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Ok, which one of us forgot to give Matt Harvey the memo? Walking Jeff Mathis on 4 straight pitches to lead off an inning??? Going into yesterday’s game Mathis had 5 singles, 1 double, and 3 walks in ST 2019. Those give him tasty numbers because the Rangers have not been using him so much yet this Spring. That walk was the opening error in Harvey’s short-lived electricity 4th grade worksheet second outing. We could have warned him. We should have warned him. Instead, Harvey is now carrying an ERA of 10.38.

At the back end of yesterday’s game we get The Department Of Deceiving Statistics report. Forrest Snow threw 32 pitches, and 28 of those he threw for strikes. That is textbook “pounding the zone” stuff. Just what you want to see in your pitcher. Except for the results. Snow had to work through 15 batters, giving up 5 earned runs on 6 hits against 4 K’s in 3 innings of work. There are better ways to make an impression in Springtime.

Roster trimming has already begun. But there electricity 80s song are limits. Just because a guy doesn’t look strong in Tempe doesn’t mean you can just move him over to Salt Lake and let him work his p gasol stats way back. There are rules as to how often a team can pocket a player into their farm system. And for the Angels, those rules apply to some familiar names……….

I linked to a parallel observation yesterday. The Nationals might actually be BETTER this year in spite of Bryce Harper moving to Philadelphia……….Look at these ELO ratings from FiveThirtyEight, looking at the NL Eat from the Mets’ POV. The Phillies fans, even those streaming Phillies fans, won’t be happy coming in next-to-last in that division……….And the shine on Bryce Harper will have rubbed off well before the season ends……….Because it IS baseball, which is a game of fail. This is going to be happening all season long……….

This is fascinating. Once upon a time a journalist was curious about the way that the players npower electricity supplier number themselves, as people, looked at the experiences of having a career in baseball. He did a lot of prep to create a questionnaire and clear channels to get to the players. He sent them out. He started to get really great and insightful feedback He was learning things that would be of infinite value to we fans. But then Marvin Miller stepped in and pissed all over it………..

Congratulations, Major League Baseball! You gleefully rushed headlong into your alliances gas after eating with gambling institutions to take advantage of legalized sports betting and make lots of money for yourselves. And you gleefully sent your lobbyists and lawyers to Washington to get Federal laws passed to legalize suppressing wages on Minor League players and keep lots of money for yourselves. And your victory there? The gargantuan inevitability of Minor League Player corruption by colluding with gambling interests. I can see the finger wagging from way kite electricity generation back here in 2019………

I’m not sure that Disney cares a great deal about losing money on streaming during a period of time when they are working hard to win the war against competitive streaming threats to their content delivery vehicles. If Disney loses money now but ends up owning the world of streaming options for the content we desire, they win. If Disney loses money now and kills the threat of streaming access to sports content, they win. If Disney does NOT lose money, now or into k gas station jobs the future, they win…………

And then, on the other end of the spectrum from ‘MLB Superheroes’, we have this mud pit……………Opening Day games are not always fun. To skip to the end, the Dodgers won this one 15 to zip……….The headline says it all. Tragic. “ Coach, wife electrocuted while installing new scoreboard”………… Old dogs and new tricks………. Samantha Show working on her inner Jose Bautista……….King Felix, now a mere Knave. 5th man in rotation? Yikes! Might not stick with the team all season? Double yikes!!………. Josh Reddick, I have met Ronnie Lott. You, sir, are no Ronnie Lott………. Esteban Loaiza never was very electricity notes physics good in his long career, when facing the Halos. He was even less good after his career, as a drug dealer……….