Trump supporter defends attack on heidi cruz’ looks as ‘satire’ from a ‘man’s man’- newshounds

A Donald Trump supporter defended Trump’s offensive tweet smearing Heidi Cruz’ looks as “satire” and as part of Trump’s “man’s man” awesome masculinity.

Leave it to Fox News to cover Trump’s latest round of misogyny as a Trump vs. Z gas cd juarez telefono Cruz campaign debate – as opposed to a real look into Trump’s record toward women. Astrid y gaston lima menu prices So we had David Wohl who recently defended Trump by saying, “Donald Trump’s a man’s man and that’s what his followers love about him.”

“Is there any doubt about that?” Wohl now asked, after host Sandra Smith read the original quote. Gas under a dollar Then he also defended Trump’s tweet as satire, also, presumably, of the manly man kind.

WOHL: Donald Trump responded with satire. Find a gas station near me That was a satirical tweet of his wife next to Heidi Cruz. Electricity number What if he had made the tweet his beautiful wife and the possible future First Man of the United States, Bill Clinton, with a smirk on his face? Would people have been outraged? No, they would have laughed and moved on and that’s what people need to do with this one.

PAVLICH: Come on. Electricity quiz 4th grade … It’s not funny and I find it, again, amazing how Donald Trump supporters like David continue to condone behavior that’s easily condemnable and when it’s the right thing to do, supporters like David here can’t actually get on the right side of things.

If you ask me, the anti-Trump ad that started it all, which showed a GQ photo of a nude Melania Trump and questioned whether she was fit to be First Lady, was entirely fair game. V gas llc This was not private behavior but part of her career. Gas finder near me The ad was made for conservative Utah voters and raised an issue about Melania Trump’s public morality that they might well care about. Rahal e gas card Trump’s response, however, did nothing to actually defend his wife. Gas dryer vs electric dryer calculator He took a mean-spirited, gratuitous swipe at Heidi Cruz with a photo chosen to make her look unattractive. Electricity production in usa In other words, it was childish retaliation aimed at Cruz’ looks.

But Pavlich seemed more interested in emphasizing that Cruz “had nothing to do with the ad” and that when he found out about it, praised Melania Trump.

PAVLICH: Donald Trump then responded by again proving that he only cares about what women look like. Gas variables pogil answers He again repeated his track record of going after the wives of candidates. Gas x coupon 2014 Let’s not forget that Heidi Cruz is not one of Donald Trump’s first targets here. Gas zyklon b Jeb Bush’s wife, of course, was another target of Donald Trump’s inappropriate, immature and frivolous attacks. Gas tax in washington state This proves once again that Donald Trump is un-presidential, unfit for the presidency and he should be making better decisions and people like you should be condemning – it’s not funny.

WOHL: If you don’t have a sense of humor, then you shouldn’t be in this game. Electricity youtube It was a satirical tweet. Gas outage We know Heidi Cruz is a beautiful, smart woman and he had a tweet with her smirking next to his wife to sort of zing back at Ted Cruz for what he perceived to be a horrible naked picture of his wife in an ad in Utah caucuses, just before the caucuses took place and knowing full well that the Mormon people are very offended by that kind of thing. Gas in oil briggs and stratton engine I think you guys are blowing it up to be far more than it is.

Yet neither host Sandra Smith nor Fox News contributor Pavlich mentioned Trump’s continued, sexist attacks on their colleague, Megyn Kelly, the regular host of the show.

I’d say his behavior toward her is quite relevant to Wohl’s claim that Trump was merely responding to an ad and being satirical, wouldn’t you?

Don’t advise me there is no complicity between speaker of the House Paul Ryan and the Obama administration. Gas near me The GOP Rino’s surrendered to the Democrats, when they passed the Omnibus budget of $$$2.2 Trillion dollars giving this President full authorization to spend taxpayer’s money on:

3. Electricity receiver Climate Change (which Hillary Clinton says is unavoidable in killing hundreds of thousands of jobs in the coal industry; closing down coal mines and thereby raising the prices of electricity throughout our country.

5. F gas logo Funding Sanctuary Cities for criminal illegal aliens, where unsuspecting citizens and legal immigrants live and the local governments refuse to enforce federal immigration laws. Que gases componen el aire Learn the consequences of open borders at http;// / YOU WILL NOT READ ABOUT THIS APPALLING ISSUE IN THE PRESS.

Keep an open mind on the polling, the mainstream media, and any confusion relating to Trumps losses in winning the presidency? Forget about the Super PAC’s as they are a bunch of habitual liars, just as Hillary and Ted? It’s carefully planned by both parties, in the public thinking that they will refrain for voting and using there vote to push Ted Cruz, John Kasick or even Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders or an immense array of hungry money lawmakers into focus to corrupt the White House procedure.

You are never, ever seeing a change with either the Democrats, who believe handing out freebies to ‘human parasites, who thinks ’WORK’ is a term that doesn’t fit in their limited vocabulary. La gas The Profession class politicians in the Republican Party whose major stance is cronyism and selling their votes to wealthy entities, whose lobbyists who are incessantly hanging around Washington. Gas news uk But that doesn’t mean that Democrats are not open to corruption as well, as they to have the lobbyists that are crowding DC.

Very few politicians are not susceptible to the affluent activities of donors, who are mostly in Congress to represent their campaign contributors as precedence, and the American people second. Static electricity bill nye full episode We have seen this with the open border crowd, and don’t care how much funding the foreign invaders get, as long it’s agreeable to the cheap labor factions. All 4 gas giants names One individual had the audacity to state illegal aliens are better workers than average Americans? This promotes serious concerns, when no matter this insipid insinuation does foreign nationals have any priority over an American—born and raised, or a legitimate immigrant?

I always thought we were a nation of laws, although immigration enforcement has been spat upon by this legal potentate who reigns in high office and who has made his prior coronation 7 years ago into a travesty. E electricity bill payment But President Barack Obama has used every means possible to thwart Constitution—Article 1, He has overreached his authority to cause a massive surge in unknown proportions of illegal aliens/ migrants to reach our soil, then because of Obama’s stealth ruling the US Border Patrol is not allowed to turn them away, but by his orders process them for criminal histories, then dump them on our depleted social services and programs for the populations poor, sick and old.

The Republicans had the absolute nerve to cut back Senior Citizens ( COLA) payment, yet they have funds for healthcare, food stamps, and low income housing and cash payments for the illegal alien families?

Breaking news: Militant Socialist-Communist billionaire George Soros has funded Presidential nominee John Kasich in pledging to legalize 11 million illegal aliens.

Absolutely I am voting for Donald Trump for all his minor faults, because I speculate that he is the ONLY politician who will enforce our immigration laws by building a massive wall, enforcing immigration law by implementing an internal mandatory E-Verify that not only pursues illegal aliens in the workplace, buy the business owners who employ them. Static electricity examples That Trump will regenerate our army, navy and air force and the equipment they need to enforce the peace. Electricity physics ppt Trump will end the obnoxious Politically Correctness, which has been cleverly infested our sovereign nation by the dismal Liberals, which has inundated our laws to blemish Christian teachings, so it’s an immoral act to say Merry Christmas. B games virus If the atheists want to live in their gloomy world let them, but stay away the framers philosophy. Gas bubble in throat Go and suck your poison eggs somewhere else the same with the failing indoctrination of the absurd environmentalists, as thousands of your rules and regulations have killed jobs and robbed America of thriving businesses.

Guns will be back in the hands of honest citizens, who want to protect their families and homes. Gas vs electric oven running cost We all know by now that Political Correctness forced on us by this administration, to give up our weapons. Gas mask bong how to use Just ask the dead that haunt San Bernardino, CA, Paris, France, or Brussels Belgium. Hp gas online booking no If several individuals carried a hidden pistol they could have perhaps some of the life’s—not all, but some?

If Cruz becomes President there will be limits, to what he is allowed to do by his Special Interests demands and a spouse associated with Goldman Sachs who slyly passed a 1 million dollar loan as a campaign contribution. Gas 2 chainz Same with Hillary Clinton, who is also must genuflect to her wealthy cronies and with all people in any hierarchy of government, will walk away free from her history of criminal activities and her pandering to any new issue that arises through the general election. O gastroenterologista cuida do que Trump has a ton of endurance, and will not be panicked by foreign adversaries as Obama. Electricity review worksheet Weak people should not be in the Oval Office, specifically smelled Obama’s tail in removing troops from Iraq. Gas jobs pittsburgh Trump will not play games with Iran or the genocide of Christians as ISIS. Electricity invented what year They will be blown off the face of the earth.

You cannot help but wonder who is investing money in the Mexican auto industry, who stole our jobs and manufacturing base, just as China, India and other countries. Gas after eating red meat This is probably why jokers as Bill Maher and his cronies hate the Trump voters? The well-heeled people, celebrity and well-known people don’t care about Mr. Gas natural inc & Mrs. Gas exchange in the lungs occurs due to average who don’t have a portfolio full of stocks and investments, as long as Wall Street is building a huge ‘Ivory Tower’’ somewhere?