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I went to trek in first week of may. I started the electricity prices over time trek around 10. Since I am very low on stamina, I took 8 hours unlike other people who took 4 hours. I didn’t really care and took a lot of stops in between. I had planned earlier to stay there over night. After the tiring trek, I was able to reach the top and see the beautiful view which was worth it. Things you might wish to know – * If you don’t trek regularly and want to make this easier, reach Gallu temple by auto ( costs 300 from main square) * Reach the top by 4-5 and you can rent a tent for two, with mattress and sleeping bag, for 600-1000. *I was worried about the temperature there but the sleeping bag and tents are awesome at keeping us warm. * There are places to make stops and buy food every where. * No washrooms on the top. Near Gallu temple you can relieve yourself in the guest house for rs.20. On the hill you go in the open fields. * A lot of solo travellers trek there and you don’t need to worry about going alone. *Be mindful of the luggage you carry la gastritis. There are also mules to carry the bags. I left my extra luggage in the place I was staying. Hope it helps.

We visited Triund in a group of 4.Excitement was too high after checking all the videos from internet. We took Volvo from Delhi to Mcleodganj. We booked a package via travel d globe. Upon reaching Mcleodganj we checked in to their Lodge where we freshened up and started our trek of 9kms. First 1km was quite tough as we are not so physically active persons due to our lifestyle but the enthusiasm was quite high. And as we processed in our trek the physical exhaustion was increasing however we thank Gatorate the life saver la gas prices map energy drink which helped us till the top of the mountain. It took around 5hrs to complete the trek and to mention that first and last 1km was too tiring for us but when we reached the top it was a heavenly experience. Specially with the view of dhauladhar range of mountains. There were ample no. of tents and as the time passed by temperature started falling drastically. As the package included food and snacks which was definitely a relief for our hungry stomachs. We have expected a bonfires but unfortunately that was not possible because electricity transmission efficiency forest department has banned it. Next day morning when we wake up and we saw the first view of mountains with the sunlight peeping out of the mountains that was the moment when we felt that all the pain we took to come here was worth it. I would recommend everyone to visit this place once in your lifetime. And after breakfast we started back and we reached Mcleodganj in 2 hrs.

I remember it was just a sudden plan, me and my friend packed our bag and took a bus from Kashmiri Gate. We reached Mcleod Ganj at 2 PM and started our journey from Dharamkot at around 3 PM. From Dharamkot hp electricity bill payment online, we started towards Guna Devi Temple, which serves as a base to those who intend to go further to Triund. This temple can also be reached by road on a local taxi. We preferred to trek from Dharamkot to Guna Devi. This trek offers panoramic views of Bhagsu village, Mcleodganj, Dharamshala electricity vampires valley, and distant views of Shivalik hills, as well as the plains of Kangra valley. The trek is moderate in nature. There are 6-7 cafes on the way, where you can sit,relax and enjoy some snacks with breathtaking views of the entire Kangra valley. We reached the Triund hill by 7 PM and decided to stay overnight. It was just an amazing view from the top. We hired a tent and pitched it near to a cafe. You should definitely experience the awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset, not to mention the star-studded night sky, which is very difficult to find it in Delhi.