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Warning! Use only qualified Intergas Boilers service engineers to work on gas boilers. Intergas accepts no responsibility for the bad appliance performance or flue arising from the 3rd party failure to comply with the user instructions or/and installation guides. electricity magnetism and electromagnetism Incorrect installation could invalidate your guarantee and may lead to prosecution. Remember to re-register the appliance if you buy used boiler that is still under warranty. If not re-registered your appliance will loose its warranty. Also if you use other than Intergas boiler installation specialist you will be responsible for installer conforming to the current legislation applicable for gas appliances and Standard Codes of Practice.

The Intergas Combi boilers are wall mounted, gas fired is a closed appliance and is a modulating high efficiency boiler. The appliance is designed to transfer heat to the water circuit in a central heating and domestic hot water installation. The combustion gas flue connection and the air supply is a prepared standard system built for a horizontal concentric flue system 60/100. The appliance can be connected to an expansion vessel or/and wall mounting jig. You can connect your boiler using the robo kit, not necessary connecting it to the wall.

If your appliance is to be installed in any room or compartment, it does not require any purpose made ventilation for combustion air. kansas gas service login If sited in a room containing a bath or shower then particular reference is drawn to the current I.E.E. Wiring Regulations, local Building Regulations or any other local regulations currently in service. The Intergas Combi boilers are not suitable for external installation unless protected by a purpose made building such as a boiler house. The wall on which the boiler is mounted must be sufficiently strong to support the weight of the boiler. Intergas Combi boilers can be installed between two kitchen cabinets or in a kitchen cabinet itself. Ensure sufficient ventilation at top and bottom. When installed in a cabinet, ventilation openings of at least 50 cm2 must be created at the top and bottom of the appliance to ensure free flow of air.

Standard 230V ~ 50Hz electricity supply is required for all Intergas boilers. Never hang flammable items over the boiler, never block ventilation channels. The boiler does not require any special air vents for cooling purposes located in the room in which it is installed or when installed in a cupboard or compartment. e payment electricity bill maharashtra The following clearances should be kept in order to provide enough cooling/ventilation: 300 mm below and 10 mm at each side, 200 mm above, 500 mm is required at the front but this may be performed also by opening a cupboard door. No flammable fluids and materials can be stored in 1 meter zone from your gas appliance.

The Intergas Compact Combi boilers are modulating high efficiency boilers. Modulating high efficiency means that the power is adjusted in line with the desired heat requirement. Newly designed aluminium heat exchanger is built from two separate copper circuits. Thanks to the separately constructed circuits for central heating and domestic hot water circuits can operate independently of each other. The hot water supply will always take priority over the central heating when demand for hot water is demonstrated. The two systems are not able to operate simultaneously. Each Intergas Combi boiler has an electronic boiler controller. The purpose of it is starting the operation sequence: gas valve will open, burner will ignite. Flame will be controlled for the whole demand period and will change based on the requested output. By setting the right parameters your appliance will be set to operate either on heating only or domestic hot water only, or domestic water and heating. k electric jobs test Naturally it is possible to use domestic hot water circuit without connecting/ setting the central heating circuit.

Whenever hot water request appears (hot water tap is being opened) flow switch will close and the appliance will fire automatically. When this demand is finished pump will be stopped in order to allow all the heat to be utilized by domestic hot water system. There is an option of creating 1-15 min in answering for a demand that can be activated by setting the [o] parameter.

Whenever a heating demand is requested – boiler is switched on , set for non summer operation, timer is set or/and thermostat is demanding the heat- the integral pump will be activated and the appliance will automatically fire. The hot water will be circulating around the central heating system. Whenever the central heating demand is finished or the desired temperature is reached, the appliance burner will shut down. The pump will still operate for the preset period of time releasing any excess heat from within the boiler’s heat-exchanger. After this is finished your appliance will revert to stand-by, waiting to respond to the next hot water or heating demand. During the heating period a call for hot water will take preference over heating.

When parameter q is set to a value unlike 0 (zero) it is possible to activate summer mode. During the summer mode a request for central heating is totally ignored. This mode does not affect the domestic hot water demand fulfillment. Summer mode can be activated by pressing the on/off button until the text, corresponding with the setting of parameter q appears in the display. Also choosing the on/off button again will end the summer mode and set the boiler in stand-by mode.

The Intergas Compact Combi HRE 36/30 and HRE 36/40 are suitable for supplying at least 13 liters of water per minute at the temperature of 35°C. The HRE 28/24 is designed for supplying at least 10.5 liters of water per minute and the HRE 24/18 is suppose to provide at least 8.5 liters of water per minute. The Intergas Compact Combi Compact as same as The Intergas Combi Compact give the possibility of appliance usage only for central heating or only for the hot water. 76 gas station credit card login The unused system doesn’t need to be connected, however boiler controller parameters need to be set properly. An electronic control unit that is is placed on the gas valve is responsibile for providing flame supervision, direct burner ignition with constant gas supply modulation.

The heat transfer to the boiler’s domestic hot water and the central heating circuits is achieved via gas to water heat exchanger within a combustion chamber that is hermetically sealed. A modulated speed fan blows the gas/air mixture into the combustion chamber and gives away the combustion products to outside air by flue system pipes. An integral pump is placed in the appliance s hydraulic circuit that circulate the water through the heat exchanger and further to the circuit of the central heating. During the domestic hot water demand the pump will stop operating to allow all the heat be directly transferred to the domestic hot water system without any heat losses on the way. Whenever normal water circulation is reduced or being interrupted best solution is an automatic system by-pass installation that should be placed as far away from the appliance as possible.

To prevent freezing the appliance is equipped with an internal frost protection. If the heat exchanger temperature falls too low, the pump the burner switches will work until the heat exchanger temperature will be sufficient. The symbol code 7 will appear onn the display in instances when the gas boiler frost protection is activated. If the installation (or a part of it) is in danger of freezing, an (external) frost thermostat must be fitted to the return line at the coldest location. gas stoichiometry examples This must be connected in accordance with the wiring diagram

Most of boiler faults can be solved by simple resetting the appliance. When a lock-out is indicated by means of a flashing LED above the key and a code on the main display, the appliance can be restarted by pressing the key. Attention! Check the nature of the fault on the basis of the fault codes in from the table 1 above and resolve the cause of the fault if possible before resetting the appliance.

The original Intergas spare parts should always be used when replacing components. Failure to fit the sensors S1 and/or S2, or to fit them correctly can result in serious damage. gas x strips walmart The boiler is equipped with a non-return valve positioned above the fan, you need to make sure that the valve is being re-positioned in instances when fan is being replaced. Whenever parts need to be replaced you will need to start from removing the cover plate and front panel. It can be done by following the steps below:

The appliance and the installation should be checked annually for both safety and economy reasons. Whenever necessary the whole appliance or some of its parts need to be cleaned. Service should be performed by a Gas Safe Registered Intergas boiler expert. Following tools are recommended to use for performing an annual service: allen key 8 mm, cross head screwdriver and 30 mm fork spanner.

Attention! In order to avoid freezing of the condensate drain pipe the appliance must be installed in a frost-free area. If the temperature of the heat exchanger becomes too low, the burner switches on until the temperature of the heat exchanger is sufficient. If there is a possibility of the installation (or part of it) freezing, an (external) frost thermostat must be installed at the coldest point of the return pipe.

Attention! Before powering up the boiler fill in the condensate trap with necessary water. Place it on the appliance. Not placing or filling up the condensate trap may cause flue gases to come into the installation room and can lead to dangerous situations! The front cover needs to be removed entirely if you want to properly place the condensate trap.

The boiler incorporates an integrated clock, which allows the setting of central heating periods. Your appliance control panel has a LED display, which will show operation mode and error fault once it occurs. Your appliance is also equipped with a digital clock. Digital clock provides programming in 4 points of time. gas efficient cars 2016 The purpose of 4 points programming is to switch from central heating off to on and vice versa. During the period when clock is set your appliance will respond on central heating request coming form the room thermostat. During the period when clock is set to off your appliance won’t react to central heating request. On the top of it following modes can be selected special modes can be chosen: