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I stayed at the Sands Resort Grace Bay, based on recommendations from DE’s here in the forum. Thanks guys, this was a great choice. The Sands is centrally located in Grace Bay; you can walk to many different resorts for dining options. It’s a ten minute walk to Regent’s Village (or borrow one of the resort’s bikes—available and free for guest use during daylight hours), and 15 min walk to the Graceway Gourmet supermarket. Walk there and i gas shares take a taxi back.

The Sands is comfortable, friendly, with spacious rooms and screened patios. Each room has a mini-fridge, microwave, plates and utensils, and a mini-washer/dryer. The room rate was reasonable for Grace Bay, a good value for borderline luxury, but not over-the-top, accommodations. The staff are friendly and recognize repeat customers. I chatted with several guests who have been coming to the Sands for years. The electricity and circuits place seems family friendly. There were a few guests with small children, but this was not a school vacation week so kids were generally scarce. There were some younger couples and many middle- to retirement- aged folks.

I had gas mask tattoo one issue with my room: the hot water lasted a few minutes but not long enough for me to complete my shower. (The water became tepid, not cold.) Made me feel guilty for taking long showers (“Conserve Water!” Where do they get fresh water from anyway?) I turned off the water to soap up and turned it back to rinse, sound practice to conserve water anyway. After forgetting to mention it for 5 days, I finally told the desk on checkout and they said they’d look into it.

I ended up not diving at all (partly because I got lazy). It was easy to walk on the beach and relax. The Sands has a good stretch of beach and did not feel crowded (and I have a low threshold b games unblocked for feeling crowded.) I had no problem finding a lounge chair under a shade umbrella. That was in distinct contrast to Beaches which seemed to have a short stretch of beach with people packed in.

At Graceway supermarket I bought 3 Chobani yogurts, a tub of cottage cheese, five 1/2L bottles of water, a couple of bananas and a small r gas constant kj container of blueberries for about $20. In addition, the second cheapest bottle of Riesling for $15. The concierge picked me up (we took a side trip to a local liquor store, which may have been cheaper but I couldn’t see the prices. And I didn’t see the Riesling.)

After a couple days of lazing I decided to rent a car and explore. Sands recommended Quality Car Rental (Grace Bay Rentals only had SUVs at the time). Ali from Quality brought the car to The Sands, a new Toyota Vitz. Signed me up in 5 minutes, $60 a day plus $15 for “one way” rental with drop off at the airport. (I thought that was a bit ridiculous given the size of the island, but not a huge amount of money and I would’ve paid $15 for a taxi back to the airport anyway.) I returned the car to the airport as instructed. I’ll follow up here if any unusual charges appear on my credit card.

I visited the Conch Farm–great for kids, biology fans or the generally curious. The map showed a “Bird Rock Nature electricity water analogy Trail” not far from the Conch Farm and I asked the biologist/ tour guide for directions. He said I probably saw more birds at the Conch Farm than I would on the trail. Since it was about noon I figured he was correct and when I couldn’t easily find the trailhead I gave up. I was told to see The Hole in Long Bay Hills but nothing was happening (maybe it was low tide?) so that was a bust. Also the road is pretty rough and the car rental agency gas evolution reaction would not have approved. I stopped at Long Bay Beach and watched Kiteboarding for a bit. This seemed to be a popular site for it.

The following day I drove out to Chalk Sound and saw electricity and magnetism ppt some beautiful views (and some pretty handsome multi-million dollar villas). I stopped at Taylor Beach public access which was great. Very calm, shallow water, very few people. You can walk out very far into the water and it only comes up to your hips. A lovely spot. After that I went over to Bugaloos for lunch. Very atmospheric restaurant/ bar on the beach, palm trees swaying in the breeze. Some folks ate at tables in the ankle deep water. After that I drove up Millennium Highway and back on Blue Hills Road—not much gas and supply locations to see. Stopped for a swim at Children’s Park and then again at Coral Gardens.

Thurday night was Fish and Fry at the Children’s Park next to the Gansevoort (which incidentally has a beautiful lobby and grounds!) The Fish and Fry has a small country fair feel with tables of souvenirs for sale and about a dozen stalls set up by local restaurants where you can buy and taste many of the local specialties. Also, plenty of drinks! I went for the lobster tail ($10 cheaper than at a sit-down restaurant) and went back for a small portion of jerk chicken. Some of the stalls take credit cards, some don’t; bring cash. Prices are all pretty competitive. Get food and drinks and find a seat at a bench near the beach. There’s also live music.

Mango Reef: A couple folks had recommended this gas key bolt carrier place on the water at Turtle Cove. This is a high end resorty type of restaurant; clean, with great ambiance. By my last night I was so ready for this. I got a blowout dinner with daiquiri, appetizer, main course, and dessert (way more than I could comfortably eat but why not!) It was all fantastic. I highly recommend this place.

Breakfasts I ate at Hemingways at The Sands (not included with room rate), not the cheapest option gas company but I’m not a morning person and can’t be bothered to go far before coffee. I loved their omelets. The restaurant has electricity jokes a deck almost on the beach with a view of the water. Some folks also recommended the Bay Bistro for breakfast, which was just to the west.

Next trip I might split my time between Provo and Middle Caicos or Middle Caicos and Grand Turk. I’ve heard MC is a bit buggy, and I attract bugs, so that’s an issue; but the remoteness and terrain appeal to me. (Would North Caicos be a better place to stay, or no difference in the bugginess?) For GT I heard both Osprey and Bohio recommended as great resorts for divers, with Bohio being a little quieter with more non-scuba activities available.