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Reach McLeodGanj by road and if you are driving, just park your car if common parking area. You will get local cabs easily from there to Gallu Devi Temple in 300-400 INR (depending on your negotiation), trust me it’s worth if you don’t want to walk additional 1.5-2 kms. Triund Trek begins from Gallu Devi Temple. Police man will make an entry at that point. This point also has signage No Alcohol permitted but i’m sure most of the people don’t follow the rule. everyone there will give you different distance figure from 3km to 5 to 7 and some time 8 also. I used a app to calculate the distance and it was nearly 6.5 kms. Max elevation is 9133 ft.and elevation gain is 2791 ft. Generally depending on your speed it will take gas vs diesel rv around 3.5 hours to reach the top, we took it lightly as we planned to stay there so it was just the scenic beauty for us to explore for rest of the day. There are small shops available through out the trek almost every 500-700 mtrs. Tea, Maggi, biscuits and water are available on every shop but price increases with elevation. elevation towards the end is little gas out more towards the end compare to rest of trek but that is rather simple as you are fully charged by then. Once you reach the top, it’s the view that will first catch your eyes, View is amazing and weather is pleasant till around 6 PM(i traveled in Nov.), Little disappointed by management as no lights, no public facilities, not much of food option and in case you are not in the center part of hill, be prepared to get the frustration as for every small thing you will have to walk again to the shops and it’s a party spoiler. So if you are booking your tent in McLeodGanj just make sure you tent is in center part of hill. Moon Light Cafe is the one we booked our camp with and distance from center point was too much and again the shop is far off and you got to walk the elevation again for every small thing. Tents are in lower part but cafe is on elevation. Only food options gas and water company are Dal-Rice, Maggi, Bread Omelette and the cafe don’t serve it to your tent. If you want to sit outside your tent, you will need wood to burn in camp fire, generally will cost you nearly 500 INR. lighting those is another task if you don’t have any fuel. Either prepare self before you go there or Plastic bottle is a hint(though it pollute the environment). Tents are not very comfortable and while choosing make sure it’s not on slanted surface. Weather is very cold after 6PM and temps falls drastically in night so be prepared. Mobile network is there but only at certain places so don’t expect much. BTW Jio is being used by all the locals. Kudos to Mr. Ambani. Sun Set, Moon bp gas prices ny Rise in night and Sun Rice in morning is not to be missed. Overall a wonderful experience.

This was my 3rd trek and it was an unexpected one. I didn’t thought that this yrek qould be that much rocky. The whole trail of about 8 km have rocks. Here is the suggestions, you can take while going for this trek: 1. IMPORTANT : This trail is very Rocky, carry a good pair of rugged shoes like Woodland or quechua. I carried my woodland shoes. 2. If you are going during winter months and are planning to stay overnight at triund hill, confirm it first whether the stay option is there or not. During our time, luckily the locals at Dharamkot told us that due to low temperature at night, the forest department has banned the night stay at triund hill. So we have planned our trek accordingly and did the up down in same day. 3. Take medicines with you. In my all trek, while going to top, i got very sweaty and due to cold air at top, it causes headache. So carry medicines accordingly as you won’t be getting any medical facilities beyond dharamkot. 4. Take proper clothing as per the season and avoid rainy season as this trek will be dangerous while raining. At last just follow the rules, respect the mountain and hopefully this will be a great addition in your life stories. Good luck and all the best.

Now that global warming has reduced the snow levels globally including in the Himalayas, one needs to find the best months to visit Triund for the best views. Hence visiting in February or March is recommended. The path is also less crowded in these gas oil mix ratio chart months. The trek to Triund is a medium level trek, but one needs to be reasonably fit to do it safely. Most of the trek is over hard, rocky surface, so the impact on the knees and ankles is substantial- unfit trekkers may suffer injuries in the joints. It takes about 6 hours to climb and descend, and it gets quite warm towards noon. An ID (passport copy for foreigners) will be required for making an entry at the police check post. On reaching Triund, magnificent sights of the Dhauladhar range greets us. On the south side, one can see Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, Ranjit Sagar reservoir and the plains of North IndiaThe Triund table top itself is a green meadow surrounded with trees. Further treks for mountaineers are possible from here. Consider taking the route from Naddi instead of Mcleodganj to the check post as it is greener and less used.

Triund is a small camping place north of Bhagusunag. It is just a 4-5 hours of lovely and easy walk. Though scenic with good views, the campsite is overflowing with tourists. Every weekend there are grade 9 current electricity test more than required people camping there with hardly place to walk around Avoid weekends as the experience will not be good. The reason why one goes for camping in the nature is for peaceful surroundings but because of so many people camping all together, the experience is compromised.It is almost like a mela sometimes. Another issue if of garbage which is due to excessive footfalls. Triund situated on a ridge has a challenge of water electricity how it works. There is no drinking water source here hence people have to carry water bottles from Mcleodganj which leads to garbage. A very concerning issue There are many alternate camping and trekking spots nearby which people are unaware of and are even more spectacular. Try driving to a nearby village called Salli via Shahpur town (40kms away), which is the start point of many treks like Kareri Lake, Minkhiani Pass, Lam Dal 7 lakes, Druni Lake and Baleni Pass. One can do overnight camps and treks also like to Triund. The best part is that all treks are based along british gas jokes and follow the River Khauli. There are natural springs, jacuzzi’s, lagoons, lovely meadows, dense forest, rare Himalayan birds and the treks lead to the glaciers. So for people wanting to walk to a glacier, they can easily do it. Salli Village has now some permanent camps which offer all support for camping and treks. One of them is Snow Monk Camp, which can be contacted for all support and bookings.

Its a 3-4 hrs trek to the triund top. There are 2 stoppage basically. From mcloedganj – 3km galu devi teple – 6km triund top. You can get taxi till galu devi temple and the price is 400 and its a fixed price by the union. Once you reach galu devi temple from there the walk trail begins and it continue with the sidelines of the mountains. Its recommended to start early in the morning as the weather would be favorable. Once you reach magic point cafe, you can assume that the top is half way left. The last stretch of the trail is bit difficult but you will enjoy. The prices of the commodities are little bit higher on the way as there is no transportation available and the shopkeepers use horses for transportation of goods. So, if you can carry your water and food its good or its upto your choice. Once you reach e payment electricity bill up the top you can enjoy the view up there and you can ask for tents at the shops. The availability of tents are based on first come first serve basis. As per the news, forest department has restricted the stay upto 100 people per nights. Rest the views and people over there are nice and good… ENJOY…