining room staff. Nearly everyone on the train was sick and the onboard Doctors gas 91 octane had a busy time. You had to be careful when going from carriage to carriage as the train jumped around so much you risked injuring your feet. The private shower meant pushing a button every 10 or so seconds to restart the water flow. The staff on board blamed the tracks for the bad ride…going through the Stans we seemed to have engine drivers ( all locals gas city indiana police department ) who did not care about the comfort of the passengers. Once we changed trains at the Chinese border , even though the Shangri La Express was not promoted as luxury, we found the ride much smoother and we had no trouble sleeping for the 5 nights we were on this train. It was also much easier to travel between the carriages, with a carpeted access between them. Food was better but the service was not good. We did not have private facilities on the Chinese train, but there were toilets at both end of the carriage and the shower carriage was very good, with friendly gas natural attendants and spacious showers with good water flow. The sightseeing on this tour was very good and we enjoyed visiting the places on the itinerary. We would certainly warn potential passengers of the bad ride on part of the Silk Road itinerary. We have been on luxury trains before and we certainly do not classify the above trains as luxury.

Just back from a group trip to Mongolia and Russia, spending almost a week on the Trans Mongolian/Siberian railway, starting in Ulan Baater, stopping at Lake Baikal and Moscow and finishing in St. Petersburg. What an experience ! Not quite what we expected but it would really be hard to explain it to anyone who hasn’t travelled on it. We were in cabins for four people. They are VERY cramped when you have 4 people, 4 large bags, 4 backpacks, heavy coats 9gag instagram videos and various food. You will know your travelling companions very well by the end of your trip. The Mongolia section, we had to stay in our carriage for the electricity quiz grade 9 entire time – a day and a half – so no dining car. Food wasn’t great in there anyway so we used our own food for the trip. No real need to bring anything much from home as the supermarkets in the cities have everything. Constant boiling water is available on the train all the time for coffee, tea soup or noodles. Toilets are fine and kept very clean and you are supplied with a towel and clean bed linen. No showers so baby wipes come into their own 🙂 One thing we hadn’t been told was how hot the actual carriage gets with so many people. I would advise bringing one light top and trousers and either sandals or slippers. Scenery was stunning and you begin to realise just how vast ?Russia is with a huge variety of landscape. A great adventure.

I did the Trans Siberia Mongolia tour from Moscow to Beijing by myself with stopping in Irkutsk and Ulan Bator, stayed 2 nights in each gas vs diesel engine cities. I travelled 5200km from Moscow to Irkutsk by Train no.2 which was very good, the best of three trains, it was very new, has lcd tv in compartment, the bath room can use anytime,not lock up before and after stopping at the stations, the train restaurant is ok, most people on train were Russian,very few Western tourists, it took 4 days and 3 nights, I got off the train for 2 days,first night stayed at the Victoria Hotel, next day I went to Listvyanka with stopped in Taltsy e 87 gasoline village and visited open air Ethnographic Museum, checked out the Baikal Lake and stayed at Legend of Baikal Hotel. Next I travelled 1100km from Irkutsk to Ulan Bator by Train no.362 which was quite reasonable with the bath room locked up 30 mins before stopping at the stations electricity for beginners pdf and open again 30 mins after departing from the station, the train restaurant food very much similar to the train no.2, there were no Russian on train,mostly western tourists spoke English, it took 1 day and 2 nights, I got off the train for 2 days, drive to the Terelj National Park,explore turtle rock and visit nomadic family,stayed overnight in a Yurta (nomad’s conical hut) camp, next day visited to the Gandan manastery,National Museum,Bogd Khan Winter Palace,Zaisan Hill and Sukhabaator Square,stayed over night at hotel Edelweiss. Last I travelled 1500km from Ulan Bator to Beijing by train no.4, it was Chinese train and also the worst of all,the bath room lock up before 100 gas vs 10 ethanol stopping at the station and alway wet,smelly due to the leaking water pipe ??? The train restaurant ran by Mongolian and replaced the whole restaurant carrIages with Chinese staff at the Chinese border, the Chinese restaurant was nice by offered free morning breakfast and lunch, which was surprise to us all,most people on train were Western Tourist speak English, it took 2 days and 2 nights, at the Chinese border, it stopped for about 5 hours due to custom border control and changed wheels for the train. I spent 2 days in Beijing,stayed at the Novotel Hotel which was very nice recovery to make up for the rough train electricity in water journey, I enjoyed 2 days in Beijing very much, 1st day I visited the Great Wall,the sacred path to the Ming Tomb follow by a tricycle tour to historical Hutong and Alley of Beijing old town, the next day I visited Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City as well as the Olympic site including the Bird’s Nest and Water Cubes. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who loves the adventure travel. Then

I am on a trip around the world, I am traveling the London to Singapore segment by train. Part of my trip was the Transiberian from Moscow to Beijing. Along the way I booked every hotel in every city based upon Trip Advisor. If you are beginning your journey in Moscow, be at the train station at least k electric jobs one hour early. This was the first leg of my journey where no one spoke English, perhaps because I am traveling after tourist season. In any event I showed my ticket to Police/Security at the station, and a few of them made me feel as if I was at the wrong station, or missed the train. I was unable to read any of the train signs, it was dark. In the end I figured only one train could be leaving at exactly 22:55 and that is how I found my track gas weed. Once there, I simply gave my ticket to the person on the train and all was well. But I certainly needed an hour to sort it all out. From Moscow to Yeketerinburg, I was the only electricity meme English speaking person on the train. Everyone was remarkably helpful. The Russians are so kind, on the Warsaw – Minsk train my Russian mates gave me their salmon sandwiches and this time my Russian cabin mate gave me a bunch of her soups and some oranges. This is extraordinary because I am the cabin mate from Hell. I have a big backpack, a GIANT suitcase and a folding bicycle. I take up way more than my fair share of cabin space, I am overwhelmed with Russian generosity. On each train I boarded from from Yeketerinbug to Beijing, I encountered more and more travelers. We spent many hours sharing tales of each other’s lives, past adventures and future dreams. The Transiberian experience provides something for everyone. There is time for solitude, companionship, reflection, and laughter. If you go Eastbound, the prize at the end of the journey is Beijing where anything your heart desires is possible in 5 minutes or less. Autumn is a brilliant time to travel; the trains are electricity symbols and meanings not crowded, the leaves are turning color, who could ask for more?