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A few months ago, my girlfriend and I went on a small vacation through Portland and Seattle. q mart gas station I wanted to document all of the food I was eating to share the experience and to provide some tips and tricks with all of the curious folks out there. Being ketogenic while being on vacation is one thing – but eating well while staying keto is another, and I’ll show you how to do it.

The great thing is, many hotels that have rooms with kitchenettes don’t charge more (or it’s minimally extra) than what a normal room would be. Be sure you call in advance to make sure you’re getting a full kitchen. We spent one night at a hotel that claimed they had a kitchenette, but it was really only a dorm room size refrigerator and a microwave.

Another tip is to look for apartments. If you’re visiting a large city, chances are they have plenty of new apartment buildings that are looking to rent out. Many of the larger hotel booking sites will offer you apartments for rent – and they’re very affordable. gasbuddy diesel Not to mention, they’re much roomier and more than likely updated. You usually get a full kitchen, washing amenities (for laundry), a dinner table to sit and eat at, and a good sized bathroom that doesn’t make you feel cramped.

If an apartment isn’t your thing, or you have to book a hotel for your business trip, then there is one upside: the food. Typically hotels will include some sort of breakfast, and occasionally some sort of dinner plan. In Portland, we stayed at a great hotel that included both. Breakfast usually consists of pastries, waffles and oatmeal – but they almost always have eggs, bacon, and sausage ready to go on your plate.

When dinner time rolled around, we got the great luxury of getting bacon…by the pound. That was something I was extremely happy with and definitely took advantage of. A plate full of bacon with a simple salad made of lettuce, cheese, olives, and ranch dressing. grade 6 electricity unit Albeit a bit simple, it was delicious – and best of all, it was free! Preparing and Planning

If you’re a bit more on the timid side, you can always use Yelp and TripAdvisor to get good insights on places people have visited. As a disclaimer, some of the ratings may not be accurate on these sites, so make sure you go through and read some of the more recent reviews that people have written. We did this for a few of the places we visited and had no issues.

Olympic Provisions sells all things meat – from charcuterie to liver mousse and everything in between, I would call this place Keto Paradise. They give you the choice to pick up sausage, bacon, pork rillettes, organ mousse, and a number of different salamis to try out. After shopping, we whipped up some flaxseed crackers to go with our meal.

Top pick steaks paired with great rack of lamb, or South African Sausage with Irish Bacon on the side (pictured above). The counter staff there did not seem to be too knowledgeable about the product ingredients, but I was able to ask for the butcher himself to come out and he was more than happy to tell us about all his products. gas jokes New Seasons Market

If you’re a fan of cheese, this place is really fun. It’s a quaint little shop that’s right across the street from Pike’s Place Market. v gashi 2015 With hundreds of competitive awards under their belt over the last decade, you know their cheese is going to be good – and they do too. They let you sample different varieties of cheese before you buy it, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

We were able to sit down in the store, relax, and eat our salmon and cheese (pictured above) – separately of course! As you eat, you can watch them hand make their cheese through a glass window, showing exactly what they do in their process to get the food you’re eating in front of you. An experience in itself that I definitely would recommend to anyone visiting this city! Coffee, coffee, coffee!

The easiest meal of the day to eat out is by far breakfast. Many places offer eggs, omelets, sausage, bacon, or other type of high-fat foods that are easy to order without too much effort. Dive bars or café’s will usually be quick to serve and have some great tasting food. We had the pleasure of eating breakfast at a great place called The 5 Point Café, which featured a fantastic omelet with smoked salmon (pictured below) and hollandaise sauce.

Knowing that I’d be in Seattle, I found this one before I had even stepped foot on the plane. I wanted to go to a seafood buffet, and that’s exactly what we did. I had done a bit of research beforehand and settled on a place called Salty’s. Now, this isn’t your average seafood buffet where you’re constantly waiting on new food to come out.

If you’re lucky enough to have a Farmer’s Market in the city you’re visiting – give it a try! They usually have vendors there that really take pride in what they’re making. gas 85 You can get some beautiful farm-to-table meat and freshly picked vegetables right from the farmer themselves. It makes for a great experience, and gives you some fantastic product to eat.

The second option you have is food trucks – although you really have to be weary on this one. Don’t be afraid to ask them what the ingredients are, as the food is made fresh and they’re usually proud to tell you what’s in their food. Luckily, we encountered a Paleo food truck while in Portland called Cultured Caveman (pictured below) that served some keto friendly items.