Trump rally fires up crowd in washington township electricity freedom system


Early on during the campaign-style rally, the president mentioned the caravan of approximately 130 Central Americans – mostly women and children – who reached the border of the United States. That quickly triggered chants from the crowd of, “Build the wall!” He re-addressed the topic of border security later in his speech.

Singling out China, Trump vowed to achieve successes in improved foreign trade and pursuing policies that protect U.S. companies and workers. He acknowledged warnings that prices of some goods will jump sharply if high tariffs are slapped on them.

“There may be a little pain for a little while,” he said. “Long term, you’re going to be so happy. You’re going to be so happy.” The president told his listeners he didn’t blame foreign leaders for trade policies that hurt the United States including American manufacturing jobs. Instead, he faulted past U.S. presidents and top government officials.

Earlier Saturday, Trump tweeted criticism of Democratic Sen. Jon Tester of Montana over his role in the failed nomination of White House doctor Ronny Jackson to run the Department of Veterans Affairs, calling for Tester to resign or at least not be re-elected this fall.

The president noted the tax cut plan approved by Congress late last year has led to some companies providing bonuses to employees and boosting job growth. Democrats charge the plan will help corporations at the expense of many middle-income taxpayers in a few years and that the wealthiest Americans will reap the biggest rewards.

The president noted the stock market is up significantly since he took office, and mentioned the 4.1 percent unemployment rate in the U.S. – lowest level in 17 years and which stood at 4.8 percent when he took office after years of declines in the jobless rate. Trump did not mention the national debt, which last month topped $21 trillion for the first time in history, nor the allegations of extra-marital affairs which he has vehemently denied.

Trump halted his speech for about five minutes and called for a doctor when one person inside suffered a medical issue. Township Fire Chief Brian Tyrell reported about 10 people needed medical assistance at the complex at 30 Mile and Powell roads just east of M-53 but none were serious enough to require ransport to a hospital.

“Together, we will make America wealthy again. Together, we will make America proud again. Together, we will make America safe again,” Trump said while emphatically wrapping up his comments. And with a chorus of thousands who followed his lead, he closed with: “Together, we will make America great again.”

Trump’s visit to the township, in northern Macomb County, was his first to the county since his election victory in November 2016. He held two campaign rallies in the county in 2016 – one during the Republican primary campaign and the other, at Freedom Hill Amphitheatre in Sterling Heights attended by about 20,000 people, just two days before the November election,

Macomb County, long known as the land of the Reagan Democrats, helped propel Trump to victory in Michigan and the White House in the 2016 Election against Democrat Hillary Clinton. Trump defeated Clinton in Macomb County, 53.6 percent to 42.1 percent. The difference in votes was 48,348 – more than three times the amount of his statewide, 13,478-vote margin. Trump beat Clinton in 19 or 24 cities and townships in the county (votes cast by residents in the villages of Armada, New Haven and Romeo are tabulated with neighboring communities).

Brian Tinnion, one of the partners at Total Sports Complex, said the first rally attendees began arriving at approximately 9 a.m. By 10 a.m., about 500 were in line – six hours before the doors were scheduled to open to the public. The crowd doubled by noon and continued to swell.