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Day 2: Flight to Cusco on Peruvian. One of the only hangups we had on our trip was when we landed tropico 5 power plant. Had a driver from Taxidatum waiting for us at the airport, but some guy (not our driver, but we thought he was our driver) came us to us at baggage claim. He knew my name, because he saw it on my driver’s sign outside. He helped us with our luggage only to walk us to our driver outside, then he asked for a tip. We thought it was suspicious, but we were too tired to question it. This was the only time we felt scammed the whole trip – at least it was only for a few bucks. So fyi – your driver will be waiting OUTSIDE for you at Cusco, not right in the baggage claim.

We had a short one-hour orientation by our Inca Trail company first in Cusco. Our Taxidatum driver dropped us off, then came back to get us to drive to Ollantaytambo. Again, this first part was the only rough patch of the trip, as we had a hard time reaching him to come back and get us to drive to Ollan. After a few phone calls electricity voltage used in usa that our Inca Trail company made on our behalf, the driver came back (very apologetic) and drove us to Ollan. (Just to note, all the other 3 Taxidatum drivers we had on our trip were much more efficient.)

Checked into Hotel Samanapaq in Ollan (highly recommend, see separate review). We love to hike, so we squeezed in a few hours on the Pumamarca hike (see link above), we didn’t finish the whole trail as we wanted to get down before dark, though it’d be worth it even just to walk to the Media Luna terraces. Dinner at Hearts Cafe (great food, slow service but gaslighting to be expected), I recommend it.

Day 3: Visited the Ollantaytambo ruins in the morning, hired a guide for one-hour when we got there. Had the one-hour tour, then explored more on our gas x while pregnant own. When we were coming out of the ruins, we were approached by a taxi driver for a trip to Moray and Salinas, which worked perfectly because that’s where we wanted to head that afternoon. Bought some quick empanadas and coffee while he waited for us, then he drove us to Moray and Salinas for the afternoon. Friendly driver, and a great day. He also offered to take us to Chinchero, but my husband can get carsick easily, and we wanted to keep the driving to a minimum. Dinner that night at Inti Killa, I’d recommend it.

Day 5: Woke up in Aguas Calientes, our guide was in the bus line for Machu Picchu by 4am, we met her in line at 5:15am gas bloating after eating. Got to MP by 6:30am. It was a mild drizzle (so no sunrise to speak of), but it cleared quickly. Our Wayki Trek guide gave us a tour of MP, then we had tickets to hike Machu Picchu Mountain (9-10am entry). Amazing hike!! After the hike, we took a few more photos on the way down, then got in the bus line back to AC. FYI – the bus line for the way back was insanely long. We waited about an hour in line to get a bus. Arrived in AC with enough time for a quick snack, then caught our train back to Ollan. Checked back into Hotel Samanapaq electricity experiments for 4th graders, our luggage was already waiting in our room. Dinner that night at Puka Rumi in Ollan (highly recommend).

Day 6: After breakfast at the hotel, squeezed in a quick hike to the Pinkuylluna ruins (see link above). Steep, but a fun, quick hike! Then checked out of our hotel, had a driver from Taxidatum waiting for us at 10am to drive us to Cusco with a stop in Chinchero on the way. Chinchero was lovely. Stopped at the tourist center, was so nice to meet the local women. Bought a few things, also stopped to see the Church and ruins. Arrived in Cusco in the afternoon at Antigua Casona San Blas (highly recommend, see separate review). Had enough time to walk the city n gas price streets up to Sacsayhuaman, saw the ruins, and walked back down at sunset. We even saw a rainbow on the way down! Dinner that night at Pachapapa (see separate review, highly recommend). Go to the website for reservations, we got them on the same day.

Day 7: Hired gas 87 89 91 a taxi from the San Blas square to take us to Pisac, he dropped us at the ruins. We toured the ruins, then hiked back down to the town. We really enjoyed this hike back down. Got to the town, it was Sunday but maybe it was just late enough to miss the festivities, as the town had a sleepy feel to it. It was maybe about 1pm. Explored the market and grabbed a quick bite, then we hired another taxi from near the bridge to take us to Tambomachay. We walked from Tambo to Pukapukara to Q’enqo then down to Cusco. In retrospect, I would have changed this day slightly. By then we were getting “ruined out” and everything was starting to look the same. The m gasol walk was pretty but hard to follow (we were following the directions from this blog:…. In retrospect, I would have skipped the ruins from Tambo to Q’enqo and just gone back to Cusco to enjoy the town for the afternoon. I’d say unless you gas 10 ethanol are really into history or ruins, Pisac and Sacsayhuaman may be enough for you. Dinner that night at Green Point (which is vegan), I recommend it.

Day 8: Last day in Cusco. Had a half-day city tour with Peru by Locals. It was a Monday morning and our guide was nice but low energy. We could have gone either way on this one – there were parts of the market that he showed us that we probably wouldn’t have explored, but the other places he took us, we could have done on our own. In retrospect, I may have not done the official “city tour”, but just toured the city on our own. After the tour, we explored more on foot, then had a massage at Inca Spa – after averaging about 8 miles a day for the last 8 days, it was so worth it!! Dinner that night at La Bodega 138, highly recommend, a great way to end our time in Cusco!

Day 9: Flight back to Lima, had a half-day in Lima. Picked up at the airport by a Taxidatum hotel, stayed at the Hilton Miraflores. Walked the gas bubble disease Miraflores boardwalk, took an Uber to Museo Larco, then gas 1981 another Uber to the Magic Water Circuit. We were exhausted so had dinner right near the hotel (at Papacho, not to be confused with the Pachapapa from before. I think Papacho is a local chain).

Day 10: Last day of the trip. Took an Uber to Barranco, saw the Mate Museum by Mario Testino. If you are at all interested in photography, then I highly recommend going there. Walked through the charming neighborhood of Barranco ( Bridge of Sighs, Dedalo). Walked back to our hotel, then had a pickup for our afternoon city tour of Lima with hp gas online payment Lima City Tours. I’m really glad we did this city tour, Lima is huge and a bit overwhelming, and it felt safer to walk through certain areas (like the market) with a guide. I highly recommend this tour. After we tried to stick close to the hotel for dinner since we were leaving for the airport, we ended up at Tanta in the Larcomar Mall. I’d say skip this place for dinner, the service was impossibly slow, even by Peruvian standards. Another Taxidatum taxi from our hotel to the airport.