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After reading these 4 gas laws testimonies I am feeling very sick at my stomach. Today I experienced the same thing. I went by my house on my luch break and checked the mail to find a letter from TRS Recovery Systems stating I have a returned electronic transfer in the amount of 285.21 Then they add acharge of 25.00 to that. First of all I live in a tiny town in Texas and apparently the bank is out of California TAft Bank which I never heard of before, and surprise, they never heard of me either. But they did say I am the second person from Texas to call in three months with the same problem. So at this minute they are verifying that I have not had an account with them ever, and when I called Walmart I spoke with the accounting dept and she tracked down the info and found the receipt was signed by and ME Woods far from my name, and the Walmart number 331 is in Sulpher LA which I have never been to before. The lady at walmart said to have Telecheck call her and she would confirm that this is a mistake, oh yeah whoever this is or the cashier or whoever the reference is my correct Drivers license number. That scares me. Anyway, when I called Telecheck they said they couldnt call out to Walmart or anywhere else to verify info. I would need to show this is not me, feel out a forgery affadavidt which they were gonna fax, but hasnt got here yet, and then send a copy of the receipt signed by someone else, all to them and they would take 10 days to get it off. I am hoping this is only a cashier mistake that my DL was entered wrong, and hopefully someone does not have my info and writing more checks. How do they get your correct address? is it that they pull your drivers electricity quiz ks2 license number and your name pops up with your correct address or what???

I just received two letters this weekend to my home address, one letter was in my name and one was in someone else’s name. The letters were from TRS Recovery Services, INC. The one in my name indicated that I owed 100.00 (even amount) to Wal-Mart for a check I wrote on 9/22/08 and even referenced a check number. Here’s the kicker… I don’t write checks, I use my debt card for everything. I knew instantly something was not right.

I called my bank (my only bank). After confirming that there was no such o gastro transaction made by my bank, the bank representative was smart enough to look up TRS Recovery Services, INC. on the internet. She advised me that the company TRS Recovery Services, INC. is a fraud! There are so many sites referencing the scams made by this company. My bank representative asked me not to contact this company or to give them any information at all. She also asked me to fax her the letters that I received as I’m not the first customer to call in regards to the letters. I told her I wanted to file a complaint against the company. I sent her the fax this morning.

I took all the information I had to my company the next day and shared the information with my co-workers. They were also very upset and we did some investigations of our own. If you call information and do a reverse look up, the number listed: 713-567-0499 is unpublished! If you call information and do a search for the company name, there is no such company… you will get two listings in Huston TX, and both are for furniture stores.

If you call 713-567-0499 to dispute the bill, this number will refer you to other numbers – which will lead you to the TeleCheck Services Company. If you call TeleCheck, they will immediately ask you for your bank gas 0095 account number and routing number! If you tell them you don’t have it, they will ask you for your drivers license number or your SSN!!! UGH!

chuck it is possible you have suffered from identity theft. If you are receiving letters by telecheck or trs in regards to debts that you haven’t done is because some of your information was used at a telecheck merchant (meaning a store that uses telecheck to process and guarantee their checks) to present a check. The telecheck rep has to verify such information, not to be used against you but to first determine if the debt is really yours and/or determine what information was used to write the check that bounced (such as your your name, address, state issued ids or banking account gas after eating meat numbers) from there the rep will provide you with a list of information that would need to be sent to telecheck to update that debt to fraud status. One of the things the recommend you to do is to file in a police report regarding the issue.

perhaps chuck they did not provide because you were asking for information in regards to a debt unfortunately, they cannot do that if the debt does not belong directly to you (there are laws that forbid this) however you are entitled to dispute any transaction with them or claim yourself victim of fraud and they will help you. i hope this helps

December 2010 I was robbed at gunpoint in front of my house in broad daylight. It was a horrible experience, both emotionally (I don’t see my lovely, friendly neighborhood in the same light; I’m constantly looking over my shoulder; trouble sleeping, etc.) and logistically (I’m in law school and lost my laptop during final exam period, ended up having to withdraw from all my classes that semester). Telecheck/TRS has been the roughest salt on the wound.

I lost checks in the robbery. The cop who arrived in response to my 911 call immediately had me call my credit union, which is located in Michigan. The agent canceled my debit card, but told me I had to go to a member branch in person to deal with the checks. I told her that was impossible, I was at school in DC, there had to be another way chapter 7 electricity note taking worksheet…after some back and forth, the cop got so understandably frustrated (he was still trying to get the details of the crime) that he took the phone and told the agent: this is Office _, badge #xx. This lady has just been the victim of an armed robbery, including some checks. I trust that you will take care of this. He hung up, I assumed she took care of it. Until a couple days later, when I saw three checks were written in one day (ranging from $50-80) at a local Giant supermarket. I eventually got through to a sympathetic rep at my CU who was able to stop payment on the checks, at least until I visited Michigan over Christmas break, at which point I visited a branch office, closed that account, and was refunded for the forged checks. Within a week, I awoke (pretty sure it was before 9AM) to calls from an unknown number, no voice mail. After the 3rd call in one morning, I realized tgas advisors company profile I had to answer. The caller asked, is this Jane Doe? I asked who was calling, she repeated her question. Eventually she said TRS, and as soon as I acknowledged that I was Jane Doe, the caller said angrily: You wrote three checks at Giant and then put a stop payment on them. I thought I would seriously burst a blood vessel, I was so enraged at the accusation. I explained what had happened with the checks. Without softening her tone, she snapped that I would need to provide them with a bunch of documentation, including a notarized gas hydrates india affidavit. Bewildered at how I had ANY responsibility to this company–like many of you, I only write checks for rent and to family members, certainly not to Giant (I hadn’t even been there in months), and apparently THEIR (Telecheck’s) lovely system facilitated a criminal in using my checks as a debit card with no photo ID/ DL #, in fishy circumstances (3 checks at the same store in a day didn’t raise a red flag? I feel like I got punished for having such good credit that they extended trust I NEVER wanted! I always appreciate when stores ask for ID, or my CC company puts a hold on my account after unusual circumstances.) I asked if the detective who was working on my case could handle this matter; TRS refused. Since my bank had refunded ME the electricity use estimator money, I asked what would happen if I didn’t comply with their demands. The caller threatened that I would never be able to get credit anywhere again. When I returned home after the holidays, I had collections letters waiting for me. I obtained the police report along with a signed letter from my PD saying that they had evidence from store video that I hadn’t written the checks. I faxed all that information to TRS, but I did not complete the notarized signature portion. When a (much more polite) TRS person called to remind me that I had omitted that section, I informed her I had jumped through enough hoops for them and drew the line at anything that required me to spend money (the notary). She eventually conceded that I should just fax the signed form. I told her I would do so when I had access to a free fax machine. I haven’t done so yet, and I keep getting collections letters. I know that I could make things much easier by just doing what they required in the first place, but I chafe at caving to their bullying tactics. They cannot possibly doubt the clear police documentation requesting that TRS leave me alone? What a racket this company has got going. I don’t doubt they’ll go down eventually, when they hit some critical mass of egregious behaviour, and have to go up against a tough class action lawyer. But in the meantime, this really, really emitra electricity bill payment sucks for consumers who unknowingly are forced to participate in their system (the 1st Telecheck rep told me I couldn’t get a list of participating merchants, because EVERYBODY used them), even though it will never help the consumer…but as all our stories show, that system can hurt us plenty.