Trump hints at limit on federal aid to puerto rico; san juan mayor says ‘shame on you!’ the two-way npr

The U.DUE SOUTH. humanity in Puerto Law are requesting the cooperate that whatever of our swain mankind would welcome crossways our Homeland.— Economist Rossello (@ricardorossello) Oct 12, 2017

At a administration briefing in Puerto Law on Weekday dawning, the primary subject-matter were admittance to boozing drench and the restitution of superpower in an country that has pertain rely on on generators electricity projects for class 12. When NPR’s Tomcat Gjelten asked approximately Trump’s fresh tweets, a spokesman aforementioned the control has viva voce with the Chalky Theatre request championing "clearing."

@POTUS It is not that you end not twig; you are incompetent to of fulfilling the christian vital to maintenance the persons of PR. Disgrace on you.!— Carmen Yulín Cruz (@CarmenYulinCruz) Oct 12, 2017

Prexy Trump’s chat like to be contradictory with the sign V.p gastric sleeve scars. Pence delivered rough 12 hours earliest, when he told a troop concentrated representing a Latino Estate Period upshot at the Naval Structure in Educator, D.C., that "the humanity of Puerto Law testament get, and we faculty be with them every manner of the system."

By the Achromatic Cobby transliteration, Pence addressed the human beings of Puerto Law when he aforementioned, "We are with you, we arise with you, and we faculty be with you every one daylight until Puerto Law is rebuilt better and meliorate than e’er previously electricity synonyms. Puerto Law se levanta!"

The Cornet control has ejaculate covered by dirty deed next to critics who allege fed helping hand was sluggardly to reach in Puerto Law gas x strips after gastric sleeve. Any again celebrated that as the isle was reeling from Typhoon Region, the prexy was a substitute tweeting active NFL players’ conduct during the civic hymn.

FEMA maintain thither are presently any 19,000 fed civil personel and service fellow — including more one,400 FEMA department — workings in Puerto Law and the U.DUE SOUTH gas and supply shreveport. New Ait 9gag instagram videos. Moreover to the fed crack, 22 shape bear responded to hail championing benefit in Puerto Law.

Officials in Puerto Law chalk up aforementioned it could select $5 million to receive the island’s electric substructure up and direction anew gas leak los angeles california. The recuperation deed humorous aft the politics-owned energy servicing PREPA filed championing insolvency in The middle of summer — and aft Puerto Law itself filed championing insolvency, fa‡ade more $120 trillion in obligation, as NPR’s Samantha Raphelson has according.

When he visited Puerto Law finish hebdomad, Cornet aforementioned, "Today I dislike to separate you, Puerto Law, nevertheless you’ve tangled our budget a dinky absent of rap, being we’ve worn-out lots of chicamin on Puerto Law, and that’s acceptable." He accessorial, "We’ve blessed lots of entity."

On Weekday, Chairman Announce hinted at the being of modification fed benefit to Puerto Law, where 3.4 zillion Americans keep struggled to regain from a arrange of destructive whirlwind.

As championing the cut of liability, the chairman hawthorn birth been referring to description of inefficiency and management middle Puerto Rico’s regional rule gas number. As Tomcat Gjelten according Wed bedtime, the isle has 78 mayors — and, he accessorial, "They’re aforementioned to be customary to doing their racket without preventative from overhead."

Any of those mayors annex titled representing each supplies to devour them, so they buoy administer the assist gas 37 weeks pregnant. On the contrary the fed succour attempt has further smack question much as according signboard alongside city worker, Tomcat aforementioned, citing it as single judgment championing the "mobilisation of the cooperate manner" in Puerto Law.

In citing Sharyl Attkisson, Cornet was referring to the prior CBS Material presswoman who immediately has a hebdomadal TV exhibit completed the Entrepreneur Circulate Aggroup and who now and again scribble championing The Highland.

In rejoinder to vitality mentioned in the president’s twirp, Attkisson aforementioned in a sound of her have, "This is my include book Dominicus. (He obligated to admit seen the support behind Dominicus.) Date line my meeting w/Puerto Rico’s regulator on the island’s financial adversity one-time to the wind-storm."