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Do tenants pay rates via their rent paid to the landowner?In every state in the colonies, tenants pay rent directly to landlords(or property manager/management) privately. There is no counsel house, counsel collection, counsel anything. In some rare cases, there is an extra tax/fee/charge payment in some counties which is passed on to the tenant, but this is unusual. The transaction is purely commercial in nature, and the landlord is responsible for all fees, taxed, duties, imposts, property management costs, repairs, etc.

Having said that, there are ‘the projects’ which in some cases are wholly or partially owned by the county/state/fed. In this case, these are run-down tenement properties where the money for rent is either subsidized by the feds/state, or is fully paid by the fed/state through a complex system of circular money laundering within the various govts. The ‘counsel house‘ in this case is the housing authority which is a quasi-govt entity designed to manage the projects. These places are the lowest form of shelter known to humans, and is often the source of corruption, graft, drug dealing, and prostitution. Very poorly thought of in almost all cases.

The utilities are negotiable and each situation is different. I have three properties where I have a fixed water bill paid by the tenant, and a stipend for home use, and I pay a segment to maintain the lawn sprinkers to see that the lawn is maintained. Other cases the tenant pays all utilities. In most cases of a detached house, the tenant pays all utilities. In most cases of apartments/’flats’ the water is provided, and tenant pays for electric/gas/fuel oil. Some situations are slightly different.

As for US elections, the voter participation is typically between 56-64%. In 2016, Trump v Clinton had a greater voter participation(turnout) than 2012, when Obama was re-elected. Do the same rules for Trump’s authority to serve match Obama’s? Y’all decide. Not a fan of compulsory anything, most particularly voting. Not casting a vote is somewhat similar to a vote of no confidence, which the British should be well acquainted with. I will opine that in 2012 if Romney had found his SPINE!(rather than waiting until 2016) he would have won, but people like me who voted for him held our nose, and many rejected his milquetoast approach to the Biggest Job Interview Ever by sitting on their hands that go-around. Forcing anyone to vote is not for a republic. However, I would be fully supportive of restricting voting for members of the HR to only those who pay property tax(just one mans idea).

Thank you. So far, those things you’ve mentioned are worthy of debate. The US was on a far left track on all these issues, and we were being slowly bled-out by the billions(or maybe the trillions?). The US has it’s plan, and maybe it’s less aligned, or even non-aligned with the British on these issues, so there is certain justification for protest. I’m certain there is a segment of the Brit population that supports these 3 topics as listed.

However, none of those important topics were present in the thread that I could find, and the link in the OPs only talked about the basic ‘hate-Trump’ miasma of bigotry, xenophobia, anti-muslim, misogynist, etc. Pretty much all the CNN-intl diatribe without any proof or details. Just hate-Trump fest.Less your sensibilities be offended by a link to the Guardian, which most people on here are, and hence an explanation as to why the intensity of feeling exists towards his visit ……surely you cannot sanction or support anybody who has so openly displayed all those traits you have chosen to use as exemplifiers, both prior and post his election, as being a fit and proper leader of one of the three most influential nations on this planet.

There’s also the little matter of the UK’s domestic politics and future involved here, notably the desperation of a failing PM to secure any form of trade deal(s) that she can sell to the public as being "successful" even if they won’t be along with the undercurrent of far right and populist agenda’s intent on destroying any forms of liberal and social progress achieved over the years.

On a lighter note, if, as is being alluded to he avoids London for the reasons already suggested and heads for Chequers, Wendover station will never be the same again and we can only pray the "Shoulder of Mutton " would remain intact. One has fond memories of said hostelry as a starting point before proceeding to the "Two Brewers"…that’s why.