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It was not my intention to imply any of these places are a poor value for what you get or to compare them for quality against Tobacco Caye or each other. Tranquility Bay is a splurge for us; I don’t consider it mid-range but some people might. It’s considerably cheaper than the South Water Caye options, though – no one I know would consider them to be mid-range.

:: at Tranquility Bay would be about $1550 for 5 including taxes and breakfasts. Add’l meals would be $30-60/adult/day for another ~$1000 for 5 or you could do as we do and prepare most meals outside of breakfast in the room’s kitchenette. Adding a boat snorkeling excursion for the group would be an add’l $300-400, so $1550 to $3000 or more total, depending on your choices.

Comparing the access, you can fly directly from BZE to either San Pedro on Ambergris Caye or (slightly more expensive) to Dangriga. To Dangriga you might save money by going the ~100 miles from BZE by road (it’s a beautiful drive). BZE to San Pedro is about 10 miles by road to Belize City and ~1.5 hours on a water taxi from there.

Significantly, the 25-30 minute ride to Tranquility Bay is inside the reef the whole way and even on a very windy day last January we didn’t get wet. To South Water Caye "the boat ride from the mainland takes approximately one hour, but on a windy day the ride across the main channel can be wet and rough".

If you have the budget for it, there are resorts on the atolls and the places on South Water Caye get good reviews. I’d worry about the boat crossings, but nicer places should have bigger boats. I think you can charter a flight to at least one – maybe others will chime in about that.

The only place we’ve stayed on the atolls is Glover’s Atoll Resort which is barely a step above camping – no running water or electricity – not sure if that’s what you’re looking for with a baby. Nearly all guests out there stay for a week. For cabañas on the beach that would be $1450 and for over water cabañas, $1750 for the 5 adults which includes just lodging and the boat trip out and back if you go out Sunday and back Saturday; midweek charters are $350 for up to 4 and used to be $600 for more than that (bigger boat). Meals are $12/pp for breakfast or lunch and $18-22 for dinner or you can prepare your own meals as we’ve done. Snorkeling from shore is awesome but nothing else is included – you have to rent kayaks, for example, while at Tranquility Bay they’re free for guest use (not sure about the places on South Water).

The boat crossing can get rough, too, although some trips they have a big catamaran for the journey which makes it easier. The route out there and back from Sittee River Village, near Hopkins, goes by South Water and Tobacco Caye, is twice as far, and the 2nd half is rougher than the first in our experience as it’s outside the reef.

Re: snorkeling at Tranquility Bay, you can see pretty cool stuff 30 feet straight out from the dock. Aside from that it’s nice to have some direction where to go; my best day out I saw several nurse sharks, 4 kinds of rays including eagle rays feeding in the sand, a huge green moray, squid, gray and queen angels, schools of juvenile damsels and sergeant majors, an octopus, plus the usual cast of characters. This trip I didn’t take kayaks out, just swam from shore, often for more than an hour at a time.