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TRK SOLUTIONS INC ripped me off. I am opening up a restaurant and paid trk to do the job. Needless to say the job is not done and he has 50,000 dollars of my money. Before I let him go I asked to see the invoice for the money I gave he never let me see them. He also said that he order me a walk-in box and a hot water tank but I never received it. I have pictures that shows the work that was done and it’s not 50,000. I also gave 5,000 to Mr Thomas R Keene that he was suppose to give back in 72hr but never did. He keeps telling me oh I going to give it to you but I never get it. I also have text to back that up as well. I had two different people tell me about him not paying them there money. One when I first hired him and the plumber that he didn’t want to pay for the supplies they got for the job. I was going to just take this as a leaning experience and just ask for my 5,000 back but he just will not give it back. I didn’t want to go to court and fight for my money because I did have the time or money for it. I’m trying to build something great for my kids to have. But it has to be done. I would never use trk solution inc again in life.

It’s simple. You get what you pay for. A higher quality service and professionalism isn’t the cheapest. These guys are good, but you must pay for it. This business charges by the job and not by the hour. The work they performed in my home is now warrantied for two years.TRK Solutions Inc can become quite expensive for big jobs or complicated work, but the simple jobs are still competitively priced when using their coupon.I suggest obtaining their coupon or some sort of discount first. That is what I did and it was honored with no problem.Beware of unpredictable discoveries (unknown corroded pipe etc.) or complications that can arise while doing the simplest jobs. More work might need to be done than you anticipated and then you are on the hook for a lot more money.Fortunately, these guys were skilled enough to fix my leaking supply line which was very challenging to access.They did this without cutting or soldering which kept the job simple and reasonably priced.These guys demonstrated their skills with professionalism while saving me a lot of money. I am very appreciative to TRK Solutions Inc.

Had an amazing experience with this company, late one night the electricity in my house went out and didn’t know what was going on so was at a loss and trying to keep my wife calm as well being we are an elderly couple and the littlest of things upset her. So the first thing I thought of was earlier in the day I had someone working on the sprinkler system outside of my house and he had to do something in my fuse box so I decided to give them a call for assistance to be told that it wasn’t their problem and could not doing anything about it at this time. So now I’m starting to get a little bit more worried because my wife has to do her breathing treatment before she goes to bed so started to look for telephone numbers of companies with 24 hr service and that is when I came across Trk Solutions Enterprises Inc I gave Mr. Keene a call and explained to him the situation to be treated with respect and professionalism as I was told "Sure thing, I will be there momentarily Mr. Williams". And in no time there was a knock on my door and Mr. Keene was there to assure me that he would do everything in his power to get us back up and running and that he just did! In no matter of time we had full electricity back on in our house, he was able to tell us it was caused by the men working on the sprinkler system that they had blew something and had tried to patch it up causing further problems. Mr. Keene went out of his way also to show me how to get reimbursed from the company that caused the issue for the money I had to put out getting my electricity back on. Mr. Keene went above and beyond with his service. Thank you Trk Solutions!