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Airship Captain Ernest Ruhrlunder watched gas works park seattle from the command deck of the Anglo-Hanovarian airbattleship Amsterdam as French biplane fighters, some of the last ones left from all that he could see, dove at one of their sister ships, the Manchester, sending streams of machinegun fire into its gasbag, cutting at the armoured canvas… he couldn’t help but smile when he saw one of the Anglo-Hanovarian fighters, brought here by the Carrier Zeplin London, catch a French fighter from behind, to send it tumbling to the earth in flames… but then the Manchester was joining the French fighter, flames leaping from its gasbag, where the incindiary bullets the French fighters had taken to using must have ignited the hydrogen… it fell towards the eath, striking gas after eating yogurt a row of houses, its unreleased bomb f gas certification logo load reducing the entire block to rubble.

Ernest spent a second on a prayer for the souls of the crew of the Manchester… but then was back in the present, nodding to the Bombardment officer for the release of their bombs… he braced himself, but was still unprepared for the violence of the rise that followed the bomb release, as the airship suddenly found its load so greatly lightened… their duty done, the Amsterdam turned towards the north and the bases in England from which electricity youtube the Anglo-Hanovarian airships struck at France. Soon they would strike once more at stubornly defiant France… but for the next few days at least, he would have an oppertunity to rest.

Victoria being a boy is an obvious one as it gets the combined Anglo-Hanover. Not sure if Stalker is accurate about your scenario requiring significant technological tropico 5 electricity advances. Doesn’t sound too different from the sort of zeppelin attacks Germany were making on Britain other than the use of carrier airships, which the US developed during the 1920’s. [Other than the idea of armoured airships that I’m rather dubious about]. Needs a little more than OTL but could be done with some tweaks I think. Possibly something that persuaded Britain to take a more technical approach and maintain a greater industrial power. Could gas efficient cars under 5000 spring from a continued Anglo-Hanoverian link, possibly involving Britain in a war that prevents Prussian domination of Germany? By 1917 you could have a more powerful Hanover, possibly including the Prussian Rhineland allied with a strengthen Austria, [having regained Silesia] allied against a Franco-Russian bloc.

The reference to one of the air tgask battleships being names Amsterdam suggests either the British empire includes the Netherlands or possibly its names after a British victory in a battle there. Suspect the former as the other British ships are names Manchester and London. Possibly might suggest a more successful Napoleonic campaign meaning that the Netherlands ceases to be considered a viable independent state. Or a marriage that combines the two kingdoms. Although I would have thought that it might be names in the kingdom [although Anglo-Dutch-Hanoverian is getting a bit of a mouthful npower electricity bill].

Well, presuming the other major powers are pretty much our time – other than the differences you mention about Germany. That gives Britain/Hanover, France, Prussia, Bavaria, Austria, Italy, Turkey Russia in Europe and Japan and the US outside. Might have a few others such as a stronger China or a prominent Egypt or possibly even Brazil, or Argentina as a more than regional power. However going with this I would suspect that with Britain being so much more powerful [at least in Europe] it will be the centre piece of one alliance. Tempted to go with what I said the other day, i.e. main opposition static electricity zap is France Russia. Austria and Prussia on opposite sides but gas constant for air could go either way. Not sure about Bavaria. Probably opposed to Austria as traditional rivals. [Could be nasty if Britain etc Austria against all the others]. Outside Europe would expect Japan to be opposed to Russia.

However, if the British/Hanoverian bloc is seen as anti-German, i.e. a barrier to German unification, then we could be alongside Russia against most/all the German powers. In that case Japan might also be in the non-British camp. Worse case scenario is that the concentration of British/Hanoverian power plus possibly some complacency as a result means its us v everyone!

– Prussian Eastward Expansion: In this TL Prussia put a lot of emphasis into eastward expansion when it found its way west blocked by the Anglo-Hanovarians. At around the time of the Anglo-French war, the Eastern War occured – sort of like gas and water llc WWI Eastern Front, really – increadicly poorly led Russia armies made effectively the same mistakes, so Prussia got to set terms while a Red revolt broke out in Russia… the revolt got put down electricity trading jobs with help from a nervous Prussia. Lenin and Trotskey are dead, but Stalin is still alive, and living as a bandit/rebel fighter.

– Anglo-Hanovaria Relations with the Germanies: The Kingdom of Bavaria is primarily Catholic, so sticks with Austro-Hungary in foreign policy – there has been talk of attmepting a Grossdeutsch solution to satisfy nation alistic urges… but nothing concrete yet. Prussia, on the other hand, actively hates the Anglo-Hanovarians – think about how the French felt towards Germany after Alsace-Loraine… something like that.

– Anglo-Hanovaria and Japan: The Japanese Empire has expanded fairly well, winning 93 gas near me two wars against weak European powers: The Russo-Japanese War and the Spanish War, where they claimed electricity billy elliot backing track the Philipines. Since then, they’ve been on the rise, loosely allied with the Anglo-Hanovarians against the Russians (and potentially the Americans…). However, this is a very nervous alliance – both sides worry about the others getting it into their heads to expand their colonial empires…