Trump to nominate david bernhardt, a former lobbyist, as the next interior secretary – the washington post 3 gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect


If confirmed, Bernhardt, a 49-year-old Colorado native known for his unrelenting work habits, would be well positioned to roll back even more of the Obama-era conservation policies he has worked to unravel since rejoining Interior a year and a half ago. He has helmed the department as acting secretary since Jan. 2, when Ryan Zinke resigned amid multiple ethics probes.

While Zinke gas x dosage for dogs reveled in public displays of his affinity for the outdoors — riding horseback while on the job and touting his enthusiasm for hunting — Bernhardt is the ultimate insider. A former Capitol chapter 7 electricity test Hill staffer who served as Interior’s top lawyer under George W. Bush, Bernhardt has made it his mission to master legal and policy arcana to advance conservative policy goals.

A former partner at Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, he walked into the No. 2 job at Interior with so many potential conflicts of interest he has to carry a small card listing them all. He initially had to recuse himself from “particular matters” directly affecting 26 former clients to conform with the Trump administration’s ethics pledge.

While Bernhardt has deliberately adopted a low profile as he steers the 70,000-person department, he has used his expertise to promote the president’s agenda at every turn. He is working gasco abu dhabi contact to streamline environmental reviews to expedite energy projects and has promoted overhauling the Endangered Species Act to provide more certainty to developers.

During the 35-day shutdown, Bernhardt employed novel tactics to ensure oil a gas station and gas drillers could continue to obtain permits and national parks would stay open even as most of the department was shuttered. When trash piled up and human waste began posing a health risk at popular national parks, for example, Bernhardt instructed superintendents to tap fees these sites had collected to address their most visible problems.

“The bottom line is that Bernhardt is too conflicted to even be acting secretary,” Western Values Project executive director Chris Saeger said. “At the very least shale gas in spanish the American public deserved to know more about the man behind the curtain who is actually running the show at Interior and could soon be fully responsible for managing our country’s public lands, wildlife and natural resources.”

“He has been a steady hand during challenging times at the Department and he has worked to strengthen relationships electricity trading hubs with the states and the nation’s sportsmen and women,” said the group’s president, Whit Fosburgh. “Mr. Bernhardt’s nomination to be secretary of the Interior places him in an unenviable position to balance the priorities of the Trump Administration with the mission of the Department.”

Initially Bernhardt was reluctant to take the post when approached by the White House, according to administration officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss personnel matters. And as recently as a week ago static electricity online games, Trump was considering tapping former congresswoman Cynthia M. Lummis (R-Wyo.), a conservative who retired from the House in 2017.

But the shutdown, coupled with Zinke’s departure, also gave Bernhardt an opportunity to spend more time with the president as Trump weighed the vacancy. During a Cabinet meeting last month, Bernhardt e gaskell north and south sat next to the president, and he also accompanied Trump and Vice President Pence on a recent trip to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial near the Mall.

A former senior administration official said Bernhardt rarely c gastronomie mariage interacted with Trump in the first two years because Zinke was so determined to be in front of the president and taking credit for the department’s accomplishments. But Bernhardt “actually ran the agency,” the official said. “Zinke wasn’t running the agency.” The official requested anonymity to describe internal conversations between the White House and the agency.

Bernhardt has made a point of consulting with Republican lawmakers since returning to Interior, but his support among congressional Democrats has slipped since he was confirmed. The Senate la gas approved him as deputy secretary on a vote of 53 to 43, largely along party lines. While the Republican margin of control in the Senate all but ensures that he will win confirmation, he is unlikely to attract as much Democratic support as he did a year and a half ago.