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Marrakech: We stayed at Riad Africa. Arriving late in the afternoon, our first to do was to go to Jemaa el-Fnaa. It was exactly what you see on TV and pictures. It looked to me that there were more tourists than locals. Nevertheless, the place was busy with tons of people milling around. So many things to look at. I did not particularly like the animals. The area where the food stalls are located are flooded with barkers trying very hard to get you to eat at their stalls. I found that there were more tourists eating than locals. But it looked so fun that we decided to eat at one of the stalls. This is where the “not so good” played. Looking at the menu, it’s no different than other menus. Pictures, prices all listed. I eyed the mix grill kebabs. I asked the waiter if the side dishes (couscous, salad) are included in the order, he said yes. So to be clear, I asked again, he spoke very good English, he said yes. The price for the mix grill kebab was 70 Dirhams. So, the parade of dishes started coming, and we all ate. The kebabs came, it was alright. We came and ate for the novelty of it. After all, we are in Marrakech, we like to try. Asked for the check, and lo and behold! Every single side dish that was served had a price on it. Of course we are annoyed and questioned it of course, all of a sudden the guy started speaking in broken English. The bill came up to Eur 70 for the 4 of us. The amount was not outrageously expensive, but the deceptive practice, “got you” trick was so annoying. Since it was our first night, we were tired, we decided to let it go and charge the whole incident to experience.

Marrakech is beautiful, the market was bustling with life and activities. The medina was of course a wonderful labyrinth of alleyways. The only thing I didn’t like about it is motorcycles are allowed, so you smell the fumes right on your face as the area is compact. We hired a tour guide on our first (recommended by the Riad we stayed at) just so to get a feel of the lay of the land. We went to all the historical places. There were a lot of tour groups, so I am not sure what would the best time to go to avoid the crowd. But since there were only 4 of us and the guide, we did not feel like we were rushed. We arranged for a Hot Air Balloon ride the on our 2nd day, unfortunately, it was canceled due to the weather. So we just went and walked around and arranged for a cooking class in our Riad in the afternoon. For the class, we were taken to the market to buy our ingredients (not the tourist market) and it was wonderful. We really enjoyed that. No haggling required as this market is the place where Moroccans buy their produce and meats everybody. I personally bought all the saffron that I can afford. We also got some dried herbs. The cooking class we had was so enjoyable and we had a great time eating our fantastic creation.

On the 2nd day, we went to Jardin Majorelle. If you can, buy your tickets beforehand. We were in line for almost an hour. The garden itself is small. So I think you only need an hour there, unless you would want to have a lunch at the café. It is pretty , full of different varieties of cactus. We did not have the time to go to YSL museum as we have scheduled a hammam and massage for the rest of the afternoon.

We were picked up by our driver on our way to Erg Chebbi. We have 3 days/2 nights trip. It was long drive to the desert. But Morocco’s countryside is beautiful. I’m very impressed the highway is well paved. If you can, hire a driver/car. It was worth it, as we were on our own time, no rushing. The desert is so beautiful, majestic and peaceful at the same. If I am to do it again, I will go for 4days/3nights. One of the reasons is the drive is long from Marrakech, to the desert then to Fez.

We only had 2 nights in Fez, so we mainly stayed in the Medina. We were lucky enough that our desert tour operator, Discover Morocco 4×4 gave us a free tour guide and also arranged for a cab to take us to the airport on our last day. The guide was very helpful as the Fez medina is much bigger than Marrakech. The alleyways are much narrower than Marrakech and motorcycles are not allowed, only donkeys and carts. That made for a great walk around the medina.