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So we started our trip on Saturday June 9th. We came from Dulles to Cayman. Flight got in around 10:50 am. We go through the airport in about 30-40 minutes. One line to get through immigration and then one to get through after we got our bag. It was a little 3 gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect chaotic once we got our bag because the line wasn’t clear. But in the grand scheme of things it went pretty smoothly. Then it was off to Hertz. This is where things went a little South. First off it was super humid and hot. When I went into Hertz there was only one person ahead of me. Hot dog I thought. I should get out of here pretty quickly. Ah no! So once I got to the counter he tried to talk me into the insurance. No thanks I said and to his credit he let it drop. Signed the forms and thought I would get my car and be off to The Islands Club. Then the waiting began. I think there was one guy getting the cars. After about 20 minutes I had my husband look around the lot trying to find my car. I think they could organize this better. After about 40 minutes and me about to lose my mind our car finally showed gaston y la agrupacion santa fe up. Then getting out of the lot became our next adventure. But once I did life got better. I was surprised at how quickly I got used to driving on the left. My husband reminding me often was helpful. Roundabouts were tricky but by Monday I felt like a pro. So I highly advise getting a car. Our trip would not have been as good if we relied on walking and buses/taxis.

Once we got the The Island Club the check in went very smoothly. Monica showed us to our unit and it was beautiful. I was impressed at how well stocked it was. There were hair dryers and curling irons and even an umbrella. I am used to renting condos in the Outer Banks we have to bring all of these things. And you certainly don’t have maid service who makes your bed, cleans your bathroom and does the dishes! Such a treat.

The view from our unit was gorgeous and I loved the beach in front. We never had to fight for a spot or chairs. In fact I think I only saw maybe 4 other families there the first half of the week. The water does get deep quickly though which surprised me. We rented a stand up paddle board from White Sands (love Dave!!). This was the best investment. Everyone used it and had electricity calculator a good time. However the first time I tried it I fell off and was only about 10 – 15 feet from the beach and I couldn’t touch the bottom. WTH??? The water is so clear that you don’t realize that it gets a bit deeper. You can go out pretty far and it never seems to get deeper than about 10-15 feet deep. There is not much of a current and I could lay on my raft and read my kindle (using my waterproof kindle cover – thanks for the idea Cathy!). Even on overcast days the sun is strong so use sunscreen. I used spray one day and got a little burnt around my knees so I suggest using lotion to make sure you are gas key staking well covered.

Sunday we went to church at the Catholic church called Christ the Redeemer which is in the West Bay area. What a welcome! The deacon had us stand at the end and everyone clapped to welcome us. After we had lunch at Macubuca which was nice. Husband went snorkeling from the restaurant. We had all rented gear from Divers Supply but he felt like it would be a bit too rough for the kids. So we went back to our condo and had the kids practice out front. I am glad we did because neither of them really enjoyed it. My husband and I enjoyed it though.

Monday my husband and son had a kite surfing lesson with Kitesurf Cayman. Jhon and Edwin were awesome. My husband and son had so much fun they came back Friday and did another 2 hour lesson. I highly recommend them if you have any interest. I also found it interesting that you do not need to be strong to do this. Edwin said his best students are 10 year old kids. lol

One thing I forgot to mention is we went shopping Saturday at Foster’s. It was like being at a grocery store back home until we had to pay! We had bought food for breakfast, some lunches and a few dinners and the total was $360. The nice thing is we could take the cart back to The Islands Club and then they pick it up later. Food is expensive so be prepared. Saturday we did pizza from Gino’s. We always do pizza the first night. 2 pizzas and a greek salad came to $60 US and then I gave the guy a tip electricity usage so $70 total. It was good pizza though and everyone was happy. So normally back here at home that meal would have cost us about $40 tops.

Tuesday we went with Acquarius tours for our Sting Ray, Starfish Beach and snorkeling. We had a great gas bubbles in colon time despite the fact that it stormed some while we were at Sting Ray City. The crew was fun and we made the best of it. Snorkeling was great and we had two sting rays snorkeling with us which was fun. That evening we went to Decker’s for the all you can eat lobster night. My daughter and husband took part and my son and I just ordered off the menu. It was a nice night and everyone enjoyed their food.

Wednesday was a Turtle Center. We did the whole park. In the Aviary a bird decided that my head and sunglasses were the perfect perch. lol Everyone laughed and I am sure there are photos on the internet somewhere of the crazy redhead with the bird on her head. After about 15 minutes I found a little boy who had bird food and he coaxed the bird from my head. He is my hero! 🙂 Then I snorkeled in the lagoon. Swam with a few turtles gas nozzle keeps stopping which was neat. My husband was annoyed because the guard told him he had to put a life jacket on. My husband is 6’1 and a big muscle guy. He couldn’t believe they were going to make him do it. So he got out and was annoyed while I swam with my life jacket, thank you. Then we went to the predator area to watch the feeding. After that everyone was ready to go. My husband wanted to snorkel at Cemetery Beach so I dropped him off and then the kids and I went to Calypso Grill for lunch. We all loved this place!! Right on the water and the food was good. Tried the sticky toffee pudding and loved it. Picked up husband and he said snorkeling was okay. He did see some fish and enjoyed his time.

Thursday we spent on the beach and then around 5 we decided to drive around the island and then have dinner at Kaibo before our 9:15 bioluminescent kayak tour. First, even the Caymans has rush hour. lol We were not expecting that. However we were in no rush so we took our time. The only part that was a bit unpleasant was around Tukka there was a rather stinky smell coming from the ocean. Hopefully frictional electricity examples this is not normal? Rum Point and Kaibo were very nice and fun places. Dinner at Kaibo was nice. They have corn hole and Jenga on the sand which was neat. Food was good and reasonable. We then went back to Rum Point for the tour but it was cancelled due to an electrical storm coming in. Bummer!!!! And everything was booked Friday. So my advice to book early in your trip so you have a chance to reschedule if anything happens. Driving back at night was a little stressful but I did it thankfully.

Friday was the second kite surfing lesson for the boys and a beach day for me and my daughter. Walked over to Hemingway’s at lunch to get some gelato. Yum! For dinner we went to Eats Cafe. Because of my picky eaters this was a good place because of their large menu and reasonable prices. And of course we went kushal gas agencies belgaum to Haagan Daaz for ice cream after.

Saturday we relaxed until we checked out at 11:20am. I thought it might take a long time to drop car off and get through airport but I was wrong. Drop off was simple and quick. Airport security was quick despite my daughter and husband being pulled aside to have carry on checked. The waiting area of the airport needs to be larger but we got seats and then waited for our flight. Looking back I really think you can get through it all in under an hour and a half. But I hate to be rushed so I tend to allow a lot of time.