Trump’s new washington monument is a luxury hotel his blue-collar supporters can’t afford – the washington post 10 gases


“If he remains high-profile and a thorn in the side of the political elite, and on television the way he has been, I think that’s a problem,” said David Loeb, managing director inert gas definition chemistry at the investment giant Robert W. Baird Co. “A lot of this is about the Trump brand and what the Trump brand represents, and when you damage that, it’s hard to go back.”

The $212 million ultraluxury hotel boasts many of Trump’s signature extravagances: $1,000-a-night rooms, gold-encrusted bathrooms and Washington’s largest suite — called, of course, the Trump Townhouse. A crystal-chandelier bar in the nine-story atrium serves wine by the spoon and offers daily champagne saberings, in which bottles are opened by sword.

The 263-room giant’s formal grand opening is scheduled for next month, just days before the election. But its most pivotal moment probably won’t come until Inauguration Day, when either a newly elected President Trump parades past the gleaming Pennsylvania electricity 4th grade Avenue icon — or a President Hillary Clinton strides by the newest showpiece of her vanquished foe’s empire. During inauguration weekend, a night in the Trump Townhouse costs $100,000, with a five-night minimum.

Those price tags are far loftier than some of the Trumps’ early projections. When a Washington Post columnist calculated in 2012 that the hotel would need to charge $750 a night to cover its costs, Ivanka Trump called those numbers “pure speculation gas meter reading and, simply put, wrong.” Trump representatives now say the prices are more expensive than first estimated because of higher-than-expected demand.

General Services Administration officials awarded Trump’s company the 60-year lease in 2012, swayed by his pledge to spend more than $200 million to painstakingly restore the 117-year-old masterpiece — and pay $3 million a year in rent. In doing so, the company beat out Hilton Worldwide and Marriott International, both hospitality giants headquartered in the D.C. suburbs.

The hotel has kept its Romanesque Revival design, including the iconic clock tower housing the gas house pike frederick md Bells of Congress. But the inside appears dramatically new, with a ritzy bar and lounge, a BLT Prime steakhouse and an Ivanka Trump-brand spa. For shopping, the hotel offers a boutique by Italian men’s fashion house Brioni, which sells $395 cotton T-shirts and suits starting at $6,000; Trump is a known customer.

The former postmaster general’s office in the building was remodeled into a 4,000-square-foot, $15,000-a-night Presidential Suite, with a fireplace and marble “hand-selected from an Italian quarry” — a selling point carried over from Trump Tower. The 6,300-square-foot Trump Townhouse offers a private office and exclusive Pennsylvania Avenue entryway for $20,000 a night.

“As an American I would like to see the electricity units to kwh building succeed,” said Dan Tangherlini, the former GSA administrator who oversaw lease negotiations. “It would be a disappointment if this endeavor fails because of one person’s views. However, I do think there will be some impact on the project because of this decision to run for political office.”

In a legal complaint filed in D.C. Superior Court, Trump attorney William Bosch said the District’s tax assessments were “unreasonable” and “discriminatory” against Trump’s company. Bosch called the lawsuit “a routine and customary practice that thousands of property owners gas konigsforst . . . have used to ensure that their tax assessments are fairly established.”