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Day 1-I arrived to Keflavik from Boston around 615am. I went straight to the FlyBus, but all gas city indiana newspaper or almost all the shops were open if you needed anything. It was probably about an hour to BSI, then another 20 to my guesthouse but I was the last one dropped off. Super pleased with Reykjavik Excursions every time I used them-comfortable buses, and free WiFi.

After settling in my guesthouse ( Eric the Red), I walked to the harbor to look around and got lunch at The Sea Baron. I was starving and the lobster soup and bread hit the spot. I was back at the guesthouse by 115pm to be picked up for horseback riding with Islenski Hesturrin. There were only myself and 3 others on the tour so it was nice to have a small group. I’m an experienced rider but never once did I feel unsafe, and the other three who had never ridden before tölt-ed along with everyone else perfectly fine!

(Northern Lights!): That night, I was SO tired. I didn’t even have the energy to go out and get dinner, but I saw that the activity for the Northern Lights was high so I called Gateway to Iceland around 730pm and asked if it was too late to book a tour. I was told to be ready at 9pm and was picked up about 10 after in a mini bus. We picked everyone else up (about 12-15 people c gastronomie plateaux repas), drove to a gas station for one last bathroom break/coffee/snacks, and to pay (7000 kr I believe). After that we headed towards the airport because, according to our guide, that was the best place. I will admit I was doubtful at first, but we began to see some stars, and maybe after 20 minutes we spotted a green glow behind some clouds. We drove a little further, and found gas bubble in chest and back a side road without street lamps and got about an hour and a half show. I hate to say it was the highlight of my trip because you aren’t supposed to go to Iceland for the lights, but it really was spectacular. Our guide was even surprised saying he did not expect this, and hadn’t seen lights this strong since March. Even though my pictures turned out awesome-it was nothing in comparison to the real thing. You can’t capture to movement of the lights in a photo. It was pretty cold-I stayed outside the whole time without gloves so I could take pictures but definitely bundle up!

Day 2: This day I went with Iceland Activities to do the Geothermal Mountain Bath Hike. This was one of my favorite days. (Oh I don’t know they were all my favorite days ha!) I was picked up at 9am and transferred to the office in Hveragerdi (45 min drive) for us to get our lunches and transfer vehicles. We took the super jeep up the mountain to our starting point and hiked from there. It was kind of a difficult hike for me, I think mainly because my legs were electricity quiz for grade 5 jello from horseback riding the day before, but it was SO worth it when we reached the hot river, and bathed for 2 hours. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I loved being able to get out and see Iceland up close and personal.

Day 3: This day I went on the Extreme Iceland 2 day South Coast to Jokulsarlon tour. I could spend hours talking about it, but I will try to summarize as best I can. We had a big group so they split us up into 2 mini buses. I originally planned to rent a car and do this myself but I am glad I did the tour. Our guide knew the best places to stop for food, and photo ops. I learned a lot about the history electricity definition of Iceland, the landscape, stories of trolls and elves, etc that I wouldn’t have gotten had I done this myself. We stayed at Gerdi Guesthouse near Jokulsarlon. My room was very comfortable. Dinner was quite pricey, but it was the best food I had all week. We could choose between haddock, arctic char, lamb, chicken, or vegetables and add soup for an extra 1000 kr. (skip the soup) but I loved the arctic char, and tried the lamb off someone’s plate and it was SO tender and delicious-I had never had lamb so good before. There was wifi-but only in the lobby. We had a clear night, but no northern lights. They may have been there but the mountain could have been blocking the view. I saw the milky way though!

Day 4: We had world j gastrointestinal oncol impact factor breakfast and were off to the lagoon. When we got there, they weren’t sure if they were going to take the boat out. But at 10am they decided it was okay so we went and got a little bit closer view of the ice bergs. This was definitely the coldest I was the i have electricity in my body entire time I was in Iceland. I had on my thick tights, a base layer legging, and my insulated waterproof pants on bottom, and my merino wool base layer, fleece zip up, and goose down jacket-and was still cold. I ended up getting a hot chocolate with rum shot at the little shop for 950 kr-worth it for sure!

After spending a good amount of time here, we left for lunch, then to ice walk on a nearby glacier. I had been looking forward to this for a while. Our guide said only two weeks prior, a hollywood movie crew had been filming here. (with actors Matt Damon, and Anne Hathaway) Well of course I looked it up and it was the new Chris Nolan film Interstellar-very cool! But anyway the actual physical act of ice walking is easy and anyone of any gas density problems age would be able to do it no problem. On the way back we drove through rain, sleet, and snow but by the time we were back in Reykjavik it was a clear night!

Day 5: Today I rented a car from Adventure Rentals to explore the Golden Circle. I got a GPS as at an added cost, but I honestly didn’t even need it. The road signs are very straightforward and easy to understand-at least when traveling the golden circle route. On my way, I stopped at Thingvellir to do the Silfra Snorkel tour with DIVE.IS. I have nothing bad to say about the company-they did an awesome job, but I kind of wish I hadn’t done this. It was 3 hours out of my day that I could have used to explore Thingvellir a little bit more. The fall foliage was beautiful, and I felt a little rushed. It was definitely an interesting experience, but I was so uncomfortable in the dry suit, it was kind of hard to enjoy.

Strokkur geysir was pretty cool-it goes off every 5 minutes or so. I thought Gullfoss was okay-maybe I wasn’t impressed because I have already been to Victoria Falls, or maybe I’m mad I didn’t get to spend more time at Thingvellir gasoline p. Just for reference-it is probably 90 minutes of driving without stopping all the way to Gullfoss. I used a quarter of a tank of diesel fuel for the whole trip- 6000 kr or about 50 USD. I’ll never complain about gas prices electricity examples in America again!

Day 6: On my last day I packed up and said goodbye to Iceland, but not without visiting the Blue Lagoon on my way to the airport! Everyone says its a tourist trap, but I loved it. Even if it is overpriced, you will love it. I was picked up by Reykjavik Excursions at 930, taken to BSI to transfer to a larger bus and we were at the Blue Lagoon by 1045. There is a room right where they drop you off where you can store your luggage-make sure you get in line fast because the line was so long! Luckily I was 3rd in line so I was in quick. You take your ticket to the front and get your bracelet-there you can rent a towel or robe. Be careful with your bracelet-mine loosened and almost came off a couple times!

Now everyone freaks out about the dressing rooms-there are staff around to help you if you can’t figure out how to work the lockers-they are fairly easy to understand. yeah most people get dressed in the open but there are a couple changing rooms with a door if you are very modest. There are open showers, and showers with doors-however the doors are that frosted glass-your neighbor will ag gaston birmingham be able to see you. I wasn’t trying to look, but I did notice a lot of women showering with their bathing suits on and not washing their hair prior to entering.

Once you get in, you won quadcopter gas motor’t want to leave. Swim around and you will find some spots are warmer than others. Find someone with mud on their face, and they will point you to where the mud pots are located. There are girls sitting on the side with iPads who will take your picture-its included in the admission cost. The swim up bar has beer, soft drinks, and smoothies. I had the blueberry skyr smoothie for 950 kr. I would have stayed longer but the last bus to Keflavik left at 215pm. There is lots of good shopping at the airport, if you forget anything or would rather buy duty free!