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We are from Arizona, so don’t care about heat, but were expecting it to be very, very hot and humid and were prepared to take it in stride–sweating in paradise ; ) We were also expecting the water to be…bathwater warm, but at least wet. I don’t know if it’s completely typical for this time of year, but wikipedia electricity consumption both the weather and the water temperature were delightful! Hot in the sun, but you just get in the shade or the water, with a cold beverage of course–and it was all good! Clouds here and there, but no real rain that got in the way of anything.

The Caribbean Club, on 7MB—absolutely awesome! Normally, this would probably not be in our budget, but we had the 4 bedroom condo and by the time we split the cost of that, it was VERY affordable by Cayman standards. And it was worth every single penny. We had the ground floor unit, it’s just to the side of the outside dining area of Luca (separated by a wall). The unit itself was absolutely huge, and gorgeous, beautiful furnishings throughout, and spotless. It had a screened in patio with a screen door which made for perfect beach access, it almost felt like our own beach house because we really didn’t have to go through the lobby, or elevators, etc. I had heard not great things about being ground floor, but I thought it was wonderful, for all those reasons. Pool was beautiful and the beach was PERFECT. Very nice vibe, not crowded or set up like an army of beach chairs. Lovely in every way. The nice thing about C. Club is it’s really a ’boutique hotel’ so you have the benefit of having them bring out electricity kwh usage calculator cushions, towels and food/drink service throughout the day if you want, and also housekeeping and turndown service. VERY, very nice–if you can swing it, definitely do it!!

We were thrilled with how it all worked out. We initially used our concierge credit of $150 for basic things so we didn’t have to run to the store right away– yea…no. I don’t know how or where they shop but it got us only a silly small little pile of groceries. Next time, we’ll just shop on our own. The stores are very easy and familiar to navigate. Foster’s Grocery and Blackbeard’s Liquor was right across the street from us. But if you stay anywhere nearby (walking distance) you can take your grocery cart with you and leave it out on the curb when you’re done and they pick them up. YES…groceries were pricey, but these days you could spend as much in the US in Whole Foods, or upscale grocery stores like AJ’s (or, in Newport Beach, CA where we usually go!). We stocked up for breakfasts, lunches and snacks. As an example– we planned two dinners–pasta with veggies and some sautéed shrimp and chicken, and then fish tacos. For all needed electricity in the body causes for those two dinners, we spent about $130 US. Divided by two (two dinners), and then per person (8 of us)… about $8 per person! For liquor, we grabbed some beer (Caybrew is local, cheaper and just fine with a little lime ; )

Prima @ The Royal Palms– we walked down the beach (weather was perfect for it) 15 minutes, had our table in the palapa on the sand— barefoot dinner, always the best ; ) There’s no extra charge for the palapa and I recommend it if the weather is good. The oceanfront patio was very noisy even in this, the off-season, and I don’t know about inside. Palapa was great. This place doesn’t get much mention on here–but I chose it because the menu had so many options for our varied group and of course the beach/sunset setting. Apps, pizzas, small plates, entrees–everyone could just order what looked good (and of course we all sampled a gas is a form of matter that). It was very good! (not at a level of Luca, of course, more on that later) but I didn’t feel like…I paid for mediocre food. We had the octopus and conch fritters, fried calamari (excellent), truffle mac and cheese (scrumptious actually), 5 spice duck tacos, the short rib bolognese– all in all, very nice dinner.

Macabuca, for all-you-can-eat Monday night BBQ– took a taxi, got there before 6pm which was great because they oil n gas prices were able to give us a table for 8 (I had emailed ahead) AND…we were able to get our first go-round of food with no line! It filled up later and more waiting then. This was really good, and affordable! (about $21 US per person, and then we split pitchers of beer). Rice and beans, corn on the cob, fried plantains, roasted pumpkin, salads, fish esciviche, jerk chicken, sausage stew of some sort, beef ribs–all delicious. Sort of ‘home cooking’, but nicely done in a nice setting. It was a nice, chilled out last night dinner for us. And yes– the ice cream sandwiches and the homemade coconut bar (like a Mounds bar) were amazing!! Save room ; )

First of all, it was off season, it was a day without a lot of cruise ships, we did an afternoon tour (even if there were cruisers, they’d be gone by then) AND…his boat only took about 15-20 people, max. So, very small and personal feeling. Overall, there were only about 4 or 5 boats out there and 50-60 people max. Lovely, amazing experience. Crew member told us there can be hundreds of boats and 1200-1500 people sometimes…no way! Plan carefully and it will be worth it. Dexter himself is super nice, spent time just coming around and chatting with everyone. Nice, nice man : ) His crew was great– Astor made sure to find out who was with who and arranged it so we all got all the right pictures. I can’t say enough–they were awesome!

MONEY–we brought enough US cash to cover taxi’s and Dexters (he only takes cash–and– honestly you have to make sure you remember to pay him at the end because he never even asks you to!) But the rest we did with our credit card (make sure you don’t have b games car fees). Grocery, liquor, stores, dinners–all cc because we get the points. Easy peasy.

MOOD– We loved everything about it. It wasn’t loaded with lots of families and kids (although maybe that depends on time of year), or loud groups at all–it was a nice, kind of ‘grown up’ vibe. Pretty mellow, everyone behaved well– it doesn’t seem like a huge ‘party’ place, yet we enjoyed stopping here and there for a drink and some music. The locals are SUPER nice and friendly. No annoying vendors on the beach. As for safety (as has been discussed on here much) we felt it was VERY safe. Walked on the beach alone or in groups, early in the morning or late at night–no worries at all. I would say, if you are someplace crowded, like down town– just use your usual ‘street smarts’, watch your purse npower electricity bill like you might at home. Some went to see Hell and that area seems to be the lower-income area of the island– houses in need of maintenance, etc. and I’m sure some drug stuff– but the guys were talking at length with locals who said crime, in general, is low on the island.